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Becoming the man of steel….

Man-Of-SteelThe strength of a man is not without enduring the challenge of finding what he loves and how he is able to embrace and follow this love, it is not about the change he must face but the face that he has during that change.  If you never spread your wings to see how high you can fly before that time is before you, you will shed many of feathers and fall, not to be confused with falling from the sky, but falling in take off, from the ground to soar to new heights.  A large portion of humility needs to be embraced to know this and what it truly means.  You can be a boy who’s heart is guarded in this an still as you endure this challenge that no man before you showed you how to endure, fear is hidden by anger, and anger leads you to the path of the negative forces that are always hindering you in all your abilities.  The courage that evaporates in learning to fly is the same evaporation that gives the air to the wings you must strengthen to continue flying.


You can be dismissed in your current setting and be looking for answers in the same places none were found before.  How do you change this path way that always seems to say you are not worthy, you are not able, you no longer provide for yourself and you can’t provide for anyone else.  These mistaken symptoms for the cause and effect of never knowing your true wealth, your true self worth is not measured in the thoughts you keep in material, but in the material that keeps the worth from ever being measured without it.


Every break down of keeping a promise that you make to another, you have to make inside yourself first.  You can’t see anything through without this very thing. It is the humbling moment that makes you a soul of a man than you becoming a lie of a man who can hurt others cause you constantly hurt yourself.


This means stating what you are and how you are and what you possess in what you feel is vital to love deeper than you can show cause you seek the knowledge in knowing to know that you are able to love.  Love is not what kind of car you drive, love is not the home you live in, love is not the measured strength you keep when you have none of these material things.. Love is always showing the ability to be vulnerable in all of this.  It is how you define the path of love you truly always have within you without ever misunderstanding that we all fall..  It is one of the things we have to learn is how to fall and how to land on our feet when we do.  You will stumble and you will fall, without this experience you never experience yourself fully..  Why not let go and evolve into what this is inside you that needs this for you, and from you.


This happens in the dead of winter’s cold or in the desert heat of the summer, where a tear can change from an ice sickle or be the water needed to quench the thirst in the dead heat.  All of this energy is derived by knowing.. knowing is the place you never need to attain this or that to state what you feel that you are able to share.  This place within you that hurts, that endures pain, that has courage of being vulnerable enough to see yourself through the fog.


Much of a man’s pride and his need to always be strong keeps him in defeat..  If you keep all of that inside how do you expect a deeper love to show you what it is capable of?  We are strong thinkers, we think our way into answers, yet when they don’t add up we never question the truth that we help keep eluding us..   I think about the kind of man I want to be, is only a thought process without any action to it, but the shell of truth comes in the feelings I can express and how I am able to express them without the thought process.  I am not afraid to admit defeat, I am not afraid to cry, and know that I am crying where everyone can see me, if I did that, wouldn’t I be hiding who I am, and what I am able to endure.  If I can stand in this fear, why can’t we all see it for the strength that it truly is?


I am not about to state the way we lie for that happens in the minds way of saying I am a failure, I am not good enough, I have nothing and am nothing.  Yet when we are present in all moments isn’t this what this is about?  Not being there as a father to yourself is why this happens, we take what we see, and see that evading is the way, ignoring is the way, standing firm is the way.  How do we heal anyone else if we are not willing to heal ourselves? You don’t do this alone you share this with those you love, for that love is needed during that time the most. It isn’t that someone sees us weak, they see us strong to stand in the wind of change and see our tears being wiped away.


It has been so long we have allowed so much to be lost because we always had to be strong in this, the strong mind will reject this, a strong will, will avoid this, a strong love inside you to say no more…. feels the eyes swell, and the love come through. Any amount of pain births in this way.. It is how man can experience child birth, the child is you and you are screaming to say what you have inside.


We have so many questions when it comes to how we feel that we reject the feeling to translate it into thoughts.  For who? For what? For why?  Do you see how this can keep you from your true self, your truth in being.  You are more than what you carry in your wallet, you are more than what you can provide. You find this to never have a place in you to not see your true self that you can fall in love with so another can fall in love with you and you with them.


We are not always right with expression when it comes to feeling, knowing this is the greatest gift of all, for the humbling effect is enough to generate the love you need to embrace to change the challenge of the tide that is crashing down on this beach you have created in view of who you are and what you are capable of.


I say embrace this, for no moment is promised to not be the last moment, and in this moment things could change, no more hiding, no more betrayal of the self.  It is never about the destination it is always about the journey.  Do you know what step you are in right now?  Are you in it fully? Stop looking out to the horizon for your answers. The truth is within you.


4 Comments on “Becoming the man of steel….

  1. Some I agree with here some I do not. I do keep my emotions at bay, for instance started a new job, very stressful, I broke out in hives really bad, but for what ever reason I did not show how nervous I was. I remained calm.
    I am hard, I am strict very, but if I am wrong I will be the first to admit. I will say I am not wrong to often, because I think things out before acting.
    I do not think there are very many Dominants who show emotions, or share feelings, like a vanilla relationship, not because we do not want to, I think it is in out DNA.

  2. Nice comment.. the emotional containment of what you feel always comes out in some way. In this case it could be the very thoughts that enflamed the places inside you that caused the hives.

    When you think before you act is this a code you have within you that someone told you to do this when you were younger, an example of this would be someone asked you what you were thinking when it came to something you were doing whether it be right or wrong? This part of the energy that was directed to do thought was something that is still part of the action. Throughout energy in doing some choices that keep us from seeing the choices that we make that will end us in a place of imprisonment are the cycles that can be broken. For this reason I gave myself the choice to express what I feel before I express what I think. It is what needed to be rewired to find what I love and how I loved to do it in all moments.

    I was contained of what I felt was stress in me because I would over think everything. Not that I didn’t make good decisions but before long I was living entirely in my head never experiencing the things that allowed me to stop being in stress, chaos, pain, thought decisive confidence was limited because of the exercise I did with the mind which kept me in a constant state of fear, constant state of thought. Made it hard to go to sleep at night… Ever been there? Yet, who would I be if I just let the emotions of love show me what path I am in rather than the emotions of thoughts that keep repeating over in me from truly experiencing this moment?

    As the suffering continued in me to keep constant thought at some point the negatives outweighed what I could see. I always had to go to the negative cause the variable in me from the things I was keep in thought always seemed to well calculating something. It wasn’t that my mind needed me to understand anything or was ever going to release me from something that the mind needed to have control.. The body would react in similar ways as it does you. It is the message that woke me to show me there had to be another way…

    I appreciate that this spoke to you in some way and challenged you in another. For you clearly spoke from that DNA you spoke of. As a dominant though.. You do allow your emotions to come out more productively. Yet there is a crescendo to all the dominant acts.. A passion grows and then it has it’s needs for control to release to let go of the control.. Even when this happens something in you becomes released and the endorphins of the mind allow the explosion of who you are to become without thought. Your body feels this and your soul has a light on it, it is the glimpse of being free when the factors of control are no longer yours… This is the place I stay in, for I do have the ability to just simply let go of thoughts that contain me and show me any outcome. The outcome is now.. It always is! 🙂 thanks for the beautiful comment an the opportunity to send this love back your way! Clark

  3. and if it doesn’t free your mind and become free of it long enough to see this for yourself.. You are more inside there… truly you are! 😉 thank you friend!

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