The complexities of the Twin Flame mind…..

The complexities of the twin flame mind….




The overwhelming experience in love in this existence has some very powerful truth to it… It can be that we say that this is wrong, that is wrong, this is right, that is right, and this is about time…….

Time is the one thing that the mind has always done a brilliant job of making possible to keep us from all things love… These conditions whether positive or negative have done such a brilliant job of making those that stop seeing from the eyes of a child, and make this about seeing from the eyes of an adult.

I need more knowledge…. Knowledge for what… To be an expert, to be a conductor, to be the brilliant mind with all the answers… How many answers don’t create more and more pain?

Isn’t this what history has shown us over and over that will be the cycle of repeating behavior that no longer serves us… The truth about the flame you have inside you that becomes vibrated awake in this moment has a very significant truth that says state what you feel.. share what you think, and leave the rest up to how to translate it and absorb it to create the learning of thought to stand deeply within ego and use what makes you suffer and use what makes it impossible to muddle through when it comes to being not able to see in the dark.

The light of the flame within you has a very powerful light to show you, not from the things you can read into, not from the things you can view, but from the truth that the light can show you inside yourself. Upon this light that flickers comes glimpses into the present moment, the present moment that is beautiful whether your ego is going to be attacked, be left to discern what is before you on the outside. The inside says a pattern of thinking that was created from the events you experienced outside you this is still an on going way to be in the world of form.

When does experience finally find a path to be removed and the truth revealed? A truth only in the present moment without thinking will provide. This truth is about what happens inside you as you read what is written here. We still feel the pain of struggling through what the truth wants to show us. Not because we have a belief system but because compassionately if you see and let yourself feel the energy of what is inside you. You can see the truth about the thinking or the dissecting of what you are in truth doing to yourself. As you can move your flame energy in any direction will you shine it for love… or for thinking which is truth is suffering!

When we birthed into this nature we saw the truth in everything… from the love we felt being in someones arms, to the love of what it was to see all of nature around us doing things that we saw were beautiful… Even in violence we didn’t see that something painful was occurring it was later the translation of what someone says or does and tells us to believe is what we keep to keep us from the truth.

The complex mind makes everything so advanced, so complex, so riveting, that we make this not about the light or the dark which both have a very deep truth with either polarity.

What you experience as a flame can be the deep sadness of this very thing. You see outside we seek answers.. We seek a path to follow, we seek someone who will guide us in the physical where the light that becomes somewhat lit and those that have stayed in the dark come out to say well your just not getting it. Who are those people and where is the compassion to listen to say I am listening I am holding and I will not stop listening, and I am listening with my whole being, that what you are experiencing has been to go inside, and torture yourself more, because we all are taught to interact in the world of form.. to not listen to what the formless needs to say will only be something I can’t understand…

When I went through hour after hour, and day after day, and month after month, of crying! I couldn’t hear the truth yet from the formless as it surrounded me and held me deep within to show me that all was going to be ok… I was going through the pain of not having…, Not having her arms around me, not having my arms around her… Hell, I didn’t know why I was even given arms… I kept wondering how could she move on from me… How was I to move on without her… I didn’t understand my own flame…

I made her responsible for my wholeness! Not seeing that this was the beautiful torture of my own mind saying I was not it for her….

How could I? In being activated in the mind to keep me from myself…. The error of thinking… What was it exactly?

Was it my own creation or the outside worlds creating of what I should believe…

What was I in my thoughts…

Was I just a broken man who made broken choices…

Or was something else trying to break through inside me.

I kept trying to fill an emptiness that was shown to me by the outside world. I didn’t cry because of the outside world… I cried because the inside world within me had not had a rain storm in 30 years…

I didn’t know what to believe…. religion, spirituality, or anything else…

What I was left with was a mind that was left to hit the reset button. Where in me was the reset button?

I know something in me was lost in the dark… but how did I know what the dark was within myself…

How did I know, that what I was thinking was that something I needed to go into. Was I doomed to be alone forever? Was I not worthy of her love or any love?

Was I not worthy of anyones love? Wait… who is asking the questions and who is supposed to answer?

We have spent so much time calling to something out there to come and give us answers… Could this be God? And why was God silent? What was the silence? Have I truly been thinking about this correctly?

Did I not truly go enough into the silence to learn it for myself? What is myself? Who did I think I was?

You see when I went inside to see what the darkness was… I needed to take a light… This light is who you are without thinking.. How else would we know dark?

How else would we understand where anything came from if we don’t investigate for ourselves the silence and into the silence in being. Yes! It is one thing to keep searching outside ourselves to find the answers… But the answers written inside you go without having someone to translate them for you, without the mind to dictate what is what in silence?

I just didn’t understand what happen to me, I felt that I was only going to lose myself, I had broken everything else, did I even investigate what I did break.. Did I even understand why I was shattered, and why I would quite often hear shattering in my waking moments and dreams…

After this happened more than enough times… The silence would come and then I was left with… why is there silence now? What was the shattering besides what I wanted to think was my soul?

My soul???? It then dawned on me… wait… The soul is what we call energy…

It isn’t made of glass so what was it that I heard shattering…. It was my own thought process!!

Some call this the awakening process, at least that is what I am going to state here for what we find all over seems to point to something we are all searching for answers for. I then started to see things more new… More vibrant.. Not over time… but without it!

I realized the energy of moving my hand, moving my legs, allowing my sight had nothing to do with true thinking. It was the will of the soul that stood there flowing in my existence without my true sense of being to say I am right here.

As I stayed this way the tears only got stronger… Then within the silence something happened. I realized that what I think was only going to be as powerful as what I didn’t think.

The truth in silence.

I started to understand what I wasn’t… I wasn’t a bad person, I wasn’t evil, I wasn’t good, I wasn’t a phenomenal man, I wasn’t something less than the greater space of what the silence wanted me to experience….

Peace… and as the peace became more powerful, the darkness seemed to be less and less of what I was seeking in the first place.

This of course was not the library of all things twin flames.. but the truth about the flame I was within myself that was now awake enough to experience the connection to myself more vibrantly.

Not with seeking what my mind inside told me to seek or what actions were going on outside me, but my own actions deep with me. I then, in this silence saw my own conditions on what I was to myself… Not smart enough, not much to look at, not quick enough, not loving enough… the not enough’s where great within me.. and now there were just conditions… not good or bad conditions, not right or wrong conditions, but conditions that no longer served me as a being in light of light!

What we set out to do here is not seek more answers to anything, but to seek more answers to nothing. For what you stay stuck in from a pattern in the outside world will give you just that… a pattern… a process… how deep is a process… well depends on the complex mind that is trying to steer you away from any truth you have within you. That truth is your silence and your connection to yourself that may be keeping you from any movement.

When I realized this… It was something for myself to see, to feel the truth about why she didn’t want to connect to me and moved on… I was stuck… I was stuck in seeking someone to fill the empty void I was the only one who could fill…. I was lost in outside world dominance and what it did to what I allowed to keep me from any truth in connection I could have within myself.

I was hurt… I was shattered… I was in charge of my own crucifying and then I realized what needed to be shattered was the thought process of what I was telling myself about myself inside based on the rules of what the outside world tried to tell me.

It wasn’t until this that the truth about the ability of love was truly given to me. This gift is in each of us… it is the light… not our thinking about it, but our soul that drives you to have any motion at all! It gives you the ability to hear what the silence wants you to hear within yourself…

This archive isn’t for those that are seeking someone outside to tell them what or who to be… not a youtube, not a group of others can tell you anything about who you are to yourself or to those you love. Only you can… You can see the truth in both positive and negative energy within yourself, outside of this isn’t a very productive way of thinking… it will give you the positive and negative existence in thinking into the outside world of form… There is no purpose to this other than keeping you in the process of seeking counsel to what pain you need to run from… Pain that you run from is nothing more than suffering… and not going into what the pain wants you to embrace in the silence which is where your truth of love will be there with you…. It is only comforting when you stop with I am.. and let I am show you the silence in truth. How beautiful a light this is, is only going to be something you can experience by finding this page…

We keep seeing move forward…. Forward… forward is the experience that says Inward… You are in there experiencing this existence… Not in your mind which translates words, but in your love in ability to move in physical. To not bite those that seek to bite you.. to not slander those that slander you.. to not challenge those that challenge you… Remember the most powerful destructive force in human is the ego…

the ego will do the thinkable!

It will seek ways to keep itself in power… It will seek ways to attack others.. It will attack even your own beliefs… This just isn’t love… no matter how you look at it.. It is a way to dominate you to keep you thinking which keeps you away from your own truth. It just isn’t the truth about what your embedded flame wants you to see! In this it is about what you can see inside yourself within the actions you can flow through with love within you. We love everyone, no matter the depth, no matter the suffering, no matter the attacks. This suffering has been there for millions of years.. with 9 billion or so on this planet.. What if we all did the one thing that changes everything. Look deep inside to bring your flame to it’s blue light to raise the level of awareness that you can have with just being!

Love deeply,

Sherry and Lee

Do you feel stuck in life? Time for change.

Recently a new friend began to tell me about how miserable her life is. How she hates where she is, hates her culture, hates her family, hates her life, has no direction, no hope, nothing. All she wants is to escape to somewhere else, believing life will be perfect somewhere else as someone else. Her problem she says is that she is stuck. Her parents she says never taught her. Her culture never encouraged her. Love never found her or stayed with her. People judge her. Stuck.

Running the Hamster Wheel

Stuck where? Stuck how? Just stuck. Stuck without hope. Stuck angry, stuck miserable, and stuck tired full of rage, pain, and suffering. But she is not stuck in a city she hates, she is not stuck in a life she hates, not stuck in a culture she hates but stuck inside all her suffering, stuck inside herself.  We get stuck in suffering , spend a lifetime in pain without knowing how to get out. Caught in a swirling vortex of hell spinning round and round faster and faster growing more angry and miserable everyday?
Pointing fingers outward at our parents, at society, at the one who we loved and lost, at friends, co workers, siblings etc.  Pointing and pointing, swirling and whirling faster and faster caught in the tempest of rejection, abandonment and judgement of self. Round and around and around. Stuck in an endless loop of our own suffering.

Stop Pointing Outward

We blame everyone for our storm. Everyone but the real culprit, the real person responsible – ourselves, the you, the me, the voice in the head that says “they are…its their fault, if only..” . This voice screams and rages “They are horrible , they are awful, they are, they are, they are!!!” while whispering “ I am the one who is nothing. I deserve nothing. I will never find nothing. I am worth nothing.” We want to get out of this. We want to feel better. We want to be happy and succeed. We want to not be angry so we run away searching for an outside answer to an inside problem. We have a choice every day to listen to that voice, hear it for what it is, who it really hurts, what it really says or continue to blindly follow it without questioning it while pointing endlessly outward never looking inward.
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I listen to my friend and I hear her stuck. I know who placed her there and who keeps her. I know that she and only she has the power to break free. Facing self, facing our pain, our wounds takes courage. It takes courage to see what we do to ourselves,  to face abandonment, rejection and judgement. All those big scary words that create those whirling winds around us making us angry, miserable stuck in suffering. Stuck. Stuck seeking escape from us.
No matter where she goes, what she does until she sees self the spinning will continue. Anything and everything new will be met with excitement at first but then disappointment will follow. If nothing changes in her the spinning will begin again because the voice inside that whispers its poison will remain unheard and unchallenged. She will say she chose the wrong city, the wrong friends, the wrong partner, the wrong this and the wrong that. She will see that all she thought she escaped from is still there just in different surroundings. There she will be once again spinning around stuck.

Time to Look Inward

If you are stuck, stop running, stop hiding, stop pointing outward, stop your spin. It is time to look inward, time to seek understanding of you. You are in control of what holds you, what binds you, what keeps you caught swirling around in what feels like a never ending spin – You. I know because I have been there. I have been stuck. I have been miserable, pointing out at the world, running and running, spinning and spinning. I did all that my friend wishes to do. I did it all and then some. Once I began to see what was really keeping me stuck I saw it wasn’t my location, my culture, my parents, my friends but ME. It was never a what that kept me stuck but a who — me and only me. Again I ask those of you who are suffering to stop a for a moment. Stop pointing outward, stopping running and stand still for a moment. Look inward and see that it is up to you to stopping spinning , to stop the stuck. Look at the ME and begin the journey of discovery. It won’t be pretty, it will be hard I guarantee it. It will take time, it will take effort, but the reward is priceless, the reward is you become unstuck walking your path, living life fully. If you can’t look at the ME, at the YOU, if you don’t know how or where to begin, we are here to help you, help you see, help you take the steps out of stuck. I am here to help you because I have been stuck too.
Author: Chaya Reich
Relationship Reinvented Coach

How My Life Has Changed From A Client To A Coach


Losing My Mind. Coming To My Senses.

Just one year ago this month, I thought I was losing my mind. I had no doubts whatsoever.

Today, I now know that I did lose my mind, but it has come back. And it is back more clear and strong than ever. I know my purpose and have to give thanks where thanks is due.

You see, the person who walked into my life and turned everything upside down is the same person who introduced me to the Twin Flame concept. I had not heard of it before and was really clueless. Some days I still feel clueless.

So, I did a lot of reading, trying to figure out what the heck was going on. Why did I have these intense feelings? Why was I awake in the middle of the night getting on Facebook to connect with this person when they were messaging me at the same time? Why did I feel like I had been electrocuted when we were near each other? Why, oh why, did this person feel like there was a magnet pulling me to them? Why does the mirror bring such strong triggers?

My “Aha” Moment

I was directed to a YouTube video that Lee and Sherry had done. I was immediately hooked. I had to know more. More about this dynamic and more about them. I watched a lot of their videos and it helped me. Fortunately for me, I lived pretty close to them and sent them an email to see if we could meet, kind of like a free 30 minute session. The minute they walked into the place we were meeting, I just about cried. I knew in that instant that I had to work with them. It was like YES!!!! They know and can help me.

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So, I jumped into Root Camp. I had no idea what I was getting into… but every single moment, every tear shed and every hard knock down was worth it. I would sometimes drive down to their house and sit at their table with them and Big Mike. Let me tell you, there is no fooling Lee or Sherry. But in person, there really is NO FOOLING them. They picked up on all of my crap, and I was ready to be real. I told them things I would never have dreamed sharing with other people. And believe me, I had not told my traditional therapist about the stuff I told them. They got it, they had been through it too.

Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable… And Becoming Comfortable

As a Root Camp client, I had to be ready to be real. Real with myself. The questions were asked in such a perfect way, but let me say that you have to want to do the work. To look inside with honesty of self. If you want to spew lies and non truth then you will not benefit from any type of Root Camp, therapy or coaching. Just won’t happen. It is about being truthful with yourself. And learning that your mind and ego have had their way with you, that you can get past the blocks when you open up and be real, and truthful.

Root Camp under my belt, I learned more about myself than any other time in my life. That is long time, since I am almost 50.

About a week after I finished Root Camp, I saw a post from Relationship Reinvented about them starting a new coaching program. It took me about a day to decide if I was right for it, and if it was right for me. I literally jumped in. With both feet.


I have never looked back or had a moment of regret. Now as a Relationship Reinvented Certified Life and Spiritual Coach I look back at what I have learned over the last year and see how much growth there has been. I have benefitted as a human being by learning what I have done to deal with pain, to cover it over and allow myself to live with self deceits. I have learned about people and how we all have core wounds, and where they come from, and how to look within. I have been given the gifts of unconditional love and truth. Being a coach has been the culmination of my life’s journey, as a prior teacher, nurse, mom and caregiver.

Helping Others Find Their Truth

It is an honor to be a coach with Relationship Reinvented, to be asked by someone who is in pain to walk with them, to help them on their journey. To hold them in no judgement and hear them. To be with them as they learn and grow. The gift of sharing and seeing the inner truth as it comes out. To hear the pain in someone’s voice transform to the acceptance and light that shines from within when they learn that they are love, unconditional love. That this journey is about self and not twin. Twin is in your life to teach you, to lead you back to you. Triggers are gifts. It is all a gift back to love. The purpose of humankind is to love each other. For all of this I am deeply grateful to Lee and Sherry who lived their journey, put it out into public for all to see and grow from, who hear the call to share and love deeply.


The gratitude I feel for them is deep. Yet, I also feel deep gratitude for myself. I took a risk, jumped into the unknown and allowed myself to be real. I now have the tools to get back on track when I stumble, and know that if I can do it, you can do it if you are willing to do the work. Any one of the coaches at Relationship Reinvented can help you on your journey. Find one that fits with you and give it a try.

Doesn’t it get weary carrying a sack of lies and crap on your back when you have the inner light that flickers that there is another way? As Lee says, “you can’t hear truth when you are making up crap in your own mind”. THAT is the purpose of Root Camp, to take everything that is not truth out of your mind and put back the the light and the truth, the love that you came here with and that you are.


Can my twin flame feel my sexual relations with other partners?




Sitting here going back to remember the lightning strike of pain that had a calling is quite uncomfortable.  I remember it because it was something that truly tried to get me to see what it was I was searching for in the intimate experience of being physical with someone.

My appetite for sex was quite monstrous when I was separated from my twin. Inside my mind, I experienced visions of what being intimate was as if I could experience that every day.  I would dream such passion that was calling to me. This is why the senses need to be understood and seen correctly as they are the truth about what we are sharing here in this moment.


This is not to be fooled with what you THINK you see and make it painful and about something you wish you couldn’t see. Looking back when this happened, that is not the statement I would choose but I will say it is not something you can remove. The time I truly remember this was Super Bowl 2012 on Feb 5, 2012.  I was watching this with my brother and my sons and I was laying on the floor of my new fortress of solitude. I felt aroused and unsure of what I was experiencing and then the first pain strike in my heart I knew without knowing what I was experiencing.

I closed my eyes and could see her and her new beau on the couch I owned having sex. It was not something I wanted to experience but I felt every touch and every want she had. It then was revealed to me in my senses why this was so.  This was the most powerful part of experiencing a soul connection to its counter.  Especially when you wake up to find out why you desired intimate connection so deeply. It was something I could feel and write about in such a way that I would literally convince myself that this was someone out there doing this and was calling to me. It didn’t make sense until this connection. Notice the spelling of sense.

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Inside of me was something that I always wanted touched during intimate connection that would allow me to feel touched and feel loved. It was very rare that it happened or that I didn’t convince or trick myself into believing this was the way someone was without me making it up inside of myself. I would feel my way through making love with someone and be completely in tune with them as an energy.  This was something that I could feel yet was I feeling the person I was with or who I was connected to and it was being returned?


I could hear whispers felt in my ears from the moment this kind of yearning showed up. I thought for sure I was dreaming the whole thing. I knew I could hear where to touch next and how soft or hard to touch or something that just completely immersed me into the state of being completely turned on and then experiencing a reality that was real but not.



I could smell something of a distinct flower or fragrance it called to me and more so when she was either with someone or I was with someone. It triggered the other senses more as a calling to what the experience had for me. I was lost in something tenacious and erotic and it layered me into what was being experienced.


Mouth would water unexpectedly as though something was not enough and not fulfilling a thirst had, it was like I could drink never enough and I could eat without any regards to what it would do other than fuel this want and need that seemed to be out of control.

These senses shared in this connection are felt in the core. It is only answered when you go inside and see it for what it is.  Can your soul connection feel this? Yes, not the way you think… but what your senses will allow.

If you think this is about them not selecting you, it is about them calling to you and you both not understanding where the calling comes from.  It can create a large appetite if not seen and experienced outside of what the mind tells you. It will continue to get stronger with letting go!

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YOU are the Creator of your Own Destiny Part 2

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YOU are the Creator of your own Destiny Part 2

By: Sherry Patterson of Relationship Reinvented

So What do you do when you have been so bad, and you have so much real genuine goodness in you? What do you do with shared dreams? What do you do with a desire to help people and you just recently in the past couple of years have learned how to get yourself into healing? What do you do with a desire so strong it stays with you, heavy in your chest. Well We Manifested it, How?? well believe me we were stuck in HUMAN thought processes and the UNIVERSE had its own plan, It seems as Human Beings we do not understand the Universe has plans for us, or God or Source or whatever your belief system is, for the sake of not getting into religion lets go with Universe! So at this point Lee was working retail, he was being used, walked on and he was giving his all as Lee does in anything he does, he was giving 120% and getting back nothing, no thank you , no respect, just BS. From what I know of retail, this is typical. Lee was buying really nice shoes and in just 30 days later with holes in the bottom from doing his job. Waking the building making sure he was coaching employees, building relationships with customers, all that!

But the dreams were strong, Lee began to blog as writing has been a passion of his always. Me? well I Job shopped, and if you watched our videos also know some shameless things I did that ended Lee and My Relationship finally lol
Now we have Union. Getting back on track here, I was floating out there still, my revenge on Men still rampant. I did find a little nitch in life actually doing some online screening for escorts, screening clients to make sure they were not cops, then I did land a small gig with a local furniture company doing “skip traces” finding people who have skipped out on paying their payments and or moved with the furniture, I was really successful at it, but my desire was still there to make a difference.

The Universe kept giving us dreams, desires and drive to start Relationship Reinvented, Coaching those in relationships, helping those going through issues, marriage coaching, and subsequently life coaching and such. Lee’s blogs were getting noticed and he was being called for to help. The universe kept putting it in our faces, in our spare time we took online certification courses, got a shit ton of CD Courses learned nothing, apart from what we already knew about compassion, leadership and team building and confidentiality ect,, Lee’s famous words to me that still ring through my ears today is “If you put me in front of people i’ll speak” I heard that, but had no where to start… Then final separation came and it was painful, our relationship was over, both had moved on the “finality” of what was Lee and Sherry and Relationship Reinvented was over before it started. I was devastated and well Life went on, I found a small little temporary office job helping out a friend who was out on maternity leave.

Then the reuniting came into plan and wouldn’t the universe have it but to have the girl come back from leave and again leave me jobless. Lee was still working the same retail job he had for years, it was lucrative enough just not his passion, however his passion was there, he was able to connect with people, help them, give them advice, he was able to build good working relationships with co workers, build teams show compassion and be a mentor to so many. Relationship Reinvented was born again as Lee began to write, the dreams started back up and the passion was back full force.Our Union is the key to Relationship Reinvented, we finally realized that, the Business is built on our union! The dream had always been alive its just us that was not. When you are ready its the Universe that will let you know. AND That is just what the universe did!, Lee lost his job. His job title was eliminated! So now what??? JEEZE, We were fresh from separation, fresh from seeing other people and we needed to do something fast! Trusting in the universe was the first step and realizing well the universe is adamant about these dreams.

Lee started blogging harder, we were taking the steps to build a coaching business, we were communicating and it was not easy as emotions were raw, sometimes even interfering with building the business, there was a spiritual aspect involved, something driving our union, something driving us to do this, but dammit if we did not have communication mastered. Communication about business flowed like a river, but about personal well there was hurt and open wounds and all the while in healing sometimes the human thought process is really hard to overcome.It was my thought process, My human thought process.

So the universe stepped in and removed me, subsequently it was my fault as I still had some obligations to take care of from my troubles back in day, seems my responsibilities have been overlooked and I did not
do what I was supposed to do and I was in damn trouble again. As the Universe would have it Lee and I were separated Physically but not spiritually, the telepathy got stronger the communication got stronger by the day, Lee was home writing, writing and writing and helping people, talking to people, and guiding and I was teaching Chakra classes and meditating daily and actually helping him with business by calling him multiple times a day, and answering blog posts, sending him blog posts and just staying true to me and living in truth. It was quite the journey, the premise for Relationship Reinvented is to help change the world, help others by helping them to go inside and get to the root of their issues, stand in their truths.The universe paved the way and we followed. The Twin Flame dynamic was never really a part of why we started Relationship Reinvented.  The Universe simply put it in our paths, we knew what we were doing was mission and we also knew we were in a Twin Flame union but becoming Twin Flame coaches just came natural, What we do is help Twins look at the relationships they have to themselves to see why they are not in Union, and help those who are not familiar with the dynamic to see why they create exceptions in all relationships. Relationship Reinvented is about the relationship you have to yourself.

When the Universe deemed it necessary for me to come home I did and we went at it full force, We trusted the Universe that Relationship Reinvented was our mission and the Universe sustained us, we also had Lee’s unemployment at that time, but soon the universe would test our faith and take it away. Coaching is what we were doing, coaching couples, coaching individuals, parentless prevention, through divorces, through family issues, through personal issues, Relationship Reinvented was born and subsequently so was Twin Flames Lee and Sherry, and we were getting a lot of inquiries for Twin Flame Coaching. We enjoy coaching Twins and those who are involved in the dynamic who is in separation or running and chasing or those struggling inside of the dynamic, it is rewarding to the soul and the Universe always send us those ready to do the work, some who are not but when they are ready they will have the tools to do it. We coach outside of the dynamic as well, worldwide, we now have major celebrity clients and clients all over the world.

The Universe trusted us with the dreams of Relationship Reinvented and we trusted the Universe to have our backs. Last year we toured the U.S.A. Not able to make it to near as many cities as we would have liked, but the ones we did get to were amazing and rewarding and we feel we made a difference. A world Tour is now being planned with Europe and Australia in the works, as well as more US cities, our you tube channel is still ongoing and Relationship Reinvented is our life’s work. It is all we do. Lee and I have a home office where we work sometimes 9 am – 10 pm at night without a break, paying our dues in the Business world, working long hours and helping as many people as we can in a day, our schedule last year when not traveling was overwhelming but rewarding. We love what we do, we work from home, we are our own bosses and we can make our own hours.

When I look back The pillow talk is now reality, Ive put Lee in front of people and his words change lives, and we have now been called on for interviews with people we have only dreamed of. We already do at least 2 radio interviews a month and moving toward more interviews and public speaking and conferences and conversions and such. The key phrase I always keep in mind is to stay humble ! I sometimes look back to where I have been, lying in a bunk with a drive to help change the world, and I am damn well doing it, if it is 1 person at a time.

How? How do you manifest something like this?

*Follow Universal signs
*Believe in signs and wonders and believe the Universe is Trying to tell you something!
*Believe the Universe has a plan for you, and the meaning of life is to find your gift.
*Believe the Universe will have your back, BELIEVE without doubt! Key word no doubt!
*Believe the universe will not let you down and will not let you suffer if you trust and have just a tiny little fiber of Faith.
*Trust your instincts, always go with your Gut
*Feel the pull, feel where the universe is leading you
*Believe in yourself, You have it in you to do anything you want and achieve all of your dreams.
*Go for it! The Universe will not set you up for failure
*Follow your soul and your mission always!
*Don’t let anything stand in your way, The Universe will not lead you without giving you resources to get there YOU have to utilize them.
* Always look at things positively, The Universe will make a way if you don’t, for example I could have used my “vacation” physically away from Lee as a Negative thing and got pissed off at the world and the Judge and whoever else was involved, but in reality it was a blessing, we learned so much. Sometimes bad things happen for good reasons and end up being the best things that can ever happen to you.


Relationship Reinvented LCC is a child, Lee and I Birthed,and we have grown it into a world Wide business, Relationship Reinvented our personal schedule got way to overwhelming and in keeping with Universal plan of helping change the world by helping people go inside themselves, the Universe continued with Dreams, and keeps on, the dream for the Certification Program came to me and I did not hesitate, I had faith in the Universe, Lee and I began the process 3 years ago, took all the legal necessary steps and the certification program was birthed. It was hard at times to “let go and share our baby with others” But once we did, it flourished! We now have over 35 and growing Certified Coaches who have went though or are going through our program to answer their own call to help coach others and help free up our schedule so we can fulfill our speaking obligations and conference appearances and our Tour this year. While we still coach and we always will, we have amazing Coaches personally trained by us who have answered the call to help us in our mission. We knew this mission was global, and in all reality it is only just beginning. Relationship Reinvented is ready for this New Year, New experiences and travel and really taking action to help change the world !! We are here World and ready for anything you have for us!

Everyday Lee and I coach from our pain, everyday Lee and I coach from our separations, from the bullshit we put one another through, Everyday we stand in our truths, we tell others to stand in theirs, we pull people out of the lies and manipulations and abandonment and fear we were once in. With my in your face, sometimes to raw, truth, and Lee’s gentle, compassion and loving spirit, We coach as a team, While Lee does the majority of the coaching and I handle the majority of the business aspect of it, I am most always in session with him unless I am playing mom taxi to and from school. Lee helps as well with some business stuff, we now have a team of coaches, a business manager and a marketing manager and a promotions team. Seems like the Universe knows what it is doing after all, and perhaps if we would have believed in that instead of living in our “human thought processes” we could have been doing this sooner but then that would not have been universal plan would it?

Trust in the Universe, Stand in your truth, don’t keep anything in, be free of lies and deceit and manipulation, Be Free of Fear and the Universe will give you your own dreams. Wether you are in a union, or marriage or relationship or you are single, does not matter, YOU have what it takes RIGHT NOW, to follow your dreams, the Universe will fill in the blank spots when its time!
Believe, Have Faith, and Love Deeply and DO THE WORK!

If I can do it, so can you!


YOU are the Creator of your own Destiny!

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YOU are the creator of Your own Destiny! By Sherry Patterson of Relationship Reinvented

For the Majority of you reading this, you have watched enough of our videos to know most of our lives and the bullshit we but one another through to get into union. This isn’t about that.. lol… You have heard enough about that (for now). This Blog is about me, and most likely you as well.
Recently I read a quote that said “You are the creator of your own Destiny” Well shit that made sense to me, Now,as I went most of my life confused and depressed and living day to day. Most of my life lived as a victim to something, and most all things like, sexual abuse and physical abuse and abandonment issues. I lived a destructive life and if you can name it I have probably done it and lied and manipulated my way out of it. All the while really destroying myself and I had enough ego to bring children into my world of ego and lies and manipulation. I can say this I love my children beyond anything I can even state, however I taught them (at least the oldest ones) how to be a victim. I taught them to lie and I taught them how to withdraw love. I spent most of my life depending on others for financial support, not working not teaching my kids a sense of responsibility, most of all degrading myself and often times taking steps to do everything I could to support my family or help support them in ways that were ethically degrading and illegal. Often times especially when the internet came out, really exploiting my victim mentality, Preying on older gentlemen playing the ‘Single mom blues” when in all reality my husband was at work, or after my divorce, I had boyfriends who stepped up and helped me along with the child support my ex husband was paying. Sounds sad doesn’t it? oh it was, i was living good but still the victim, It was my crutch.
I never felt good about myself, I went to school for something I loved, my passion is animals, I have a heart for them, but I seemed to have more passion for getting even with he world,and taking the easy way out, having fun and always making sure the world revolved around me somehow. The questions that made me feel nervous or I hated the most was “where do you work?” “What do you do”? I usually had some story to ‘Impress”. My family at this point had lost all trust in me, as everything I usually spoke about was fabricated. I got myself into some trouble living the lifestyle I was living. As most of you already know I had to take a little “vacation from life”. I had time time sit and reflect on my life and “find myself” because I had put myself into a position where I had no choice, I found the desire to do something with myself. I went to college I took it seriously, I worked hard, I maintained a 3.98 GPA, I got motivated and got an associates degree in Business. I was ready to face the world.
I was walking along a street in Cincinnati on Valentines day 2005, when I saw a place, I walked in, It was a women only type of low impact fitness facility. I asked for a job, the lady immediately hired me and within a week told me about some troubles she was in with he business and asked me to overhaul it, she trusted me and I took that seriously. I began by working literally sometimes 24 hours a day, I cleaned out the office,sometimes slept there, went though the files, I cleaned and made computer programs and made the place essentially mine. I got personal with the ladies, I built that business up to something extraordinary, I rarely seen the owner, she had another facility and I had built this one up so good she trusted me. I did all the hiring and unfortunately had to let some go, I Was building skills, I was literally running a business using the skills I had learned in college. I was so proud of me, I worked a lot, I loved it, I was single and just dating I has started in a small apartment and about a year later bought myself a little 2 bedroom house, I owned it, it was mine and I was gaining confidence. I met Lee that year and If you have watched our videos you can add this story as you know what happened with him, my personal life was good, annoying but good, then the separation came and I met Ron and it was safe for me, the lady asked me if I was interested in buying the facility, I did, It was mine for about 9 months, and the economy collapsed. The business was going downhill quick, I had lost Lee and even my house was in jeopardy. I moved in with Ron and did a short sale on my house and there it is, Instead of letting the business fall out from under me, I had did what the owner did before, I asked the manager I had hired if she was interested in buying it, she did and I got out without any profit. So I found myself again, unemployed depending on someone else for financial support. most of you know the rest, marriage, Lee comes back, Baby, divorce, and the Hamster Wheel with Lee. Here is the funny thing even after some success my family still did not support me or even give me any words of encouragement, They were waiting on me to f**k life up again, some still are. They were and mostly all still are stuck in MY victim mentality, I had so long let go of. I realized a long time ago that attempting to try to make my family understand forgiveness and unconditional love, and belief in one another is a moot point and trying to get outside validation from them is not necessary for my growth. I stay working on my own healing and unconditional love in myself that keeps me pretty busy lol

I did attempt small jobs, with small kids again it was hard and with a “record” even harder, I always had in the back of my soul that I had a passion for helping people but it was kind of rude and truthful and in your face. I thought maybe a drug or alcohol counselor. I could never get focused on a career with the hamster wheel I was on trying to have a relationship with Lee, That ended up being the issue, trying to have a relationship. Then Lee and I found the Twin Flame dynamic, we realized this connection we shared was different. Lees work hours were insane he would come home exhausted, Retail was killing him, during our pillow talk we discussed what our dream jobs would be, what we would love to do.

Im sure most every dream job conversation involves being your own boss, making your own hours, Doing something you love everyday. Our dreams showed us the exact same things, we had the same damn dreams, oh thats going really make my family think I am bat shit crazier than they already do. We were in the same places in our separate dreams, waking up every morning and comparing not even believing what we were saying to one another. it was exciting, we layed in bed and named the Business, But Lee was still knee deep in retail and hell we needed to live so him quitting was not an option, It was just a dream, Pillow talk, but something in me was coming alive, my gift I could feel it awakening.

I felt that motivation, That drive always, I felt that burning sensation in my soul, I felt that desire to help people. My soul had been awakened, Lee’s too when we talked about it his eyes lit up, something in him was stirring but responsibility and Life over rode the desire at this time. It was a dream. What I knew was I needed it, I needed this, These dreams were given to us. I was finding some kind of Trust in the Universe for these dreams.What we didn’t know was it was going to be our Pain, our victim mentality, our destructive lives, Manipulative behaviors and lying and deceit and all those trips on the hamster wheel that would be the catalyst for it. While my personality is raw and truthful and in your face, Lee’s is gentle and loving and kind, he speaks in codes that I can translate. What a team we could have, how do we get this? How do we manifest this dream?
Well that is why there is a part two to this blog !!  Stay Tuned



Twin Flames and the Storyteller


When my twin flame and I came into connection several years ago, I didn’t expect that our connection would help me see the connection to myself. This is the most overlooked part of the connection because most of everything you experience in existence in the laws of human condition say to seek outside information. This is our story and we are sticking to it.

Outside Answers for Inner Questions?

When we are searching for answers, we tend to seek outside of us even if those answers don’t make any sense to us on the inside. The connection is on the inside, so seeking outside will only lead to outside answers of what this connection is about. How can this be, if what you endured throughout your existence doesn’t match what you experienced in your life? It’s like the person’s information you are gathering is trying to attach itself to your story and what the storyteller is dictating from the content that will match. This connection is there to show you how you are connected to yourself. The storyteller, which is the emotion that comes from the mind’s interpretation of feeling or experiencing things that will happen or could happen will take you far, far away. Never-never land sounds just about right because it’s never going to be as anyone states unless they are sharing a pain that only ignites your own.


We are Born from Pain

How can pain be defined? Pain isn’t something that just happens. Pain actually originates within ourselves, which you experienced the moment you came from a womb into the earth’s air for the first time and you survived that said pain which was birth in truth. Birth into human consciousness which in those first moments, everyone embraced you while you were in that pain, which was permission for you to embrace yourself as you were birthing. However, as you continue to live and write life’s story, any experience you associate with pain becomes the storyteller’s content. Your mind told you to dissect these things that happened to you as a survival not to experience pain again which is called hurting or labor pains. Labor pains are then spread out through your lifetime experiencing escape from said pain while the mind makes use of this. Your mind creates identities that can be exposed when you come across a connection that points you back inside yourself and how you connect to yourself.


Expose the Storyteller Within You

Yes, it only makes sense that we want someone to be responsible for our pain. After all, when we were born, didn’t everyone hold us when we were in pain and now they all seem to be either inflicting it on each other or finding a way to avoid it altogether? The storyteller will create half truths of acceptance of abandonment and rejection as a way to keep you in a state of never exposing the truth about connection. Yes, the storyteller and your own story are permission in the universe to get what you do to yourself directly when this connection comes to you. The only true change can occur when the storyteller is exposed and then union with yourself can occur. The relationship you have to yourself is revealed out of the story in the self when the storyteller is exposed.


Already Gone Deep? Go Deeper

Go deep inside, dear souls. The storyteller has no truth that makes you disconnected in this connection, it only points to a place where you are disconnected within yourself. For example, when you tell yourself or put out the energy “I don’t love myself” or “I don’t like myself very much”. When your twin shows up, this will finally be what shows up when your thoughts experience a slip and judgment is exposed of what you have always done to yourself. This will grant permission for the storyteller to convince you that this connection will give you what you think is coming.

Trust Your Intuition

Abracadabra, hocus pocus, this is what this connection feels like yet it is a manifestation of your thinking which is always seeking outside information for inside in order to “keep you protected”. Keep you protected from what exactly? Yes, this is where you must discover the storyteller and your story and what it has brought you from what you tell yourself on the inside. Not because you found outside information that says this connection will bring you salvation from outside you, but the true salvation at your source within which you’ll experience only your own love within yourself that you can share. No more guessing or believing your lies which the storyteller counts on. This is both seductive and destructive at the same time.

Learn to love your storyteller and your story. Not because the outside world demands it but rather, the inside universe has space for it. Love deeply!




Vulnerability and Twin Flames: Expressing Your Truth


Being strong or being guarded? This is not vulnerability, yet it is pointing to how you should show up when you choose not to state the truth about what the truth actually is. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means: do you say what you mean or do you mean what you say? If I have to show “I don’t care, this is being strong”, is that what you mean to expose to the other who you care about? What is it that says they will not accept me fully if they truly know how I feel?


Your twin knows when you’re lying. Deep inside, so do you.

Vulnerability is the absence of judgment. It’s very much like love, when it is really love. You won’t tell yourself: “They won’t accept me for what I think or feel.” When you’re truly being vulnerable, you’re not pointing outward and stating that someone will do something to you and make you feel rejected or abandoned. Your twin—and you—can always see the lie when you’re not being vulnerable. “I think that you feel… I think that you think… I think you will or won’t…” These are all lies. None of these statements are speaking from within yourself.


How should I express myself?

If you change the way the words come out of your mouth when these thoughts show up, you can always find a way to be vulnerable to them. For example, “I interpret when I feel in thought that says I am not worthy enough.” This points to you inside yourself instead of making the other responsible for what you experience, whether it be rejection, abandonment or anything else. If I can interpret your actions into thought, I will be the mind reader I knew I always could be.

Vulnerability has the permission to expose the thought process that interprets everything inside you. It is the love that can be placed inside of ego!


The storyteller is more powerful than you think

“My twin flame doesn’t want to be with me because…” or “my twin has chosen someone else because…”. What doesn’t matter after this statement is the emotions or thoughts the storyteller has in place due to interpretation of another’s actions based on what the mind wants to say is why this happens. When we get caught up in our thoughts, sometimes we create story statements that make us the victim of what someone does to us not seeing we do it to ourselves. Exposing these thoughts is what can change who you are and why you are.


You can create truths which are actually lies.

“I think that you feel I am…” See how this statement makes no sense in truth? How about “I feel that you think…” These are not vulnerable statements but rather ego-driven thought processes that are speculation, which you turn into a truth, and which is always going to be a lie. When you experience rejection, remember that you learned rejection when you entered this planet whether it happened within the first few years of existence here or watching something happen to you and now had to interpret it. This is what points to the creation of why we can’t be vulnerable. This is never going to be true with the exception that we are stuck in time where time no longer exists.

We never repeat time, only our thoughts repeat themselves. Exposing this thinking is being vulnerable.



Are you a Twin Flame? Keeping it Simple Actually Works!

Two energies of the same energy, aware of itself. On the inside, you’ll experience something that no one else can express, tell you about, or even see because it opens a portal when you first encounter it and it goes straight to the inner knowing. This inner knowing is rendering your ego and its need to protect, defend or hide you as the inner child, and you are free. This can be for moments that seem free of time until your thinking of time returns. Thinking—yes, that’s right—is the primary issue of why we second guess or run or anything else that keeps this connection in the state of what seems to be disconnection.  




Do you feel the “knower” inside of you?

Your knowing or knower becomes aware of itself. It’s as though things in your existence make more sense. The individual experience of this is that you are feeling things more in effect of what they are rather than thinking them up. This is where we need to place the clause simple.

Are you trying to Google what’s inside of you?

To be simple means that you no longer associate outside information for an inside connection. Some of you will read this and maybe scratch your head, well to be in the truth means to not say “I can get outside information for something I feel inside of myself”.



Embrace the truth.

You then must become more simple. To see that how you translate what you feel into thinking, this is where the work must be done. You can always catch this in simple ways with statements that may arise in ego that say, I feel that you, or I think that you think… these are happening inside you to see how you have translated things from things that have happened to you and have not found the place to insert forgiveness or embrace truth as it is inside the mind.  Not from the external interactions that come into what this connection grants you but from what your exact opposite does back to you because of these triggers you THINK are now exposed.

Reconnect with yourself, not your thoughts.

Exposed thinking is the interpreter of other people’s actions that have gone untranslated in you and you had to make up stories to understand or get through what happened. This connection at its core is about the love inside you that is unconditional to its core, it is about salvation and freedom to love without broken truth and broken trust. This connection is here to bring you back to the source of yourself. You are the flame that lights in twin flame! But don’t be misled, the light can’t exist without the dark, it is the truth. Just the definition of light and dark are not how we see them in human. It has everything to do with how you look up in the sky and see the sun and see that it is the center of what radiates heat in our universe and gives light. The dark around it is there on purpose to show its nature to nurture us. So be in love with what you don’t know as much as what you do. What you bring into the light, love it without abandon, that is what the choice is in this connection.

Why complicate? Keep things simple!

If you stay simple, see the choice to love yourself deeper than you ever have, for this is how you will love your twin. If you push yourself away, don’t worry, your twin will show you exactly what that feels like outside you! The rejection is a thought process that manifests by being a thought. What thoughts are you currently keeping that are preventing to change your thinking in order to manifest union? This is who you must see yourself to see what can be manifested with the right amount of leverage at the right moment. Stay deep and love deeply, dear souls!



3 Signs to Know You're Spiritually Awakened

At some point in our lives, many of us experience some sort of realization of what is real. We may sometimes feel like we’re going batshit crazy—and that’s totally fine. We should embrace all the feelings that come along with a spiritual awakening. After all, you’ll just know that you’re going through one as you strengthen your intuition. Once you’re “awake”, don’t be surprised if you keep waking up more and more!

Here are three signs that you may be experiencing as you go through your spiritual awakening:

1. Shift in Belief Systems

You start to say “yes” to everything that is the truth, and all the lies you tell yourself are easily seen.  You don’t make this into a science, you make this into all the purpose that love has to offer.  Expansion of your knower is allowed to point to creation and see purpose in all things to include every experience in the present moment, not the sum of all things past or future, but rather beyond it.  


The first simple way to experience this is to see things as they are not in what you view based on time but beyond it. This means to see that what you have translated in thought is only allowing you to see with the mind, which is only a fragment of what you can truly see without the mind. The mind wants to say that “all things stay the same” so you never see the newness to all things in the present. It is almost as if it keeps a mental picture of what you see and not what has since become available to view because of this picture.

A picture is a capturing of time which is an illusion of something you will never repeat although to visit is quite seductive. It makes it easier to not be in the uncomfortable space of what it means to see things alive as they are. It also makes it possible for you to not see the truth of what is in this moment.  

2. You live in the now

The second is to see that when you go back into what your mind tells you, you can always transcend it because in spiritual truth you are always alive even when you are going from this moment to the next one. Your ability to be awake depends on your ability to see the things that can make you unconscious and how they are there as protection from something you no longer have. This is the ability to be in time which is always a non perception of reality—you are always of time. Not as it seems in what you watch when you watch a clock, for instance, but what you experience when you see love in motion. It has no destination—it is always now!  


3. More than your mind

Lastly, you are always more than just the thoughts you keep. You always have been and always will be and this is more apparent when you choose to allow the clock of your heart to beat in sync with you inside that you can even experience outside. You always are able to hear the universal silence within. It is what drives your love to be a soul having a human experience.  

This way of finding spirituality awakens when you finally embrace connection—not disconnection nor making a false statement that you ever were disconnected!