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Butterfly Effect – 2013

butterfly blueButterfly effect…

No, this isn’t about the movie that was made popular by Ashton Kutcher.

This is about the effects of the existence of the Butterfly effect itself in comparison to the human existence.

If you are looking for the meaning of life or the meaning of what it is to go through this existence into another.

The symbol of the butterfly is the perfect understanding of what this is.

The birth of a caterpillar is seldom talked about, yet if you researched it you would realize in birth it is connected to 400 to 500 eggs simultaneously.  You see it births much the same without any explanation and then is born knowing it will evolve. It prepares itself in days or weeks to become the same generator of existence. It births with intelligence knowing it places itself in a cocoon much like the human that evolves from themselves in cycle from experiences that searches for answers. It doesn’t require as much thought as you can place into it by reflections of the past or contemplating a future. Think about the weather that this may happen through for the caterpillar already birthed into the butterfly effect.  It can be a violent spring, a brutal summer, fall, etc. It can be storming yet the beauty that transpires from this energy that has form as we do. It does have it’s purpose to teach. It takes the sunlight and then over 900 times to 1500 turns it places itself back into darkness to know rebirth. This can be a matter of trials a human can experience if you allow it to speak to you that way. The butterfly effect does happen to us as well. If you take this into consideration that this form of energy of nature doesn’t let anything prior that has happened keep it from being a beautiful specimen no matter it’s trials.  This does have it’s purpose.

Now, let’s take two steps back in human to see this butterfly effect transpire under the human lens of existence.  Let’s place the true intelligence at the fore in you to speak of where there is no difference.  You will race in hundreds of other forms to see who will be placed in the hatching of being of birth! You will do so and be born unto the world. As a youngling you will experience all kinds of storms and yet you will still be emerging every moment.  You will wrap yourself in all the experiences of life situations that will surround you.  One moment will have experienced 900 or more of these and will wrap yourself up in this and grow beautifully inside if you chose.  You will then emerge from this as a form of all the weathered storms and beautiful things you experienced. You will have wings of beauty and will feel able to fly cause you will be free of things.  You then look at your wings and realize that both have similar markings on both wings and because they become two you will soar and be able to take flight.

When it is your time to land you do so with an energy that leaves this form and goes through the other door of existence.

Do you feel the difference in what was said here?  It pertains to what you experience or have experienced in this existence thus far. Do you feel the intelligence saying? “Yes, I know this to be true!” I know this will reach you and in some cases you may be going through the typhoon or the hurricane that is taking your existence and beating you till it seems you can’t take anymore. You are always seeing the beauty in everything around you as you don’t have the incessant rantings of storms past to define what is in this moment always in this moment. You can feel yourself in the cocoon and ready to take flight.  Ready to emerge?

Yes you are the butterfly effect as it pertains to this, you are the beauty of these experiences.  It will not need your understanding in thought. It will need you to pay attention to this moment and what the flight of the butterfly’s existence will tell you about your own insides that are birthed in you inside of any form.  The eyes you read this with, will absorb this energy and feel it for what it is.  Inside you the butterfly effect makes you unique and magnificent.  Be of that, for it is you that calls to this very evolution no matter what your existence may tell you in any other moment.

With love I am sending this. With love to take flight!


This blog post is dedicated to My Impregnable Soul

It was an honor to be nominated by you for 3 different awards! You have touched my wings and added spots that are with love.

17 Comments on “Butterfly Effect – 2013

  1. Love your sentiment shared and the love you share it with my friend! Hope all is well in your world and wish to share my love as well! Love you man!

    • Happy New Year my dear friend. I hope this finds you full of love and enjoying the moments of when you take out the trash. 🙂 sending love back to you!

        • Dark how? I suppose if an alien came from another place we would open our arms openly? I suppose this alien with abilities would contemplate helping us after they see how we treat each other and we are from this planet! This movie will bring a message that is embedded in the story as if to point to current truths to lack the enlightenment of consciousness of existence! I feel it will speak to some as a regular movie with a great story but what it will speak to is disconnection on all levels! Yes amazing I feel it will be.

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