I did it today kept a smile all day.. moments came that tried to disrupt it.. but I could feel my own glow so could those around me.. they instantly smiled when the saw me.. I feel good.. I feel better than good.. I feel me… I am starting to feel that this cocoon can be such a odd thing to shake cause there are parts of me from the healing process that are still unsure of what the nature of being inside me coming out means.. The butterfly effect can make anyone unsure… but the cool part is I get to continue to watch it develop in me.. with me all by myself… amazing how we all don’t understand what it means to look deep within yourself and really look and see who we are.. The soul can allow such things to be let go without wondering what it is that we feel we need or what we want.. we just sit and watch life pass up by.. and then realize we have wasted so much time.. time that we could have.. or should have or done something differently… Life can be trial and error if you want it too.. but when things feel right they feel right all the way… they feel right because I am finding the soul can take you inside yourself and you have alot inside you..imagine miles of the earth but the size of the universe… just finding it or letting it be seems to be the romantic nature of the beast.. How do you approve of what you are doing? how do you approve of what in you is what you want to do… I am finding I am deeply hopelessly in love with the OS!M’s that have always consumed my life.. but never knew what type these would be should be.. and now could be.. Life is an OS!M life and love.. Love though can be magical when you open your eyes to it.. and realize there is so much more.. so much you didn’t even touch upon it.. I am learning to understand that love is not the feeling of overwhelming joy for another and you want to be with that person… Love is free… Love is wonderful.. and Love is the action word it was always meant to be..  but the More part of love.. I am finding is something even deeper than that.. A connection exist in this… a connection that can’t be denied.. can’t be withdrawn… can’t be ignored… It owns your soul… it generates a part of you that has been locked for lifetimes… The funny sad part is you have this tiny part in you that grows at a rapid rate and allows all the parts of you to come together when you can finally reach it….. remember that foundation thingy thing I broke within my soul… well even that can be cemented back together.. back together for a permanent feel to what life can bring you… Life.. Life is the OS!M… we fear it alone.. we run from it when we have someone.. what if you didn’t run anymore.. what if we all have failed to realize we are separate and very much together in here.. and we walk the earth looking for answers to something that has nothing to do with what we are really here for… I have found out this in my quest and my need to want to heal.. I want the healing.. I am one with the light and the light is one with me…. Here is a perfect example.. My dog.. My best friend my only reason to come home unless my boy is here.. Rocky… he immediately wags his tail when he jumps in the window and sees it is me coming home.. he runs through the house and his tail knocks down everything that is within reach.. I never really paid attention to this.. but I slowed time with him… and the poor thing got so excited he peed all over the place.. Now I have had Rocky for about 6 years.. and never seen such a thing.. but within me over the past couple of years I have been a walking corpse.. a walking dead…. As I find more alone time to find within me and not worry about everybody else to not include myself… I allowed the greatest moments in my life to escape me.. never again.. not for anyone to include me.. or Rocky.. it is quite hilarious.. cause I thought dogs understood more sound than site.. but a dog or even any animal can respond to a smile.. a smile and overall feeling the soul can bring to you to share when you allow it to finally grow outside of it’s boundaries… Try this.. take all the energy you have to feel and release it to one thing or person or animal in your life and watch the response.. The results will be something that lights a fire in what ever energy you release… Imagine finding a love that could do this.. Imagine finding another soul that does that back to your own.. can you imagine the possibilities of what dreams you never had that could come true.. that could rock the world around you and place them in sync with that love… Nothing ever imagined is possible.. yes I said it…Now call the postal service your ass has been stamped… understand this is a wake up call… a wake up call to let the romance of the possibilities come to light within you as it has me.. you can find it.. it is in each of us.. If not.. damnit yall are missing some shit cause this light ins’t going out!  LMAO  goodnight and may the dreams you don’t know exist come true!

BTW most of you are still scratching your heads wondering what the Hell is the OS!M… Ok… you just found out you hit the lottery for 2 millions dollars.. well the words that come out of you are from the soul… Cause out of your body comes raising your hands.. and then from your mouth comes.. OH SHIT!  add that to Moments and yes you got a OS!M… now feel better… then go find yours.. and make sure you have them as much as possible.. cause the soul will let anything come out of you if you let it.. it is not meant to be contained…:-)


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      • Yes something about going back and forth with Hasty seems to bring out the Etta James in me… Not sure what it is.. but is seems to be energy nonetheless. I am a vibrational soul so I suppose this taught me something about how I interact with others. Have you collaborated with her yet or anyone? 🙂

  2. Is it accurate to say that you were more “here” when you wrote this, yet so much less “present”? It seems that you’re traveling. In this era, you’re fighting. Yet, the peace is still evident. Unrealised, but there. So odd.

    • It can be said that when I died I was split into two.. the good and the bad both occupied the same space. We all have this just the good has a quieter voice. It is present in all of us.. You are not that far to write here is a step in that same direction. It comes from the goodness that is you whether in pain or not!

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