Can my twin flame feel my sexual relations with other partners?




Sitting here going back to remember the lightning strike of pain that had a calling is quite uncomfortable.  I remember it because it was something that truly tried to get me to see what it was I was searching for in the intimate experience of being physical with someone.

My appetite for sex was quite monstrous when I was separated from my twin. Inside my mind, I experienced visions of what being intimate was as if I could experience that every day.  I would dream such passion that was calling to me. This is why the senses need to be understood and seen correctly as they are the truth about what we are sharing here in this moment.


This is not to be fooled with what you THINK you see and make it painful and about something you wish you couldn’t see. Looking back when this happened, that is not the statement I would choose but I will say it is not something you can remove. The time I truly remember this was Super Bowl 2012 on Feb 5, 2012.  I was watching this with my brother and my sons and I was laying on the floor of my new fortress of solitude. I felt aroused and unsure of what I was experiencing and then the first pain strike in my heart I knew without knowing what I was experiencing.

I closed my eyes and could see her and her new beau on the couch I owned having sex. It was not something I wanted to experience but I felt every touch and every want she had. It then was revealed to me in my senses why this was so.  This was the most powerful part of experiencing a soul connection to its counter.  Especially when you wake up to find out why you desired intimate connection so deeply. It was something I could feel and write about in such a way that I would literally convince myself that this was someone out there doing this and was calling to me. It didn’t make sense until this connection. Notice the spelling of sense.

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Inside of me was something that I always wanted touched during intimate connection that would allow me to feel touched and feel loved. It was very rare that it happened or that I didn’t convince or trick myself into believing this was the way someone was without me making it up inside of myself. I would feel my way through making love with someone and be completely in tune with them as an energy.  This was something that I could feel yet was I feeling the person I was with or who I was connected to and it was being returned?


I could hear whispers felt in my ears from the moment this kind of yearning showed up. I thought for sure I was dreaming the whole thing. I knew I could hear where to touch next and how soft or hard to touch or something that just completely immersed me into the state of being completely turned on and then experiencing a reality that was real but not.



I could smell something of a distinct flower or fragrance it called to me and more so when she was either with someone or I was with someone. It triggered the other senses more as a calling to what the experience had for me. I was lost in something tenacious and erotic and it layered me into what was being experienced.


Mouth would water unexpectedly as though something was not enough and not fulfilling a thirst had, it was like I could drink never enough and I could eat without any regards to what it would do other than fuel this want and need that seemed to be out of control.

These senses shared in this connection are felt in the core. It is only answered when you go inside and see it for what it is.  Can your soul connection feel this? Yes, not the way you think… but what your senses will allow.

If you think this is about them not selecting you, it is about them calling to you and you both not understanding where the calling comes from.  It can create a large appetite if not seen and experienced outside of what the mind tells you. It will continue to get stronger with letting go!

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  1. Thank you soo, so much for this! I am a twin flame, and am able to feel and mutually experience every little things that my twin flame does, inckuding when he has sex with other people. He and i have never been intimate, but know each other “casually” through work. Neither of us can handle the intensity of our telepathic and cosmic connection very well, and are both stuck in ego….permanently, it seems. His solution is to date whomever else he can, and to ignore me as much as possible. At first, i thought I was going crazy when I started being able to read his thoughts, feel his emotions, and experience (yes, in touch, sight, and sound!!), whatever he happened to be exleriencing and doing on his end….now, thanks to your post, i am realizing that exoeriencing your twin flame having sex w others is part of the twin flame experience. At first, it broke my heart to realize that inwas feeling him getting so excited and into (literally!) Other women….but now, inrealize it is all poart of the master plan to keeep all twin flames in a constant state of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR THE OTHER. THANK YOU!

  2. Is it quite possible your twin flame may be dreaming, imagining the two of you being intimate and you can obviously feel it ?

      • Thank You for responding and I apologize for the multiple entries. I’ve been researching Twin Flames a lot lately and most times it’s being done on my cellphone. It’s what I do in the early hours of the morning when I can’t sleep. When I didn’t see my first question post I submitted it again and once more I didn’t see it so I ended up submitting a third one.

        After I submitted my questions I went back and read the initial post. It was then I realized that it is possible. I was under the impression that it would be only having the ability to feel your twin being intimate with someone else. Every time this happens I do have visions of it being my Twin Flame with me. It’s one of those situations where you see bodies but not faces but you can tell/sense it’s the two of you. I work with my twin we just work together a lot. I notice that there are certain days and times when the intimacy comes through. Normally it is when we haven’t been around each other after a few days. We have yet to discuss this whole Twin Flame situation and I have a great belief he has no idea what is happening to him.

  3. Isn’t it quite possible that your twin flame could be having dreams or thoughts of you both being intimate and you can feel it happening ? I believe this is happening to me. When I get this feeling I have a sense it’s the two of us, not him and someone else.

  4. Is it possible that your twin flame may be imaging the two of you being intimate and you’re feeling the energy? I believe this is what’s happening between myself and my twin flame.

    • Loiza Aldea;

      My twin flame and i have such a telepathic connection, that WHENEVER he is experiencing intimate/sexual thoughts or experiences — WHATEVER they may be — I feel them too. Unfortunately, I’ve found that I cannot figure out the difference between HIM thinking of “us” being together, and him BEING with someone else. (And like many twin-flames in separation, he and I have met and know each other in the physical, but have never been physically intmate, as many twin flames, due to ego-barriers, other-relationships, and karmic issues).
      What I HAVE found, is that when he is being physically intimate wiht someone else, and he WANTS me to KNOW this, I will feel the physical sensations that he is feeling…but that the DEFAULT is whenver he is thinking of he and I being together in the physical, I automatically feel that, whether he wants me to or not.
      It seems like this might be different for each twin-flame couple, as the sensations you experience at the same time as your twin, can vary depending on the telepathic connection between the two of you, and whether one of the twins is either blocking, or deliberately sending out, that sexual/sensual energy to the other one.

    • Hi! I experience the same! I do believe it is possible. It is happening. I don’t have much “verification” in 3D but I am certain, that he fantasizes about me regularly. I can even see visually what are those fantasies. I can also feel when he is with his karmic partner, but the feeling is not that intense and much different.

  5. My twin flame rejected me. And she is hoe very sexually busy. Acreaming down my name. She is in pain.
    But hey. Life goes on for me. Sta can do whatever she wants. So am i. I will start someday my own family with a man!

  6. Thanks so much for the article. I’ve had the same experiences, thought I was going NUTS. The arousal seems to come out of nowhere; meaning I’m not thinking of him at the time. I feel physical sensations…as though he is actually touching my body and the energy is intense. I don’t sense him being with anyone else in those moments or anyone else’s energy present during those times. I’ve even felt embarrassed because others have been present but realize they are not aware of what going on…whew! Thanks again

  7. Do u stay awake full night? I was going sleepless for a month used to sleep only when sunrise takes place but I had no visions or feel touch but ya it was painful period emotionally I felt weak that whole period was it my tf being with someone else please can anyone help me?

  8. Last night I had the same lightning strike as you described. I imagined my twin flame being with someone else. It was her ex or someone else. There was still an uncertainty that it could be me as well. My mind denied that it could be me. I am not sure. Part of me feels like she made love with me while other part believes I sensed she was having sex with someone and I experienced it from her perspective. It felt uncomfortable I was getting over her and now I feel bad and in pain.

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