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Are you Single and Looking for "The One"?

Are you Ready to Give up your search? Tired of finding many fish that need thrown back? Tired of waiting for the call the next day after a date that never comes? Are you wondering what is wrong… Learn More (by clicking here)

Lois & Clark the connection….

  I love collaborating with Lois our writing among other things.. we share the same soul.. here is our dialogue as it is to share with purpose inside of our connection.   Lois:  We are indeed in a… Learn More (by clicking here)

Lose your mind! Knowing vs.The mind that uses you!

In birth the human connection to the knowing is you. You experience this inside the womb to the first light you experience in breathing on your own. Inner wisdom this is in place, never to be removed never… Learn More (by clicking here)

Because it is that darn funny!

Sometimes some voices just fit the bill.. leave a tip for crying out loud! 😉