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The TRUTH about the TRUTH!

The Truth about the Truth: Clark and I were driving and having a conversation about a friend who is going through some Relationship Issues, a lot of the times when we are helping someone work through something we… Learn More (by clicking here)

Are you Single and Looking for "The One"?

Are you Ready to Give up your search? Tired of finding many fish that need thrown back? Tired of waiting for the call the next day after a date that never comes? Are you wondering what is wrong… Learn More (by clicking here)

Dear Clark, I don't believe in twins or so I thought…

Dear clark, i have no idea what to do with myself. Ive not been one to share my feelings in a long while im mostly back to my old (overly caring self) and thats when the pain hit,… Learn More (by clicking here)

Breaking Bad the cycle within you… The truth that sets you free!

  What is the greatest thing about a spiritual union between lovers?   The truth sets you free….   A spiritual union has a very profound place to point inside you that not only regulates what you experience… Learn More (by clicking here)

A hand within the tree of life… Evolutional questions…

What is a soul mate?   A soul mate has the ability to connect with you in the present moment..  Then will also give you glimpses of it when you are falling back into your mind made reality…. Learn More (by clicking here)

The shift… Dear Clark I need your help with my twin flame!

Dear Clark,  I feel like I have to stay connected to you right now, you’re a lot of help to me and comforting at the moment. Anyway is it true that there’s a large number of twins meeting… Learn More (by clicking here)

Gravity in roots…

Definition of gravity is love..  Do you see it for yourself? Do you understand this statement as it pertains to what is the truth.  How does it not become this truth in you?  What you seek to understand… Learn More (by clicking here)

Lightening Could Strike….

Ever wonder what it is that when you sleep you can’t remember your dreams?   This is on purpose for us here. For some of the best sleep you get is when you don’t remember the dreams. Consider… Learn More (by clicking here)

Her love makes me Superman….. Happy Valentines Day!

                    My Dearest Lois… Valentines day is so precious not because of the love the world is pointed to, but because of the feeling it is to love you… Learn More (by clicking here)