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12 12 12 How love is energy…

How love is energy… Many of times we confuse what is love and what it is like with all the emotional responses we will experience. If you could see air would it have a different name? If you… Learn More (by clicking here)

Lose your mind! Knowing vs.The mind that uses you!

In birth the human connection to the knowing is you. You experience this inside the womb to the first light you experience in breathing on your own. Inner wisdom this is in place, never to be removed never… Learn More (by clicking here)

What you can't see in the dark you will never bring into the light!

I recently have found that it is discovery of things outside ourselves is what we seek! This is what we won’t see inside ourselves yet it will give you reflection!  We can be alone, we can be in… Learn More (by clicking here)

Facing TRUTH why it must be embraced!

Fantasy of course feels better in the immediate moment but usually haunts the scenario of all parties until the truth is told.  The damage of such events is often irreparable causing the choice making factors to spin out… Learn More (by clicking here)

Too Much Heaven….

When you embrace love your heart sings it gives you the love you need inside, no one can give this to you nor can you experience it without doing this. You will get a glimpse with another but… Learn More (by clicking here)

My thoughts on my death…

I have died my friend, It was October 18th, 2007. Yet I was reborn unto this existence for a purpose. I died to the past every day since! I feel after reading your post I had to say… Learn More (by clicking here)

How do you make love in your life?

Foundation!  Have you ever sat down with yourself and wrote out what it is that you want in love? If so what did you write? Did you say to yourself: I want her to be great looking. I… Learn More (by clicking here)

How she makes my everything, nothing! ;)

Being simple in love requires your attention to be able to listen and respond not listen and react.  The difference, well she says to you I am unhappy, you don’t ask what can make you happy?  You actually… Learn More (by clicking here)

Women Births, God Births, Men well….

Human love is wonderful… it can be comforting… it can be kind.. it can also let you see the good in everything and everyone around you… we misplace this love after time.. it is a easy trap to… Learn More (by clicking here)