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When my soul broke through! August 2008

The darkness of sleep… I heard a stronger voice of that which has been growing for quite sometime.. this voice of my soul… sometimes it came through strong as though it had 200 voices in unison… but it… Learn More (by clicking here)

Soul Mate Myths…..

Heard any good Soul Mate myths lately??? The cold truth is that most people have never known the inner radiance of their own soul. Instead, they cling to the many myths about the soul mate relationship that are… Learn More (by clicking here)

If we treated dating like a pie…. HMMMMMMM I wonder!

You ever seen pie in the window cooling down?  It was whole and it smelled good and it looked absolutely delightful.. Someone went to a place where actually time didn’t exist.. making it from scratch meaning absolutely nothing… Learn More (by clicking here)

A story for all ages… Just Believe!

1951 a man and woman met she was an incredible soul… free and understanding of what life is.  Her thoughts never made up who she was and seldom did things ever take her away from the place within… Learn More (by clicking here)

Sex Or Making Love??? Which is it?? Feb 8, 2008

For reasons that were of a nature that my words and actions have led me to stay in a place of peace… a place where I needed to be.. I needed to heal and needed to understand.  The… Learn More (by clicking here)