Cheating… a truth in Abandonment

The truth about cheating is that it isn’t about the other person it is about oneself.  The questions no matter the age are what is lacking in yourself that you would seek outside the relationship to be fulfilled.  This form of abandonment is what has continued to happen as a cycle.  At some point within the existence something was unanswered as someone close to the child at birth or child growing up experienced someone leaving who was supposed to be connected through unconditional love.  It created a seed that will be unattended for the child to become an adult and not ever know a true reason why this abandonment was left. This by itself left the place of lies to be embedded in the child, allowing them to make decisions that would ultimately leave a thought process that they were going to be abandoned anyway, this happens to all whether a man or woman who will make such choices.  This experience isn’t about the other person,  in fact it is not even about the person you are cheating with, whether it be another or multiple.  You are seeking a conquest to find what you feel inside is in void to share with another.  One prominent factor remains about cheating, you are in a significant role and are always seeking to make someone responsible for something you are inside yourself. If you are seeking an energy that is going to be given back to you in some way you will find it, yet it will not remain to be something you will be able to say I am no longer going to exhibit this behavior.  The root is never truthfully gone into as to why we abandon others and it is all a direct path to a lie you told yourself to cover up your pain.  This cheating is no different than suffering.  It is always going to seek in ego and never seek in love of the soul you have within yourself.  When you are abandoning yourself it will be just as easy to abandon someone else. In fact it won’t even seem to be that you will find yourself doing anything wrong.  As you hold onto the lie that you will be abandoned you will never share with another that this is something you live by.  An example:  As a little girl who would grow into a beautiful woman her father left her at age 10, he didn’t explain why and the child was left with unanswered questions and a mother she was connected to was bitter and ended up finding someone else who didn’t give the child the unconditional love the father did or lets even say they tried.  Nothing will be more painful than a child who will seek this as a reason to find that they are going to be abandoned.  The stronger the male relationships they have growing up will not fix this, as they will always be expecting abandonment.  They will always have pain that surfaces when they feel the energy that they will be abandoned.  They will make someone responsible for this never taking the responsibility to heal it for themselves.  They will not seek these answers inside for the outside is where the abandonment took place.  Yes this points to how they will abandon themselves. They will seek out familiar energy of someone who will be flighty and will also do things they will not like or who they truly are to keep them thinking they will find the ultimate solution to keep someone with them in love whether conditional or unconditional.  This turns to manipulation, this turns to deceit on the end that they are already deceiving themselves.  Do you see how this as an energy will consume to make it right to make a decision to cheat or keep finding the proof that the ego needs to be able to make this a cycle.  All cheating has a route away from the root, it is when we seek inside of ourselves to heal this to change the path of finding that root.  Cheating is not to be cured it is a symptom of something greater as a lie that is embedded that needs ego to protect against a lie that is being told to the human that is experiencing it in pain that is prolonged.  This can’t be shared for it is hidden inside the dirt of the soil that is always protecting the root which is suffering!

The truth about cheating is that you are abandoning yourself which makes it alright to abandon someone else!

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