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Coach Listing Information

Hello there —

If you’re looking to change your current listing and/or provide information for your first listing on the Relationship Reinvented™ website’s Find a Coach page, you’re in the right place.

Please fill out the form below if: 1 ) You are currently active as a coach, 2 ) Have finished your coaching certification and plan to become active in the next month or so, or 3 ) You are actively in training to be a certified coach and have completed the PCC level.  Not sure? Just send us a message.

The information collected in the below form will be used internally as well as in individual coach listings on the Relationship Reinvented website in the soon-to-come “Find A Coach” page.  You can see an example of that here.

You’ll see two types of listings: 1 ) All coaches who would like will be listed on the site are entitled to a text-only listing (the listing of “Laurel Ley” below is an example) … or, 2 ) If you choose to upgrade your Relationship Reinvented coach membership to a listing which shows your photo as well as a write-up, both provided by you.

After you are done with the below questions, if you are changing your current expanded listing or providing a new one, email Relationship Reinvented with the write-up and photograph you’d like used in the Coach Listing. Please make sure that your write-up is in the 3rd person (such as “Lee has had …. blah blah blah”, or “Sherry likes to … blah blah, blah).  If you attach the write-up as a Word or text document versus putting the text in the email itself, please save the file name with YOUR NAME in the actual file name as well as the date in the format of 011418 (which represents January 14, 2018). Please do the same with any photograph you send us.  The reason we ask this is that it can be confusing to others (not us) with 40 photos that say, “photo”.

Please note: If you are making a change to your listing, please indicate “NO CHANGE” in any applicable field.  All fields are required, so you will need to put something in each field.