Conditions being met…. Which are you?

In the balance of conditional love and unconditional love can be the sign that points to improper balance of the weight placed on each.  I love you unconditionally which means I have nothing but profound love for the person you are inside and outside. In other words what you do and how you do it are pure filled with love to me. The amount of love for you is infinite and you touch me inside to the core so I just embrace that and allow it to grow at any rate with no chance of it going in reverse.  This means never having to say your sorry.. this means never seeing the world from my eyes yet you are in it and of it!  If someone asked you do you know what unconditional love is would you truly be able to place words in a place that would explain the depth of it to them.  Even as I write this I am reminded inside myself how do you keep going on and on with what unconditional love is when it is infinite inside your being.  With the entire place of being comes a very vast energy that doesn’t even stop.

Conditional love is going to be very brief.. If you place a condition on your love then in fact never claim to love someone unconditional yet make the statement Then ask them why don’t they? why didn’t they? or will they ever?  These are conditions! These are even conditional statements that change the unconditional to conditional..  It is a simple way to put it.. Some will even find something inside them and state yeah but..  Yeah but is another condition.  Why do it? Why allow this to remain?

Unconditional Love is infinite.. as are you!  Don’t ever think you are.. as though thinking will keep you from it!  Be and infinite inside you to find all the trillions of possibilities to be of this love it is one of a kind and you get to experience this in individual form which you will lose upon leaving here.  You will be apart of a expanded place that will connect you to it’s core which is beyond even unconditional love!  I am feeling energies today.. Energies of change.. Energies of evolution.. If this part we find within even at one at a time it will change everything..  Can you imagine a child that born unto the world with this energy?  Can you imagine a love being born within this energy? Can you imagine without this our imaginations are only limited to the experience we each individually have based on things that have happened to us during our experience here?

Break the cycle of not knowing unconditional love.. Embrace it to embrace something that you can take with you.. It is waiting for you, not in the future but now in this moment!

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  1. Your title struck me in a particular way. I love the post and agree yet the issue of being human adds to our levels of love an additional element of physical love. I must admit the energy of our Creator is the ultimate however as you noted we must have balance in our physical form and life to know true contentment while here on Earth. We both know from experience that life without a hug would be the same as never knowing the true power of love and have wasted one of the most precious gifts of physical life. Just my two cents for the half a penny that that is worth… Thanks for sharing and being the change positive.

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