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Conflict of intention question…

135220__moonlighting_lonebravesurvivorhealing  I really love reading your blog posts, because they resonate with me personally on a deep level. Thinking about intention sheds a lot of light on why twin flames run into such conflict with each other. It seems like my twin and myself have a blissful period then we begin to argue. These cycles of this are really hard on the both of us. If the intentions for peaceful relating were cultivated would it be possible to stop the conflict?

Not only can it be healed but a deeper healing can resolve much of what is deeply rooted inside you..  The egoic mode of consciousness is a very active – dormant existence.  It is when you become more aware of these places inside that are in conflict inside yourself that come between you and your twin that something else should emerge not the choice to make each other right or wrong within the conflict.  The place you need to become is the compassionate listener inside yourself as well as inside the other..

While accusations of what is going on inside in conflict has little to do with the other person and has everything to do with you as a being..  It is how you learn to connect in this way that will bring the light closer to being how you can truly embrace intention.. Intention of saying I will be peaceful has it’s ability to create the same space of what is not peaceful for this is why we ask for peace.. Do you see the error?  In being, you wish to be of course as vibrant as you can be as it becomes your natural state.  yet, Inside you is a child who experienced the world of form differently within intention those things that you stated inside still have not been heard completely by you to see the point of why conflict will find you or the relationship in conflict. This relationship with yourself is the as critical as you make it to have the relationship with yourself.   All conflict… no matter the existence of the conflict, has a point of origin inside of you…

Here is an example…  Why does she always say that and then I leave.. why do I chose to leave her and leave this conflict in chaos..  Well the chaos is the abandoning that I am doing on myself by not confronting inside of me what I have seen to make the conflict in the first place. I have not looked at it spoken about it in peaceful moments and it is very much still an active pain body within me.

Not doing so I now am utilizing blame and projection as my current mode of conflict and have to stand my ground about being right about the conflict within me.  Now to take steps inside of intention I want to show you how powerful the intention is inside of me..

My father abandoned me when I was young many fights happened between him and my mother and what was shown was that intention was to be in conflict and not have any true reason just one that was suitable for the abandonment to occur… Angry then leave.. angry then shut down, angry then no longer speak.. this is a reaction of how we see intention then take it inside of ourselves.

It is the power of the words that are said in conflict so when conflict becomes present so does the intention of thinking more abruptly.  They are still very much capable of becoming active without little to no truth behind them.  Conflict is healthy as long as the truth of the conflict can be recognized as intention from something that is inside you and not the other person..  You both have to become aware of it.. becoming aware of it inside yourself first then speaking peacefully about it with your partner.  For that is where the love needs to be placed.. not in the blame and projection stage of any conflict.  How you listen with your whole being will be how you realize that even after 40 years of existence it will carry the same weight of something you didn’t heal within you.  The power of intention to heal the conflicts within you create a successful beautiful relationship with yourself this relationship will then blossom to all relationships you have.. How could it not?

angry-coupleLove deeply,


5 Comments on “Conflict of intention question…

      • Yes, it did. We are not currently speaking but I would like to try this on my own end as I suspected that both of us are conflicting because we each have things to heal inside ourselves.

        • My friend if you both were birthed and raised on a world were peace was present and that was all that you knew then the vibrational energy of non thinking would be more powerful and the passion you each have would be more direct in purpose… Hope this resonates with you. For the connection truthfully cemented without this goes beyond form….

          • It does resonate with me. When I first read your reply to my comment it took some time to absorb, because it really is a very different orientation to the world. I have begun in my own life to live more in a feeling rather than thinking manner if that makes sense.

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