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Dear Clark, I want to find my twin flame….

twinflame_lovespellsDear Clark, I am writing you because I feel there is something deeper out there for me to find, I want to experience a love that I know I was meant for… How can I find my twin flame?

Clark:  You cross paths with your twin flame more than you know yet, this happens inside yourself. The truth of twin flames doesn’t come from when you are ready… The truth is the only thing that draws your twin flame near. You will experience the greatest pains in your existence with this person and will face them to allow light to connect. What it finally comes down to is the greater intelligence in you is connected to them that speaks beyond anything the mind can comprehend… telepathy, shared heartbeat, ability to bring the other back in near death experiences a male experiencing female desires and other things etc… It is a gift, if you can get passed the egoic nature of it all. Each will experience this existence separate yet they learn a communication that comes only in connection. Twin flames are on the opposite of the spectrum from you as far as your beliefs go. It is only when you see without the mind do you truly connect. This turns the two magnets to face each other and all things in between they face together to mesh. The mountains to climb, the trails, the love moments, and then something beyond that happens to awaken. I am with my twin flame. We have been connected all our lives and met 8 years ago. When I state that you experience beyond the minds eye. you truly have no say in it.. and what was two now becomes one. The wholeness you are creates the polarity to bring the gifts I mentioned. You are always whole. The moment you connect inside yourself is when the other draws to you. It isn’t that you have to become whole or you are two halves.. you are actually the opposite. What you do to yourself your twin experiences the same. All outside things that happen to either one call to the other in some way. An example of this would be a twin flame passing before the other, and have never met nor even known of it. Suddenly without warning the other dies of cancer.. it spreads even though they have never smoked a day in their life. You see the rotting corpse of the twin disintegrates and the soul calls home it’s connected source be it your connected in energy form… pay attention to your cells.. They tell you the greatest answer in this inside yourself. You see it is in the connection things become more visible. We embrace our union. It is beyond words and it is always beautiful! We do help others our connection is contagious and was sent for that purpose.. Some souls speak yet the mind hears and interprets it differently this is why we help through the energy we share. It is a knowing in you that needs to be called to, not the mind.  You can still have successful relationships without this, yet the stronger you feel about what you have inside you the stronger this pull will be to make this a part of why you are here.


Love Deeply my friends…

Lois and Clark

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  1. realness of the every moment breath all intrinsic level of uniting dimensions for twins, couldnt be more clearly explained 🙂 🙂 ! i LOVE your blog and all you are ~ in love ~ <3 <3 ~(~*~) ~

  2. Reblogged this on blissascension and commented:
    one of the most beautiful blog posts of twin love ~ ever ~ so succinctly, precisely, lucidly, love infused and brimfull ~ highly recommended on your path to clarity ~!

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