Dear Clark… What is a Twin Flame kiss like?

DreamKissUnderwaterDear Clark, Is the twin flame romantic love as romantic as it is that we all believe it to be?  Is it the love that will change everything….


It took me sometime to put this in words so I will try and describe it as best I can,


When we kiss, we kiss not just physically, not just with the mental thought, but inside of us that we can feel something that not only calls the present moment, it removes psychological time, and beings blossom of the aliveness to our connection to the kiss.  We feel our true form touch, it is beyond the imagination as it is known here,  it glows throughout space. We leave our bodies and can truly see ourselves flying as we kiss as it was meant to be and will remain without the understanding of it taking a physical form for us to always experience we find forever in it.  There is something about this that when you are wanting this kiss you call to it even when you are not together the other will instantly call to you because they felt you thinking of it.  If you experience this you open the door to telepathy beyond what you can think it becomes embedded in knowing.  Magical this is, and romantic love becomes….. well….. human.  There is this place where you will never want for anything more.  It is real.. I promise you it is!  I am living it.



if you ever felt love as Trust, responsibility, taking the weight for your choices and feelings, and spending the rest of your life living up to them. And above all, not hurting the object of your love.


well if you take this kiss, inside of that love, inside of this kiss, an multiply it by infinity, and take it to the depth of forever, and you will still have barely a glimpse of what I’m talking about. 🙂


Love deeply,


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  1. The kiss… You know when you pull away from it and you’re so overcome with the power, the depth, and the transcendance of the experience that you know you can’t hide, express, or even comprehend what is going through your mind. And then you look into your lover’s eyes and see the exact same feeling in their eyes, the one you could never express.

  2. Ahh..yes, that kiss. I remember it well….and now it is no more and now I feel ruined, for nothing ever came close before, now I know what it should be and am not always sure that it will ever happen again. Forever hopeful that I have another twin flame, one who is willing to stay and not run in fear. I can only believe that this is true…You are a lucky man. Blessings to you.

  3. Grocery shopping, I accidentally brushed against her, chills raced up my whole body, then my upper body shook, as this was an unexpected touch. Love and “Be” Without expectations! It’s not “the kiss” it’s “everything” every moulment, every touch, every thought. It’s simply a feeling of not being lost. Feeling whole no matter the day / time / situation / or need.

  4. I have felt his kiss when we were all but 15…then 17…then again when we were 26 and for the next 4 years his kiss was my daily bread…we parted ways for 12 years and I was not kissed that way by another. After all that time apart our kiss was all consuming as he breathed in my soul. Ah yes the kiss!

  5. I remember our first real kiss. I was driving in traffic and just had the overwhelming urge to pull over and kiss her, which I did. My God, the energy that flowed through me brought about my first heart chakra orgasm. I wondered whether I was having a heart attack as my heart was jumping up and down in my chest and yet I couldn’t stop laughing with the bliss of it all. Then she look at my eyes and said OMG your eyes are blue (they had changed from brown to blue and stayed that way for about 10 seconds). After that, when ever we kissed, kundalini energy would surge through us like electricity. For me the kiss is one of the stand out requirements when determining if you have met your twin. There is nothing else like it.

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