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Do you feel it is possible to pass our Karma onto our children?

fathersonrepeatDo you feel it is possible to pass our Karma onto our children?


Feel yes!  Think….. well that is why we don’t see it properly!


Energy is how this happens..  Here is something to ponder, As a child you had parents who got divorced, as you got older you have a child and were married and got divorced.  Now you see this and say how do I break this cycle.  This cycle is apparent is it not?  You never saw how to make a marriage work in essence you weren’t even surrounded by what a connection should be as it became either a drama that was about disconnection or it was just a compatibility issue.  Either way when you experience these things the energy you see is what you view the world from.  Not because of choice but because of Karma, you will view connection as a view you witnessed, repeating the same pattern as a cycle of mistrust and disconnection.


This happens to you, and it is that now you have to be the extension of this result. Evolution is not that we evolve from what we are as human, but what we are as energy to see the why in what we are within.  You do this in a multitude of ways.  You can’t be what you don’t experience is what the mind will tell you.  Which, is why the view is hard to remove, yet what you can do is see it from all the sides, it is trying to show you something.  You may choose a partner who will reflect what your father was to you, If your father abandoned you or wasn’t there for you, emotionally disconnected to you, you will seek someone with these qualities not knowing you have this as a necessary trait. You will even feel the familiar of this person as though you have known them before in a past life, this is the translation we state that makes this even harder to remove from us.  The mind is a constant source of karma energy!


Karma is a flow of energy that you are within based on the view of what you can change about the cycle you are repeating within the mind that was infected. Not because it is a place to be designed within, but how those consequences of those who gave you life showed you how to be within it. This is not the intent, but it is the truth about why you repeat patterns of cycled behavior based on a thought process you are placed within.


All children will start to show you early symptoms of what you experienced in your existence.  As they become 3 or 4 they will have a personality developed that shows them choices from the view they witnessed you are.  This can be survival, this can be how you share with others, this can be how you interact with others.  We laugh it off when they do, yet it is the place this pattern of thought begins that doesn’t keep them in the free love pattern they came from.  The conditions are instilled in this way. Some will be unconditional but once the conditions are placed in thought it becomes the way of existing.


Little Sally is constantly getting a new toy from her daddy who does this as a means to show her love, and her mommy gives her love by telling her how beautiful she is.. do you see how this pattern will bring this child as they come into being say 10 years down the line?  This is how this comes about.  How do you change this? Go back to the source of your own Karma, what developed egoic mode of thinking within you to break you free of this.  This will be how you embrace the root of what this was and is within you in your thought pattern of how you view the world and how you taught this to your own children.  This was a beautiful question it shows how you want to break free from incessant thinking that has kept you in a prison since becoming a mind made you… and will break the effect to the generations to come.  😉


Love deeply,


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  1. A very intriguing question indeed.. and an interesting answer. Thanks for sharing such a perspective it certainly makes one think.. Love you my friend hope all is good in the world of Metropolis..

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