Do you still feel the best kiss you ever had?????

The kiss… the moment the lips impact another is this place… it is deep… it is with a sense of touch.. it is what physical feeling can embrace in a place that can be the love inside you that you wish to share..  Are you one of those beings who doesn’t pay attention to this?  Are you a being that after a month of kisses you no longer are present for what these kisses do to you?  Do you get caught up in life situations and ignore this as though it is something that is just normal… everyday… or you even don’t kiss anymore… well you are missing it.. you are missing this place that should only be a start of a place inside you that welcomes butterflies over and over… What dictates this to you?  how do you let time of thought become the absolute in your life situations..  We live this life for one reason and one reason only.. we live it for this moment.. not the moment coming but this moment right now… There are things you should hold onto.. and there are things you shouldn’t… how do you know that you are trapped in something that isn’t in that moment… or better still.. Can you see a life where the kiss last indefinitely.. that ultimate feeling stays with you all the time!!!  Ever been touched so deeply you could close your eyes and feel that moment again just sitting her reading this right now?

~~~~~~~~~ close your eyes and be there~~~~~~~~~~

Ok if you kept on reading this and didn’t do that… that is how fast you have let that kiss or that touch stay with you!!!!!!

You let it go.. You are trapped in a place you can’t even begin to accept love.. not true love… not the love of a soul connected mate… or what you even called a soul mate. (remember there is a difference in those mates you have felt before!)  But for those of you that did stop and did remember and did capture that feeling you are either on a high right now… or very sad.. or even worse feel as though you have great loss in you… that loss is not real.. it never could be.. but it could also be something else… what else you might ask?? You never took the moment to realize in you how whole you are without that love in your life… in other words you are living from one life situation after another to never live your life NOW….

Yes read that till it makes sense…

It does and if you are with that one that you share this with.. then you are reading this and smiling ear to ear…  Live life.. not your life situations… don’t be trapped in something that your mind will take this away from you… We got this from childhood… we got this from hearing to think before you act… the tree of knowledge of good and evil was not supposed to deliver this message.. we were supposed to hear something else… we were supposed to listen to the core of love that we are born with… This core is a deep core.. you can elect to go deep or be in a surface place with that with whom you are with.. choice is yours?  just remember it is a choice.. You can be conscious and in the conscious of NOW you can feel wonderful in every moment to come!

I am wired differently I tried to live my life before now that way this place of incessant thinking… letting myself be ruled by my thoughts… I no longer hold those thoughts in me… I sit here writing this and feel as though I am talking about someone else.. I recently read a statement that we all carry inside and it spiraled to me that told me to hear something deeper… It was..”when will someone get me, I just want to be with someone who gets me?”

I no longer have that…. how could I? wouldn’t I be placing a limit on what I will accept… or a limit on myself to just be understood??  or even more a acceptance of happiness that is not truly happy at all….

Well if you become a complex being with complex life situations and stay in that… who will get you? isn’t it a life puzzle that is missing pieces… yes it is… it is something no one will get… not right now… not in the future… not in the past… not until you make your life the now..  Now is the only place where life is simple… It has no thoughts about tomorrows issues… yesterdays faults or misfortune.. how did this happen.. how did the world become so lost to the only place that doesn’t matter.. not hate… not pain.. not regret.. not anything of any thing that matters but love… Now is the only place it exist… isn’t it?

The kiss or touch you can feel when you are truly present for it… that is where you will begin to feel a magic I am speaking of.. you will connect so deeply.. you will feel what you have never known possible…  I say this to not make you think… but feel…

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  1. Think I’m getting it. All the time spent reaching and falling short, we’re reaching for ourselves. All we have to do is be and we’ve reached what we were striving for. And if we find ourselves not alone, it is because we found ourselves. If we find loss, it is because we were reaching in the wrong place or for the wrong reasons.

  2. I recently reconnected with a boy I French kissed 31 years ago. I wrote about our kiss. I still remember the way it felt. The way he tasted. The way I tasted him. Our tongues touching for the first time. I told him, when I see him again we’re going to kiss. And it will be just like it was, 31 years ago. Because the body remembers. It really does.

  3. Hey Clark,
    Nice. I wrote a poem years ago about a kiss. It’s not on my hard drive anymore so I have to locate the printed copy. I’ve been slowly trying to put all my work back on my laptop that was lost when my other computer crashed and so did my external HD at the same time! Thankfully I have printed copies of most my work. It is just tedious!
    Lady Guinevere (wink)
    PS I thought you had displayed one of my poems and the Romeo and Juliet photo that goes with it under this post this morning (actually yesterday now) but I don’t see it anymore. ..but thanks for displaying it.
    Lady Guinevere (wink)

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  5. I am so happy to find this post and gave me the opportuntiyt to tell the universe my sweet secret ;)! About 2 years ago I met up with my high school sweet heart….yes…our first kiss was when we were 15 ….and we met again when we were 42. We were both walking along this beautiful cobbled lane in old Shanghai and suddenly he hold my hand and kissed me…..the kiss was so strong and irresistible that I kissed him back…..the kiss had such an incredible power that brought back all the beautiful memories, joy and love…….so glad that finally this beautiful secret is unveiled! Thanks CK!

      • Absolutely! I view every relationship is a good relationship, there is no bad relationship! It is sometimes 2 people just aren’t meant to be together doesn’t mean they have to hate each other! He is now my long distance good old friend! How many people like me still stay in touch with their high school sweet heart!

        • Mine was killed this past summer her husband she was trying to leave for abuse. Killed her and then himself. They left two little girls behind.. I never did get to reconnect. Yet I did speak with her in my dreams. We went back and I saw myself. It was enlightening to say the least!

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