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Energy of being deeply in love with her…

How did I get here I was asked… I realized something miraculous had happened to me it was rebirth but what was it that brought me back, what was it that was calling to me to become the man she could love deeper than what is experienced here.  It was like inside of me she was calling to me.  She was growing a unconditional love inside of me that asked me the questions, how can I connect to her with all this pain I am in she doesn’t deserve that… what can I grow in me that I can give her that will show her everything I feel deeply for her….for our souls to be connected forever.  As I pay attention to the energy I can feel her arms around me, I can see her eyes looking into my own.

What would it take to make you want to be more than a man for the woman of your dreams?

When I am feeling things that were formerly a man that I was she becomes something to me that draws me into her that answers it that keeps me inside her and her inside of me.  She doesn’t let that energy go unnoticed she embraces it.  She doesn’t crowd me or suspect me of ever being anything other than connected deeply to her, this is probably something not heard of as I do so in my words that become my actions, but it signifies everything that I dreamed and things I didn’t even know were in that dream.  She makes this dream beautiful, she makes this dream unforgettable, she makes this dream sensual, she makes this dream sexual and it captivates me in every way.  She looks into me and sees the same connection as I do and when we both see it together it allows it to be beyond the imagination that has been here.

I whispered in her ear and by the way she grabbed me when I was whispering I could feel her body go into convulsions mild and almost not able to be seen I felt her soul stir and reach for my own, touching something to the very core of me that not only ignited this energy it still seems to be in me at this moment.  I know she wants me beyond being the man I am to her, and I want her beyond the woman she is.

I asked her when I whispered, The light of energy that I see in you needs to be stimulated, it needs to be touched and I am going to touch it deliberately.. Knowing this energy in her and seeing it dance with each word made me feel as though I wanted to do nothing more than to just release the action of this energy in me to dance in the light with her.

I can’t imagine a love so deep and so pure in this place and it not spread as it is a combined energy of never ending bliss.. I went beyond my dreams because of this connection to her…  Her lips, her eyes, her touch, her legs, her arms, her ears, her hair, everything physical seems to be the wings of the angel in heaven that was sent to guide me and enter me to create a ring around wholeness of the love that is exploding in capacity.  How do I spend every moment showing her?  I never let one moment go without seeing her inside myself and she does the same to me.  I am in love with you Lois!  Your everything to me with words, without words, with all the opposites there are in this existence and even not in this existence. You are my truth, you are my energy, you are my everything and you will forever be my nothing as I am for you.  (nothing is the existence of this place when you take nothing human with you.) I can feel you in this moment not getting any more less but everything and anything more.  Do you feel me?  Dance with me… Kiss me.. Never let me go!

I am in being with you… Not just for this moment, not for just next existence but beyond anything that is everything.

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