Everything is on it's way somewhere…..

man and woman in the ocean of love Photo by notsogoodphotography at flickrEverything is on it’s way somewhere…

The apple you take a bite of when you were young, the kiss you gave to someone you loved.. the hug you felt from your mother or father..  These are those things that I am speaking of.. you take them with you even in this moment.  Let’s say you put the apple down after you take the bite it will spoil in a few moments..  sometimes much later.  The bite you keep with you dissolves but it gives you life.. It goes inside you to your core for you to taste and experience it.

Everything is on it’s way somewhere….

You can’t have all the things you want in this life.. and the things you acquire still don’t give you everything you will ever need.  Yet there are those things you get to keep that make you whole, that bite of that apple stays in you long after you have eaten it.

How often do you hold yourself and feel your essence, rocking yourself as you would a baby in your arms.  How deeply do you feel yourself to know your own magic?  They make you sane.  They give you hope. Beyond all of those you get to embrace love.

Everything is on it’s way somewhere….

When you get to experience silence and feel the urge to cry within it. It is the same energy that calls to you in the distance to share that love with you.  The places in you are pure.  It will not matter what has happened outside you in your life.  The silence is that same embrace that you get to hold inside you. To love, to believe, to understand.  The gentle breeze that comes along to dry your tears… it comes…

Everything is on it’s way somewhere….

Those dark skies that come at sunset that bring a storm to wash everything away.  It is the same rain that is soothing to ones soul. Every storm you have encountered, every lighting strike you experience, every thunder sound inside of the silence.. Is a violent, yet gentle reminder that the sun will come again.. The light inside you has this same experience as well…

Everything is on it’s way somewhere….

I recently felt the caged feeling it is to feel so locked away inside. I need to let this go, I want to let this go.  It is the same feeling that comes when your mind starts playing it’s role in locking us away from everyone and everything.  To make us feel separated from it all.  This can never be true, for the words I have and the feelings I have are shared across a world that doesn’t see it in amplified form.

Everything, I repeat everything is on it’s way somewhere….

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