Exploding Consciousness in united Flame!


When nothing but the true essence of souls decides to journey back into birth/death it comes to make a choice to see if it would end up finding itself again.

Let me share with you what this means.  Say a soul comes back.. it has decided to venture out to show the world of such a love. Some can hear inside of themselves like a teleprompter telling them to wake up get out their mind their soul is calling and it feels almost as though anything is surface yet something more in love is possible.

As in it’s form it is not only significant to itself the soul, it is significant to it’s other half in vibration with magnetism.  It journey’s back into a birth/death reborn.. Born unto the world without knowing what form it will take it comes back as a Man!  Within days later, another soul journeys back to at some point to become a woman. neither knowing if they will be of the same sex, what race, what decent and what origin it will be, the only goal is to find each other again to mate and show the world a love of the unknown!

The choice is that both will try and find each other! Not knowing the time line of what is to be set to find each other again! The only way this polarity is increased is the decent inside to hear the voice that is stating something beyond and what exactly it is stating.

The man chooses a shorter span than the other!  The oddity of this is that without the other half barriers are placed before the other!  This could be another mate, lower vibrations but does not resurrect the mirror effect that happens in twin flame unions with no need to ever have it explained. The lack of understanding of what is real or false inside of self will consume sometimes finding illness and well you can understand that they could even be on opposite sides of the spectrum.


The Man who was an adamant soul that was only meant to find the true love in human form runs out of time as it can’t possibly fathom not being back at the other plane of souls that goes throughout nothingness and just wants to join as it isn’t back with it’s true half.

The other soul the woman lives birth/death longer and awaits that which is so pure and true inside that which is beyond love only to feel broken inside knowing the soul is connected but in different form!

The soul lives a little longer although with struggle to know that the time is coming to a close that which her soul is being called to in all hours of the days past from another side of the energy polarity.  Dreams will ensue, searching for answers will occur, normally in the misdirection of outside of herself.  The equation of this is that the said time line always has it’s communion in self! In other words.. as the birth happens for the two that exist.. the death happens at that very same moment that the other was born!  I am not sure if you can truly follow this! It speaks to directly to the consciousness to follow it to the letter.

A Soul Mate could be born on the days in question relatively close or relatively far from the date you come into human form!  You are on a time line to cross each others path and realize the significance of such a love can be beyond what is really out of the minds thought process as it is not in sync with the mind but all parts of the anatomy are shared.  It is not as complicated as this seems!

The paths do cross! The moments do happen! If you are wrapped up in life situations you will miss it!

At this point in time most do! Most still feel their calling is to do certain things while they are here! Very few select come back as a combined energy in one it has become increasingly far fetched cause the belief has been so far removed to just co exist.  Placing this beyond love connection aside and doing what doesn’t make sense! In any form!

There is a reason to this beyond love form it has true connectedness within it.. How do you get from point A to point B! You allow yourself to be present in all moments!  This initial step will need to be practiced and made a purpose for more than a few for it to change what has been lost!

A deep search within to find that there is a purpose!  The purpose has true meaning! The purpose has true places of being!  Beyond love is why we are all here!  Embracing your level of forgiveness to let go in  be true in all present moments you will never truly find this center I speak of!

It just is not possible for any mind to comprehend this remove this feature of yourself you don’t need it to find this! You do find it when you are being called to within yourself! The mind will feed fear go past it!

Within those last moments of birth/death you have meaning! Much inside your first scream into the world! Silence followed which encompassed the pass over in soul!  Inside your vessel whichever you do when you come here has a place in it that you have when you leave!

There is a message that is evident.. you just have to know that it is there for you to see… Breath into this moment and know you are inside breathing the answer is there!flame

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