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Relationship Reinvented™ has been training Relationship Reinvented Certified Coaches since 2015. Some people take the course to coach others; some take it to further their own self-development in an exponential way.

The roster of Relationship Reinvented Certified Coaches is growing each month as well as the countries and U.S. states where coaches reside. We’re confident that you’ll find the coach who best fits your needs.

Regardless of where you live in the world, any coach can support your process as sessions are easily facilitated remotely via Skype, Zoom, Google+, Facetime, and/or phone.

Four levels of Relationship Reinvented certifications are offered:  1. Associate (RRAC), 2. Life (RRLC), 3. Root Camp™ (RRRCC), 4. Master (RRMC).  Only those who are certified at the RRLC (Relationship Reinvented Life Coach) level and above are Relationship Reinvented Certified Coaches.  Feel free to contact any of them directly; or, if you’d like a recommendation, let us know some of your specifics.

Relationship Reinvented™ Certified Coaches listing by continent, country, and state or province:

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    Alli Battaglia

    Based in Chico, CA
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    to book a session

    Focus on:  Relationship, Twin Flame, Life, Spiritual, Abundance, Depression, Coaching Coaches

    Available for a FREE 30-minute session!
    RR Life Coach
    RR Root Camp™ Coach

    RR Master Coach

    Alli was called to coaching because of the profound impact that Relationship Reinvented had on her life. When Lee and Sherry started the coaching certification program, a huge light bulb went off for Alli who knew right away that that’s what the universe was calling her to do. Both of her parents were counselors in various areas and she has always felt naturally drawn to this area as a profession.

    Alli specializes in coaching Twin Flames as well as other soul-connected relationships. She also teaches Root Camp™ and is a certified Spiritual and Life Coach. Alli’s main focus is helping others to heal the relationship and connection that they have to themselves, as she believes this is the foundation to how we connect with all things. Alli considers herself “spiritually universal” and holds all of her clients in a safe space of unconditional love. She is a firm believer that anything is possible and am excited to help you along your journey to achieving your goals!

    Alli is a Twin Flame, and she and her twin are both professional musicians. They have been performing together since they met 8 years ago. Alli is very passionate about helping Twin Flames who are feeling called to embark upon their divine mission!

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    Cassie Blair
  • Based in Flagstaff, AZ

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    Focus on: Life, Relationship, Spiritual, Marriage, Parenting, Twin Flame, Coaching Coaches, Inner Child wounds, Self Awareness

    Available for a FREE 30-minute session!
    RR Life Coach, RR instructor

    Cassie stumbled upon Lee and Sherry on YouTube shortly after experiencing a Twin Flame awakening in early 2017. Immediately identifying with the Sherry being married before coming into Union with Lee, she booked a 30 minute free session and learned the transformative affect of unconditional acceptance and love. Root Camp followed shortly after where the “ah ha” moment hit that she could help others love themselves the way Relationship Reinvented was teaching her to do for herself. By the spring of 2018, Cassie became a certified coach and jumped right in to serving others. 

    Cassie has a BA in Biology and a minor in Religious Studies from Indiana University. She is a veteran of the United States Army National Guard, serving a total of twelve years with two overseas deployments. She also dabbles as a novelist writing romance stories depicting lovers with deep spiritual connections. As a hobby and integral form of maintaining inner balance, Cassie keeps up on her musical talents by strumming her guitar, plunking at the piano keys, or singing along to her favorite musicians. She finds great joy in caring for animals including one dog, three cats, several rats, and three fish. Somehow they all found their way into her home and stayed. 

    Being married for nine years, Cassie has a lot of experience as wife to a partner with a trying career and as a stay-at-home mom raising three young children. Because of this, she has a great passion for helping parents find the balance between caring for themselves and their families. Her perspective is that parents are at their best in their partnerships with each other and their relationships with their children when they love themselves first. 

    The Twin Flame spiritual awakening happened very suddenly for Cassie with the unique twist of experiencing her twin spiritually before actually meeting in person. This has given her a deep understanding of the spiritual union that occurs within and between Twin Flames. Cassie’s twin is also a prominent musician known world wide for his musical talent and philanthropy, lending her a wealth of insight and compassion for those currently experiencing their own separation in and out of the public eye. She feels strongly that her calling is to help other Twin Flames find peace and union in their spiritual journey regardless of how the outward circumstances appear; “we are always connected after all”. 

    Cassie’s core belief is that unconditional love for self and for others transforms everything. We are all those little children we “used to be” and can be again. She considers herself a partner in your healing and honors your bravery for being vulnerable to share your journey with her. 

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    • New York
      Noreen Rousseau Kalt

      Based in Long Island, NY

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      Or, her other Facebook page

      RR Life Coach

      RR Root Camp™ Coach

      RR Master Coach

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    • Illinois
      Lisa Sutton

      Email Lisa to book a session

      Available for a FREE 30-minute session!

      RR Life Coach

      RR Root Camp™ Coach

      Lisa joined the Relationship Reinvented family in February 2017 and continues to expand on herself daily.  It is her strong belief that success and long-term happiness are gained through deepening one’s self-awareness. As many of us have found through our life experience, there is no one formula, no magic pill or one size fits all plan…the path inward is your unique code that unlocks all of your blockages.

      As well as being a Certified Life and Relationship Coach, Lisa has experience as a businesswoman, a social worker, a healer, an author, a caregiver, a medium and a single mother.

      Lisa has experienced and worked through several challenges in her life, including sexual harassment, divorce, and the loss of a child. These events have given her an even greater sense of relatedness with and compassion for others.

      Lisa is also a “Twin Flame”, working through the lessons that her Twin Flame has come to mirror for her.  She is passionate about the Twin Flame initiative on the Earth at this time.

      As Lisa says, “I don’t want to limit the scope of who I am, who I can be or how I can assist your journey….because of this, I think of myself as a “Generalist Coach” willing to delve into whatever area or aspect of your life that you feel needs attention and presence to shift and heal.

      There is no one Coach that is for everybody, so please reach out to me if you feel that you resonate with me and my message. To everyone not felt called to me, best wishes on your journey!

      To those who do feel I am their Coach: Let’s do this!!!”

      ∞  ∞  ∞

    Michele VanRysdam

    Email Michele to book a session
    Visit Michele’s website for more information

    Focus on:  Spiritual, Life, Relationship, Twin Flame, Parenting

    Available for a FREE 30-minute session!
    RR Life Coach

    RR Root Camp™ Coach
    RR Master Coach

    Michele is on a life-long journey to strengthen the connection to her inner self. The path to your own connection is beautiful and transformative, and she can guide you deeply into this life-changing space for yourself.  She can assist you in uncovering the belief systems that are getting in your way and holding you back.  She is passionate about helping you emerge into the best version of you.

    Michele will support you in a loving, non-judgmental space with full confidentiality, so you can freely explore your innermost fears and pain and enter into a new place of peace.

    Michele’s path has taken her through childhood heartaches, marriage and divorce, parenting successes and difficulties, death and grieving, career changes, Twin Flame connection, and spiritual development.  She’s experienced the deepest levels of joy and love to intense pain and despair.  She has learned how to support herself through these life changes and can’t wait to empower you to do the same for yourself!