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As of late-2017,  Relationship Reinvented™ has certified over 300 coaches. Some people take the course to coach others; some take it to further their own self-development in an exponential way.

Four levels of certification are offered:  1. Associate, 2. Personal, 3. Root Camp, and 4. Master.  Only those who are certified at the PCC-level and above are certified coaches of Relationship Reinvented.  Feel free to contact any of them directly; or, if you’d like a recommendation, let us know some of your specifics:

  • (F) Ariel Kashy
  • Aditi Merchandani
  • Alli Battaglia
  • Anna Syrek
  • Beth O’Neill
  • Candace Stubbs
  • Carol Davic
  • Chaya Reich
  • Evelien V.S.
  • Jessica Wilson
  • Jon Ciangiulli
  • Katharine Spehar
  • Keri Porter
  • Kristi Rojas
  • Lisa Everhart
  • Lisa Sutton
  • Logan Writes
  • Megan Meyerhoff
  • Rachel Lieberman
  • Samantha Cifelli
  • Sarah Johnson

Chaya Reich

Chaya has been a part of the Relationship Reinvented family for the past two years, first as a client and now as a certified coach and instructor in the Relationship Reinvented Coaching Certification Program. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Religion from the University of Colorado, Boulder and has spent the last eight years in private education nurturing young minds.

Chaya is passionate about assisting the individual in redeveloping and transforming the most crucial of all relationships; the one to the self — the one to YOU. Chaya through gentle, inspirational guidance will help you get to the core of what holds you back from living life fully. As a survivor of childhood abuse and trauma Chaya understands the need to heal the wounded inner child to change internal and generational patterns ending abuse cycles while assisting you in changing challenging family relationships. Chaya seeks to help you transform all your soul relationships with a unique and powerful understanding of twin soul and soulmate dynamics. Chaya is also passionate about health and wellness and can assist you in fully caring for you – body, mind, and soul.

Chaya’s philosophy is simple — discover YOU so you can truly reinvent all your relationships positively and lovingly. It all starts with YOU, with your journey.

Associates Certification Course, Professional Coaches Certification, Root Camp Certification, Master Coach Certification, & Coaches Instructor Certification.

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Candace Stubbs

Having been through dramatic change and transformation Candace coaches from reality and from the heart. She joined the life coaching network to help others achieve the same peace, freedom, and deep self love that she herself learned from her own life coaches and experiences. She will guide you to see your real truth and go after your dreams. She will help you overcome fears and learn to replace them with love and happiness as she has learned to do herself.
If your soul is crying out to be heard and you need help with self love, acceptance, spiritual growth, pain, self empowerment, healing, or help moving forward in any way, Candace offers sincere guidance and healing for you. Having raised six children, suffered a difficult divorce of nine years, as well as separation and new beginning, within her current marriage of eighteen years, Candace has learned it is essential to have a quality relationship with yourself before others. She firmly believes that putting your own soul first and learning trust yourself is the key to establishing lasting relationships.

Associates Certification Course, Professional Coaches Certification, Root Camp Certification, & Master Coach Certification.

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Beth O’Neill

At some point in life, most of ask Who am I? What is my purpose? Why can’t I move forward? I have been there too. I now know that I am a soul on a journey. A soul who desires to learn and grow, to experience and share and to teach and love.
I am a person who loves dark coffee, bread and butter, I try to carry crystals daily, I ask for angel and Archangel assistance, I strive to learn and give my best, to accept that I am human and make mistakes. I apologize when I do wrong and feel that humility is important. I am a student of life and life has given me much to learn, especially in the last few years.
From being a mom, wife, sister, daughter,volunteer, faithful church goer, Sunday School teacher, metaphysical student and spiritual learner, life has pushed and pulled me, shaped me.
My careers have been of service to others, in teaching and Nursing (Hospice, Home Health and phone triage) and as a Mom (three kids 5 years apart). My jobs have ranged from Summer Youth Recreation leader, to McDonalds, to a waitress, to a receptionist at a vet, to a word processor at Mobil Oil, to a library material shelver to a glitter gal for an artist who makes handmade stationary and art, and to a substitute teacher.
I grew up in Upstate New York, have lived in Virginia, Arizona, Ohio and am beyond fortunate to currently live on a sandbar of an island in North Carolina.
My calling is to be a listener, supporter, sharer, teacher, and cheerleader all in the name of love and doing so with non judgement. I want to meet you where you are and will respect you for who you are.
We all ride the waves of life, at times with more grace or clarity than other times. In the last few years, the journey to self has taken me to some dark places that left me in bed crying in a ball, seeking hormonal help and taking antidepressants,as well as seeking traditional therapy. My coping skills were seriously in question as life had presented me with some big changes.
It wasn’t that I was afraid or unwilling to deal with the changes, it was that I didn’t know how. I was directed to Lee and Sherry’s videos and felt a connection to them, a certain sense of trust. Luckily, we lived about an hour apart and were able to meet in person. I enrolled in Root Camp as I felt that they could really help me get to the core of my blocks. I had to get real about what I had hidden deep inside about why I wasn’t good enough to come first. I had to go deep to find out why I abandoned myself and refused to see that I am worthy. I needed to learn that these life changes from who I thought I was and who I am now are not confining me to a label or putting me into a box as society would like.
While I have graduated from Root Camp and Coaching certification courses, I am still a work in progress. The difference is that now I am more whole and better able to help others who walk the same road.
My wish is for you to find your inner dark spaces and flood them with light and love from inside of yourself. I hope you see the beauty and wonderful attributes you possess. If you feel that you resonate with my path, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to grow with you and walk with you through the dark spaces into the light of your truth and amazing being.

Associates Certification Course, Professional Coaches Certification, Root Camp Certification, & Master Coach Certification.

Contact Beth at to book a session

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Sarah Johnson * *

My spiritual journey started in 2010 when a strong soul connection triggered my Kundalini awakening.
As I travel on my twin flame journey I have been focusing on self growth through my own experiences, studying a number of spiritual disciplines as well as participation in root camp. I am a qualified yoga teacher having obtained a teacher training certificate from the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm at Grass Valley, California. I am a Reiki Master and also perform my own brand of healing. I run a number of spiritual events under the name Violet Underground and focus on a unique combination of healing arts whilst bringing people together. I have recently completed an advanced coaching course and root camp with Relationship reinvented.
My continuing journey has created a burning desire to pass on what I have learnt to others so they too can find their own path.
Nothing brings me greater pleasure than sharing my experiences with others so they can walk forward on their own journey.
By the way I’m still working on my website.

Associates Certification Course, Professional Coaches Certification, Root Camp Certification, & Master Coach Certification.

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Jon Ciangiulli * *

This isn’t about me this is about you. How deep do you want to go? How brutally honest can you be with your self? Who are you at your core? I’m not looking to scratch the surface, I’m looking to shatter everything you thought you were. I will feel and hear your every word. I will honor you as a fellow soul. I will ask the questions most won’t. I will know when you are not being truthful. I will challenge you to become more of who you feel you are and less of who you think you are. I will lead by example. I will Love you <3 I will scrape the depths of my soul to help you heal, to help you learn. No matter the issue, no matter the situation we will understand it, learn it and heal it. More feel, less thought. If you do not want to challenge yourself I’m not the one for you.

#InfinitePerspectives #Expectations #MentalHabits #SeetheGoodinEverything

Jon Ciangiulli on FB.

Associates Certification Course, Professional Coaches Certification, Root Camp Certification, & Master Coach Certification.

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Anna Syrek * *

Anna has a multicultural, multidisciplinary background. Coming from a musical family she has been involved in musical and theatrical performances throughout her life. Her tertiary education however involved biomedical science and languages. Aside from English, she also speaks Polish, Spanish and some French. From her teenage years however, spirituality and the quest to find the truth about the essence of our Being has been her major focus and the deciding factor in making her life’s choices. She alternates her living arrangements between Europe and Australia.
She believes in our eternal nature as beings of love that have chosen to experience this life on earth with its limitations and dualities and the creation of ego identity to function in this reality. As per our free will however, we can choose to realize our true nature and Self NOW and allow our consciousness to expand to experience life with greater awareness of the beauty and love of ALL that IS and who we are at the core of our Being also.
She believes that the challenges we experience in all types of relationships whether It’s intimate partnerships such as twin flames, parent-child or other, reflect the struggles of the ego and the lack of connection to the truth of our Being. Love in essence is unconditional but one can only love as much as one can embody the true essence of oneself. Life was meant to be lived and experienced and we are here to grow and learn together. Relationships act as great mirrors and reflect to us whatever we need to know about ourselves to become our fullest selves. We can choose to do it with joy and unconditionally, allowing others to be who they are as they choose so for themselves. We are the creators of our reality and it is living the truth of who we are that is our responsibility. Once we do, life becomes miraculous!
She has come to her understanding and knowing through her own struggles and challenges and can help to guide you through yours also.

Associates Certification Course, Professional Coaches Certification, & Root Camp Certification.

Contact at to book a session.

*Available for FREE 30 min. session today!

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Kristi Rojas

I have been on a spiritual path my entire life. The knowing that I am an unconditional being has been fire tested within my own twin flame connection. Spiritual intuition guides my life and my ability to help other people. I value authenticity of myself, and know when other people are within their own authenticity.

My true calling in this life is to help other people go from a dysfunctional life to a functional life. People are taught dysfunctional patterns and behaviors as functional, and I am here to revolutionize their life with them. I believe in empowerment and will assist people in standing within their own power and truth. Unconditional love is truth and within our truth we find our purpose. I want to guide you through and into your truth and purpose within your life. You are your greatest investment and deserve to come into your purpose.

Associates Certification Course, Professional Coaches Certification, & Root Camp Certification.

Contact at to book a session.

Visit her website at

*Participating in free 30 min. session special. ($100)

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Rachel Lieberman * *

I use non-judgment and truth to empower clients to take charge of their own healing so that they can live their best life. I believe that everyone has something important to offer the world, that no situation is impossible, and that with the right support and perspective, every moment of darkness we experience is a hint to our greatest potential. Everyone who makes the choice to re-examine their own patterns, history, and beliefs in order to heal will progress, and I became a coach because I am passionate about being your partner in that process.

Associates Certification Course, Professional Coaches Certification, & Root Camp Certification.

Contact Rachel at to book a session.

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Keri Porter * *

Keri Porter is very proud to be part of the Relationship Reinvented mission. She believes whole heartedly in guiding individuals back “self” in order to improve their relationships.  Keri is the founder of New Path Development Center where she offers an array of services for children and adults with special needs, including those with Autism, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Brain Injury, and PTSD. She has worked with many families and has helped transform many lives. She decided to become a Certified Life Coach because she believed it would be another valuable service to offer through her center.

Keri has been given many life lessons along her journey. She was in a car accident when she was eight years old and lost her father as a result. She has had two failed marriages and is the mother of two children, one with special needs.  Throughout her life Keri has struggled with lack of self-worth, self-love, and the fear of rejection and abonnement. She has spent most of her life seeking validation of her own worth through external things and relationships.

It was not until her own brokenness was mirrored back to her that she realized in order to fully acquire love from others, she had to first love herself.  This led her to finding Relationship Reinvented, and so began her path towards healing.

Keri is now an example of how being dedicated to “self” work can bring extraordinary changes to your life and your relationships.  She would be honored to support you on your own journey and help you become the best version of yourself.

*Keri Porter has also taken part in ROOT CAMP a program only offered through Relationship Reinvented. She highly recommends individuals take advantage of this amazing course in order to address their core wounds.

Associates Certification Course & Professional Coaches Certification.

If you would like to schedule a 30 minutes free coaching session;

Contact Keri at to book a session.

*Available for FREE 30 min. session today! Participating in three 30 min. session special. ($100)

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Evelien V.S.

Bio coming soon!

Contact Evelien at to book a session.

*Participating in three 30 min. session special. ($100)

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Lisa Everhart

I am a renegade member of the family of light! I am a belief systmes buster!
Available for altering systems of consciousness within the free will universe !!!!

I specialize in Spiritual Development . Finding out who you really are by going within and infusing love into yourself, into your past hurts and traumas… is an essential step in healing yourself and healing your relationships and living a happier life.

My basic plan of action starts with getting into the truth, the ultimate truth, of how you feel about what happened to you. Along with this is meditation… your connection to source creative energy, cosmic consciousness, the godhead, your higher-self… in other words, however you choose to interpret it. There is no right or wrong on this process, it just is. This path isn’t for everyone because it requires a level of depth that some people just aren’t willing to dig into. It will change your world if you allow it. I would love to help guide you on your path.

I am a bona fide twin flame. This experience is life changing. The love that one feels for their other half is beyond explanation. The grief one can feel is also indescribable. This relationship is meant to teach us to go within and love ourselves as much as we love our twin. As a matter of fact, mine told me telepathically just the other day that he loves me exactly as much as I love myself, no more, no less. That is how closely we are connected. I understand this journey as I have been on it for more than 20 years. I can help you navigate through yours.

I am also a survivor of abuse and in recovery from addiction. I have fully healed both of these templates and look forward to exploring any shadows with you.

Associates Certification Course, Professional Coaches Certification, Root Camp Certification & Master Coach Certification.

Contact Lisa at to a book a free 30 minute session.

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Logan Writes * *

I have always known that my purpose in life, other then to celebrate my own existence, is to serve others in some ways, but I didn’t know how until I met my twin flame in 2011 that I knew that it was going to be done through love, but i had no idea the vastness of it all. Well, at the time I didn’t know we were twins, I just knew that I had never experience anything like it before. I went through the awakening process which at times made me feel like I was crazy, and then I found Lee and Sherry and it was confirmed that, yes, I was bat shit crazy. But that was the beautify of it all. It has always been love that carried me through the running and chasing, the push and pull, the confusion in mirroring, the triggers, the fears, the pain of my truth being exposed, and the shattering of the ego when I embrace vulnerability.

Lee and Sherry showed me the healing power of telling the truth and of holding my stories up to the light of love and see what is the truth and what is the lies. I learned that it’s not about changing the stories in the past, but it’s about accepting both the lies and the truth and put love into both. I realized that self love is a path that requires my unwavering commitment to self, and that each step I take is illuminated by the love. In root camp I discovered that my child hood wounds stems from watching my parents’ unhappy marriage and chaotic separation which caused me to choose between my masculine and feminine energy. I had to split myself to love them both. And I learned yet again the healing power of seeing the truth, embracing the truth and the necessary step of giving myself the permission to forgive the my pain, withs that I am able to integrate my masculine and feminine and being free in this union within my soul.

So as a coach I want to help others, as I continue to grow myself, to find that inner union within and to find truth that will give them the permission to be free, and to be free to love unconditionally.

Associates Certification Course & Professional Coaches Certification.

Contact Logan at to a book a session.

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Samantha Cifelli

Having undergone an intense spiritual and personal awakening myself, I can understand the feeling of wanting to make sense of it all. I have found myself scrambling for “truth” when I was in Truth just looking for myself. Through self-work and my coaching experience, I have come to learn that spirituality, personal development, and personal relationships with family members, loved ones, coworkers, friends, and anybody we encounter, are truly all reflections of one’s relationship to Self. The universe is our mirror. I will help to show you this truth and to take control of your emotions and your ego. You hold the power. Where there is hurt, I will help you to insert the healing and transformative power of love.
I have a deep passion for health and nutrition. I have a degree in nutrition and dietetics and am currently pursuing an M.S. in nutrition entrepreneurship. Interestingly, our relationship to food is another example of our relationship to Self. I can help you with nutrition and body conscious-related issues. Do you have a dysfunctional relationship with food? Do you how low self-esteem? Do you hide from the mirror? Does negative self-talk constantly berate your brain? I have been there, and I can help you: body, mind, and soul.

Associates Certification Course & Professional Coaches Certification.

Contact Samantha at to a book a session.

Visit Samantha’s website at

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Aditi Merchandani

Growing up I always looked up at the stars and wondered how beautiful and yet mysterious it all looked. I wondered what else is there, why iam here, what am I meant to do in life.

Through the years my questioning led me to a journey of self- discovery. A Deep analysis began- of what I truly wanted from life, what made me happy, what my belief systems were and why and so forth. I kept unraveling layers within me that were preventing me from living a joyous meaningful life.This put me on a very ineteresting path- a path on which I found the REAL ME.

Having been through the pain, the darkness, the feelings of hopelessness and finally coming out the other side, I realized that all of that had served a purpose. The lessons I learnt and the insights I received seemed like a joining of the dots…all leading me here to this point-To help others on their journey!

I believe we all are meant to live a life filled with joy. The only thing stopping it is US –our limiting belief patterns, our fears, our thoughts, our conditioning.

I love to see people reach their highest potential in life and so allow me to journey into your mind, your fears , your life and lets see what we unravel together. J

You can e mail:

*Available for a Free 30 min session today !*

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Alli Battaglia

I was called to coaching because of the profound impact that Relationship Reinvented had on my life. When Lee and Sherry started the coaching certification program, a huge light bulb went off for me and I knew right away that that’s what the universe was calling me to do. Both of my parents were counselors in various areas and I have always felt naturally drawn to this area as a profession.

I specialize in Coaching Twin Flames as well as other Soul Connected Relationships. I also teach Root Camp and am a certified Spiritual and Life Coach. My main focus is helping others to heal the relationship and connection that they have to themselves, as this is the foundation to how we connect with all things. I am spiritually universal and I hold all of my clients in a safe space of unconditional love. I am a firm believer that anything is possible and am excited to help you along your journey to achieving your goals!

I am a Twin Flame, and my twin and I are both professional musicians. We have been performing together since we met 6 years ago, and I am very passionate about helping twins who are feeling called to embark upon their divine mission!

You can reach me at:

*Available for a Free 30 min session today !*

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Megan Meyerhoff

I have always known that one of my purposes in life would be to help people see that in this universe, there is more to it than what meets the eye. That there is a natural order to our existence and it lives outside of the mind and logic. That the world is much more than black and white. This was something that I did not struggle with much until later on in life and was, for the most part, confident in my beliefs. Especially when it came to connections with others. This all changed when I connected with someone that would help me bring me closer to myself than I ever could have imagined. I started to question my long held beliefs and I did not understand why. At the same time, (after already having gone through a series of unfortunate events prior to making this connection) the connection propelled me into my self-reflection, self-work, and awakening. I went from misery to peace. I went from living a life in the past and in the future, a life of self-rejection and sabotage to living in the present moment and self-acceptance.

I want to help you see how you truly treat yourself so that you can see how it is being reflected back at you in your relationships with others. I want to help you see the lies you tell yourself on a daily basis that keep you from your true being. I want to help you find presence and your own peace. I want to help you find your truth and trust in your truth.

Find your happy place.

Let it enter your heart and fill your soul with great joy.

Let that feeling reside within you.

Let it be accessible whenever you please.

Let it give you peace and shelter you from any storms that rage on the outside.

Let that peace be your saving grace.

Hold it in your heart and when you let it out, allow it to blanket you – keeping you warm from the cold.

Let that peace bring you love and allow you to freely express your own love.

Be at peace with your peace.

Be in love with your love.

The universe is filled with love, magic, and wonder, and each one resides within us all – waiting, willing, and wishing to be exposed.


Email me I am here, I am listening

*Available for a Free 30 min session today !*

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F Ariel Kashy

Francois Ariel Kashy
I first joined Lee and Sherry as a client in 2016 after my Twin Flame wake up call. My adventure continued with the integration of Master Coach certification with Reiki and other healing modalities I continue to develop. I’m here to learn and grow with you, to share the light we all shine in. For me, the process is about opening the space for you to connect with yourself and awaken within. Align with your heart, align with your soul, and align with union. Follow your guidance and let it unfold. I’m here to help.

Email me at

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Katharine Spehar

My goal is to help you to communicate better with yourself and with others. We all have voices inside; sometimes those voices are helpful and sometimes they’re working to our detriment. I want to support you in learning to discern.

In the last few years, I’ve been on an intense spiritual journey, which has helped me to look deep inside and learn to communicate better with myself about my own needs, wants, and goals and to align more with my true self. I am here to accompany you on your journey of self-exploration and self-discovery.

I’ve always had a passion for languages and communication, and my career has spanned the roles of language teacher, trainer, and manager in the global education industry. I’ve lived in 7 countries and traveled to many more, and I speak several languages fluently. Over the years, I’ve helped others to communicate more effectively, whether by learning another language or by honing their communication skills in the workplace.

My focus in our sessions is on helping you to develop practical skills that you can use in communicating with yourself and others.

Associates Certification Course, Professional Coaches Certification, Root Camp Certification

Contact Katharine at to Book a session

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Jessica Wilson

A lifelong humanitarian, listening and helping comes naturally. I have always wanted to be there for my fellow humans, even as a child. Growing up I was going to be a hairdresser, a nun, or a psychologist. Hairdresser won because I got to play with hair all day and listen to people without going to school forever.  Win win, really! While I loved connecting with those who came to me, there was something missing on a deeper level. I wanted to help heal those who needed so badly to be healed. On a more personal and spiritual level.
I found Relationship Reinvented and became a coach. Working one on one with my mentors, Lee and Sherry, have made me realize what was before me my whole life. I was born to heal by simply listening. By listening I can show you your inner coach, the way you talk yourself up or down without even realizing it. Judgement. Abandonment. Suffering. You will be able to see your inner reflections.

Associates Certification Course, Professional Coaches Certification,

Contact Jessica at to Book a session

my website is

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Lisa Sutton

Lisa joined the Relationship Reinvented family in February 2017 and continues to expand on herself daily.  It is her strong belief that success and long-term happiness are gained through deepening one’s self awareness. As many of us have found through our life experience, there is no one formula, no magic pill or one size fits all plan…the path inward is your unique code that unlocks all of your blockages.
As well as being a Certified Life and Relationship Coach, Lisa has experience as a business woman, a social worker, a healer, an author, a caregiver, a medium and a single mother.
Lisa  has experienced and worked through several challenges in her life, including sexual harassment, divorce, and the loss of a child, these events have given her an even greater sense of relatedness with and compassion for others.
Lisa is also a “Twin Flame”, working through the lessons that her Twin Flame has come to mirror for her.  She is passionate about the Twin Flame initiative on the Earth at this time.
“I don’t want to limit the scope of who I am, who I can be or how I can assist your journey….because of this, I am a “Generalist Coach” willing to delve into whatever area or aspect or your life that you feel needs attention and presence to shift and heal.”
There is no one Coach that is for everybody, so please reach out to me if you feel that you resonate with me and my message. To everyone not felt called to me, best wishes on your journey!
To those who do feel I am their Coach, Let’s do this!!!
Please contact me at for a Free 30 Minute Consultation
Affordable payment plans available
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Carol Davic

Hello and Welcome to the bio of Carol Davic, Certified Master Life Coach, PA Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher.

Our day to day lives are complicated and many of us are yearning to create a simpler life of joy, peace and serenity into our lives.

Carol Davic’s philosophy gets back to basics. With her experience in not only her vast array of qualifications, she also leads her coaching sessions from the heart of her own journey to help you heal your core wounds.

Her lengthy spiritual journey has seen her through healing her sexual trauma, PTSD, drug addiction, the grief of losing both her parents and surgeries.

Meeting her Twin Flame in 2011 brought to light her passion and her purpose in life through self mastery. The coaching sessions Carol leads are her way of contributing her gifts to the world and helping heal one soul at a time.

Associates Certification Course, Professional Coaches Certification, Root Camp Certification, Master Coach Certification

Please feel free to contact me at for a complimentary 30 minute session.