“We are often asked how to regulate the amount of energy to give in the physical world. There are individuals in everyone’s linear that would take from you until there was nothing left to give. It is important to understand the fine line between giver and enabler.

The giver provides energy to those who would need an energetic helping hand while they embark upon evolutionary endeavors. The path highly defined by their progress and continued cycle of giving by themselves to a continued chain of others.

The enabler gives unconditionally however the receivers sometimes use the energy to provide themselves with a stagnant moment of linear and repeat the same level of lack within themselves that caused the need for a helping hand to begin with.

If there is clarity in this process the giver would need no prompting upon where they fall in the definition. The desire to give is compelling, only be aware of the receiver and how the energy is applied.

The forward linear moments of accomplishment instead of repetitive cycular actions should be acknowledged by the giver before further energy is given.

Keep the mind clear and focused. The only opportunity of giving energy is that it is used for evolution not for continued negativity.”

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