Growth… How do I become the man I was destined to be? A man the world needs?

I have grown 400 times since I started sharing what I felt needed to be shared years ago.. The dominate alien side has more than found it’s place it flows with such gentle force.  it doesn’t see any problem that truly isn’t a problem.  yet it wonders more about the life that never ends.. the death that we anticipate yet ignore till it is time.  All of the things that we give in this life are to change things in some way.  Even choices pertaining to decide to leave this life.  Yes we are offered a chance to change things.. things we can’t see cause we are wrapped up in something else.  we are lost to choices of life situations not life itself.  This happens for all the reasons that are thought provoked enough to hide the truth of this from us.  We are still teaching in a cycle of known history.  Not of evolution to create an intelligence that would bring us connected to that very thing that still separates us from each other and the world we reside.  The human experience was to embrace that very thing.  To understand illusion you must become it.

Illusion.. the truth of the soul can be found there.  It spawns what people call dreams or desire.  This place that the soul says it has a significant other is that place.  Yet the soul remains silent because the voices in the head still continue to over shadow the very voice of this place.  Full of passion it decides to remain silent.  silence is the key to this place.  And the soul that wishes to feel the embrace of another within sync that a heartbeat is felt without any other form of thought.. it utilizes the intelligence of what can be said in human terms is home.  A clear understanding of this connection happens in the eyes.. happens within holding hands with the other.  Happens when words don’t need to be spoken for the language of said connection happens so natural as breathing.

Dreams.. I dream of sexy passionate things that happen without thought.. a kiss that has no end.. and warmth that has a heat to it that ignites everything within it’s vicinity.  A tunnel vision of this connected soul.  It ignites candles in its path.  It bathes in sensuality and then takes time to let the sensuality sink in… placing on it’s self created image.. a sexy dress, sexy lingerie, sexy spike heels.. knowing everything that will happen to stir the other in such a passionate rage.. the skin set a fire.. the raised level of awareness that touched causes the body to come to life.. the breathing of such a thing can feel as though the flame set in the middle of a forest fire can’t control.  This happens without any planning.. it calls to what is real inside and allows it to grow.. this is not a sporadic behavior.. or even a special occasion this is because something deeper inside calls to something that wants to live life..   All doors to this are closed and some under lock and key cause choice is made to hide such a thing. yet it is desired at every level the soul can feel… It is no different for the opposite soul to wish to experience this.. to let go and give all of what it feels.. no holding back and no desire to think… just feel and let go..  closing my eyes now it seems as though that door is still there.. waiting… sometimes it seems as though someone’s at the door then others.. the door remains closed as though the key is being looked for…

I can feel another explosion happening inside me.. I can feel it evolve before me looking for understanding to why it is not this simple to just be.  You send out what you want back.. so many times I broke that.. and it broke inside me to open one thing after another.. the learned things of learned time has escaped time but not me.  Everything is new.. it is never the same.. nor does growth ever stop.. it doesn’t know how!

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