Healing series Feb 2014: What is the cost of PAIN?

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The cost of lying and hiding! The cost of this admission is pain!

One of the most prominent causes of pain emotionally is the pain of not letting something go or not let go because it is kept inside.. When we hide we are lying to ourselves. This hiding is a factor of acceptance. I can’t tell anyone for I am already seeing the judgement in myself therefore any other judgement is going to add to this pain.

Pain is great motivation to play a role in what you are in your existence, it will help to keep the suffering silently yet with such an energy it never tires, for it to tire would mean that it no longer has power.. The most complete understanding one can embrace in pain is what that pain is and what is it telling them inside to prevent them from seeing more clearly outside.

As your mind is captivated in pain it sees this seductive energy to exist that says I can see unhappiness all around me, You will see the sadness in everything. This is especially a humble moment when you are alone and see the alone and unhappiness as sadness of the pain that you experience and state it as a self in what you see yourself in. You feel anxiety and misery to suffer in. You look at yourself and the story is there to tell you what you are.. You are now stuck in the role that pain is motivating to stay in this energy. As you get opportunities to be with others you will go but the hidden place of what you are going through inside isn’t spoken about, for you feel ashamed… This shame is the lie we keep to keep ourselves locked in pain. Is this necessary? Is this giving you space to love in the abandoned setting of the self that is pain in what you state and what you experience.

More often than not we also suffer in pain from not standing in the circle of love we are all the time, time in this regard is what hinders this from always staying in our truth. from this moment to the next we make this about a way of thinking.. As a gas can thinking can pour itself on the flame of love we are and cause an almost regret effect.

So what do you do to stop the lying and the hiding, you have to accept the truth about pain, we all have it and we all hide it, when you share you realize this and realize you are no longer alone you are also now in the depth of yourself to the connection that shares itself with every human being on this planet. Where there is shame this is pain concealed to it in a place that hurts from the past and is sticking around to revolve in the future. This is most enlightening when you see it real time.

Every degree of pain has a purpose, it is not there to make you suffer it is there to help you connect to yourself inside of the pain. Have you not gotten this yet… Have you hurt yourself and tended to the pain as you were hurt, things you did as you took care of yourself became healed.. This is not the same as emotional pain.. we look at it as though it is unable to be healed under the same energy, but you will look at any wound and take care of yourself to stop the bleeding as it were. As you make choices in pain you do so out of pain, as you think your way of doing something out of the pain, you do so in pain which makes the choice to find more pain more prominent. This is the rebelling factor about abandoning yourself while in pain. You see this as a means to think yourself away from it, thinking it away only to spend more and more moments on the same pain thus giving it power. Power to stay in pain, what if the only to heal the pain was to do as you did with the wound you had? Do you see the power of this? Pain is a very important part of being human without it the depth of what you experience would not give you the depth in love you can achieve. The love is selective in pain for it is there to say you can choose me I am here I will embrace you back but the pain is there to make you think your alive and the pain doesn’t feel good at all… One will give you peace the other non peace.

Think about any pain you recently experience or keep experiencing. What is it about this pain that you have not accepted? What is it about this pain you haven’t embraced inside to clean it for any type of infection? What is it about this pain that you don’t want anyone to see this scar you carry?

What is the cost that this pain gives you and keeps on giving to you? Is your mind stating this pain is all you ever need? What else does the mind tell you when it comes to pain? Does the mind know what suffering is? Has your soul told your mind what it is?

The truth about the pain is the truth that is inside the pain not as your mind will show it to you but what your mind doesn’t tell you about the pain.

Love Deeply,


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