Hey you in here…. YEAH YOU!

angelTrue forgiveness is not the ability to say you forgive and still have thoughts about it that create a reemergence of pain based on those thoughts.  True forgiveness is knowing this and forgiving yourself first to allow that thought process not to dictate your existence.  Truth is forgiveness is no more selective than unconditional love both are available to you now.

Have you truly ever forgiven anything?  That is to say let your thoughts not be the reason that something truly comes to you in thought that still causes pain within you.  This is not fair in any regards to how you can truly forgive.  The thoughts you state are the way this pain will stay alive in you.

“I know she didn’t mean to hurt me and I told her I forgive her.” yet, I never forget.  This statements biggest error is that now you will stay in pain with the painful thought of what you stated you would forgive.  This changes the course of all interactions that will happen in your life.  It was never meant to be that way you can hardly see this or see the altered course it will keep your life within.  You will find reasons to be alone, find reasons to not trust others all because you can’t trust yourself to forgive yourself, for carrying a thought of something that you stated you forgave outside of yourself.  Do you see how this can be non forgiveness?

Yes I hear you saying, “Ok!” but I am stating I won’t forget as a matter of truth. I can’t forget it hurt me.  Then I say to you..  I am going to keep the pain concealed in what you have done, and it will now be ok that it has altered my life because you are getting my forgiveness.”  Is anything in this statement true?  Yes, I will forgive you as long as I can now see with eyes that will be looking for this in all moments.  This truth will make any truth I will face slightly jaded because, of the content I will keep in my forgiveness, I am giving you. How you embrace this subtle truth is how you will interact with anything in this moment.

So how do you truly forgive.  You forgive yourself for allowing the content of the mind to keep the pain alive in you to conceal a deeper place of love you were always unable to reach, because of this non forgiveness you truly always kept it for no reason at all.  The more you try to validate any reason the greater the pain will live on in you.  Are you sure you are seeing the total picture here?  Aren’t you giving yourself that permission to endure a pain you truly needed to feel in the moment it was to experience, rather than dragging it on, saving some for later cause you deserve it, only to create more moments of saying you forgive, but you don’t truly understand what that means cause you will keep the thoughts about it alive.  As I am here to point this to you.. you are asking one simple thing to me…

Who the hell do you think you are?

Well isn’t this obvious… I am the unconditional love that lives on the inside of your being. You always have a choice to ask me for advice instead of the content you pull from the mind when it suits you, to live in danger, or in pain, to run from true love. I am the one that truly forgives and no longer sees the content the moment this happens.  I am, the I am…

I am deeply in love with you for that very reason.


Your soul….


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  1. Beautiful expressed and beautifully conveyed message, To truly forgive a wise friend shred with me a thought. One from a movie he sent that shared a message! “Take out the Trash”! I think I am a beautiful human being with a most beautoful soul! I also know you my friend are a beautiful human being and a beautiful soul. Thanks for being such inspiration to so many and helping them learn the way to take out the trash! Love and peace shared with you!


    • Some still have such heavy lifting my friend.. I was shown this in mediation and it came out so fast I could barely keep up typing. 🙂 Love can only come through you not from you! 🙂 thank you for the love shared my friend. Sending it back to you!

      • I’ve found, in more than one relationship, that I’ve forgiven hurtful actions which are then repeated. Of course, eventually, I learn to take care of and protect myself, but the fact that the actions were repeated after forgiveness open up a new level of hurt. One that forgiving doesn’t seem to touch, as it is all just such a shame.

      • The true nature of forgiveness has the same energy current to truly create a reflective energy that can make the current energy of repeating the pain to find it’s way back to you from actually happening. This can be that you have a repeat thought process from something that happened a year ago and call to it to continue it to find you in the same way, same circumstances. When the final acceptance of forgiveness is not true in exploit does the energy find no space in coming back to you. This is on purpose your purpose. The process of saying I hurt from being hurt from something over a long period of time.. It is calling to allow that same energy to find a home inside you. This is very isolating for no reason other than your thought process about it. Yet it does have energy that gives the other the comfortable allowance of saying you will absorb it and keep it to yourself never allowing it to find it’s way back to the other. It is stating simply the element of true forgiveness in motion no longer has control over you and you no longer seek to find yourself in the pain of that control. You simply let it go!

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