History teaches question….

The Question of history….

Friend:  Racist means to suppress a group of people because they feel that they are inferior. Lets look at the facts. Today is Columbus Day so lets start there. The word illegals what is that?Someone who isn’t from America. Right? Well Columbus wasn’t from America. Oh ok this land was given to the colonist lol right. Who is really the rightful heirs to this land. Americans right? Lol ok. Lets get to another topic the Id. Did you know the id, social security card ,birth certificate was originally designated to blacks and lower class citizens. The illite and middle class thought that they were missing out on something and it became a law that all people must have some form of id. To take it further blacks and immigrants were given voting hurdles to stop them from them from voting. much like today. Words like natural citizen then was reserved for whites. I wonder why with the word play and laws most people need a lawyer lol. Now that we have had a brief history lesson. Lets get to the issues. Id voting hand outs. So many privileged people hate that the government gives handouts. Smh. Well the Great Depression was responsible for giving hand outs. Fdr was responsible for giving handouts. Most of the poor at that time were products of slavery most of those in jail too. For years Native Americans and blacks and many immigrants were simultaneously contributing to America while being persecuted. You may say that is the past. Well I’ll say it’s isn’t a very distant past and what we have today is a result of that past. The results of not wanting to help the weak the poor. When we ignore the weak and say its not our problem some how it becomes our problem. When the weak has to steal or kill or become hospitalized or institutionalized we pay for it. We can’t say let them die. Where would the illite be without the least. The weak are the balance this world needs. Compassion is something we all have as children. Hatred and racism is taught. I leave you with this question. What if it were you. After you passed your judgement you woke up and it was you? Would you still be so cold? Would your words be so absolute? The bible says to much is given much is required. You can’t receive anything with a closed fist nor can you shake a hand. I pray for this country for this world. That we learn to love one another. To live in peace. We are here but a short time. We will not be judged by the money we accumulated but buy the life’s we touched the differences we made. What is the real dilemma? We are blinded by our own selfishness that when we see some one not like us we see a enemy or stranger and can’t see ourselves. May your hearts become susceptible to the truth. May you learn to see life from another angle. May you receive this with love.

Clarkkent07:  My friend didn’t you just teach this to others who didn’t or weren’t aware.. The racism stops when we stop teaching it over and over to relive something over and over.. It is why they stopped teaching slavery in some schools.. We are different because we keep teaching that we are!

Friend: I’m teaching love, understanding giving wisdom. People Parrish for the lack of wisdom of knowledge. Ignorance isn’t bliss. The thought of slavery and any other type if ill treatment towards another being isn’t violent. The act is violent the thought is a creation of its violence. I choose to direct those feelings towards the universe and ask why. I take the thoughts I don’t hide them or forget them. But I use them to teach. Teach myself and others. How to avoid such evil. I even strive to take the I out of my speech and thought. Realizing we are all part of a whole making us one.

Clarkkent07: Acknowledging what doesn’t matter requires no mind.. The soul sees no difference it never has.. I applaud your post just felt it went one direction of negative and tried to turn it into a rant..rather than heart..

Clarkkent07: The state of things has nothing to do with color it has to do with doing the right thing for all humans who suffer and who prosper from the suffering of others

Friend:  Where did it rant? I acknowledge your point of view and accept criticism as a learning tool.

Clarkkent07: Did you not mention slavery, whites, blacks.. did those words segregate us in the post.. Is any of that relevant now?

Friend:  So you are saying don’t use color or any other name just say people. Instead of god or any other name say the universe? You once said arguing or defending something is violent. What is worth protecting and defending? How do you do so and not be violent. If its the ideals that we are taught that makes us violent. How do we un learn?

Friend: I agree some may view such words as negative. So should we not have history in schools?

Clarkkent07: By realizing you have a choice to un learn… This is by no means and attack or defense it is a point to what you stated in not teaching..

Friend: So don’t teach? Even self?

Friend: Then how does one learn?

Clarkkent07:  History is the cause of countless breakdowns in everything in every way..Because you are told to pay attention to the past you allow it to be your cause for doing and not doing.. You learn by never knowing any rules.. any past times..If someone told you that you couldn’t change the world many have tried… you would never make any effort.. Those that are crazy enough to say they want to change the world are the ones that do… (Steve Jobs) Raise the bar by not being the knowing rather than being the being of light and forgiveness.

Clarkkent07: learning is allowing unconditional love to be felt!

Friend: How is that done?

Clarkkent07:  free will and choice.

Friend: Lol. Sounds impossible when taken in context. But I’m crazy enough that I fully comprehend. In other words I have to let go if it all to learn something new. I must be willing to move on to move on.

Clarkkent07:  Realize your limitless capacity to grow by allowing acceptance to be choice… If the universe was unlimited to your imagination it would be a very small space until you venture into it!

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