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Love . Connection . Rebirth

Reinvent the relationship you have to yourself.

Are you connected to your disconnection?

We all have an individual story and we all have a narrator on-board that tells us who we are and who we are connected to. This is the identity we think we are when in truth it truly is not who we are at all.

Do you know how to connect to where you are disconnect? Do you know how to transform that space with love? And discover who you are outside of that false creation? We can show you how to transform and connect.

Do you keep yourself in suffering?

Does what others think of you, matter more to you than what you think of you? Do you tend to be a people-pleaser? Do you look for love by receiving the approval of others? Do you fear not being accepted by others?

IF you answered, YES, to any of the above questions this is the reality of living in suffering. Many of us that have learned to love in limitation take on this behavior. The good news is it is reversable. Let us show you how to break free.

Are you staying in a state of victim-hood?

A victim is someone who is a slave to their unconscious mind. Many fall into this category and don't even recognize it, because it's been a blanket of comfort.

Do you find it easier to blame others for your current state? Do you hold others to an expectation that you've never communicated to them or received their acceptance in? Do you remember what the freedom from this level of mind felt like? You were free once, let us show you how to empty you cup!

Dear Soul, We are on mission to call you to consciousness…..

Are your phone lines open?  

Consciousness is the being that has always lived within you. It is the stillness and the silence between each thought. Consciousness is not about taking on the beliefs of another, but rather is about shedding the beliefs that were never yours to begin with.

Answering the call to consciousness is not about taking on the beliefs of another spiritual guru, group or individual. Answering the call to consciousness is about bringing yourself to an awareness that you have the choice, the soul intelligence to honor the thoughts, beliefs and knowing that remove limitations, suffering and create a space to give and receive love unconditionally.

As of us of us raise of level of consciousness we automatically give others the permission to do the same. And we heal the world, one conscious thought at a time!

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