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How deep is your pool of thought?




Dear Clark….Someone wanted to know why awakened men have women swarming around them, falling in love with them…..The answer is there aren’t enough of them. My prayer is for the Divine masculine to wake up so all of us women have our own!!!!!!

The truth about awakening is to where you seek yourself in that depth.. It isn’t about men anymore than it is about women.. It is about how many mirrors you have inside you that keep you from the true you.

It isn’t that you see this and say.. I can see myself in them.. where in fact you get a glimpse of yourself in those moments with them that you are in deed in sync in the moment.. That moment fades not because of them or you.. but because the mind made opposites that keep you in yourself stay to yourself.

In other words when you stop sharing who you are because your thoughts may cause pain to another you seek in them to prove your thoughts wrong which can’t happen cause you keep this to yourself, and unless you state this outside you they will only be wrong. Your mind gets to be right.. talk about not a fair fight!

This happens to both.. This isn’t a man or woman thing, it is a human thing.. As you seek yourself in love with yourself you will emit a different energy to give yourself the truth in any connection you will ever need. This is how relationships blossom stay in sync with the moment and in always say what your thinking.. Thinking is the loneliness thing we do.. and it continues to make it right about what you see into the world because thinking needs this to be right this births layers of egos within you.

What if you changed this view and saw it for what it is… How would you hold back from saying what you think? What you feel? What you experience.

Isn’t evolution, enlightenment, awakening, pointing to this very thing in connection? How do you see someone seeing the beautiful mess you are, if you won’t see it for yourself?

The truth is that the path to set you deeply in connection, not in someone else but inside yourself! How could you not emit this and not find true love? It finds it’s way to you because it shows the truth about you.. Not in ego form but in formless spirit that comes from your soul.. How can any human being contain this is based on the lies you keep to cover yourself when you think all the time.. Thinking will always be right and it is an unfair advantage that always will be right in you.. It even gives you the right to suffer and be in pain.. Who is this for? It is for you to no longer seek it as a means to an end, but to seek what it isn’t to finally make sense of what true love is to you.

Heal this as the path it is in these words somehow someway.. I am proof of that.. My love is all of yours who find this not because I can say it an make it heard by moving around words but because you felt a shift in you, just in these words to see a light that is the truth!

I don’t fear what I say, I fear what I haven’t said as it is needed to be here for the reason it was always destined to find us all.  How do you not know that the energy you are wasn’t looking for these words to show you it is possible.  Not because it hasn’t been said but because it came from the source that always is in you all the time.  You just can’t hear it speaking cause of the noise in your mind is to loud..

When does this change?  How does this change?  I would be very interested to hear from those that feel this is their outlook!  What do you think?


12 Comments on “How deep is your pool of thought?

  1. Clark – YES ~ I share your viewpoint here 100%. Embracing who we are at our deepest level … that is how we evolve and grow… and this is how we attract the kind of love we yearn for. It is a lifelong process… facing all those mirrors — but I hear you and admire you for putting this out there as you’ve done! 🙂
    Love, Light, and Mirrors ~ Robyn Lee

  2. I am reminded of scenario here… One I will not go into detail with.. But everything I have found throughout my entire life has all been connected… The hurts, the joys, all are part of our experience. without either we would not know the joys if we didnt know the pains.. so each is part of us..
    We also have within us a choice to choose and keep in balance that which we are experiencing.. We do that with our thoughts, we each bring that energy to us as we experience that which we give our intentions to the most forcefully… We may say oh but we didnt want that experience or tragedy to happen.. But It has been my observation that all things happen for a reason… It may be outside of our awareness as to why? its happening.. But every action has a reaction..

    What is happening now around our world is a combination of our collective thoughts and we are seeing unfold the reaction ..
    We are infinite beings on a path of discovery within this time-line of frequency of vibration we chose to experience here within this density of material matter…
    Our Thoughts Create! our experiences… often on a subconscious level .. and Im waffling! out my thoughts here Clark, 🙂 so will just add
    This was a very Thought provoking post. 🙂

  3. Thank you my friend… It would seem that is all the doors we open inside ourselves we still do not elect to give something in those times of need that do have the answers within them. It is the release of what compassionate listening to ourselves and others can give to us.. this embracing moment of no mind to give a solid connection to another for us to feel it all the way through is how we miss the complete connection to anything or anyone in connection to ourselves.. It is not time bound for it stops time to show you how illusionary time is.. In your thoughts about time you notice it slows to almost nothing.. You bring awareness into the moment because of the focus is such… then you presume the thoughts not seeing the impact of time being wasted and how it directs your experience in a lonely tunnel with no one responding back.. Now if you see the impact of how heavy each of these is.. you then can’t start to see how out of balance we can be as listeners vs thinkers… One will give you all the open doors to energy in love the other will keep you from it..I hope this helps… Much love to you my dear friend!

  4. It is complicated, to me. Finding ourselves independent of others… So much of what we are is constructed to relate to or protect ourselves from others.

    For me, it was an external connection that gave me the idea that there might be something real inside me. It was like that center didn’t exist until someone tried to call it out of me.

    Since then, I’ve been chasing that center, trying to construct a new way to reach it. It doesn’t work.

    I guess that what I’m saying is that step one is: figuring out what waking up looks like. That could happen in a few different ways. Step two: Getting awake, maybe that can only be done inside yourself?

  5. The only step is needed my dear Chaos is this step right now.. No one to seek in the now other than your relationship to yourself and how that relationship can either be dysfunctional or be of love.. Even if you pick the latter you don’t have any use for what may not feel whole to you in one place it has the choice to feel whole now. You don’t need to judge yourself, you don’t need to not listen to yourself, you need to do the only thing that matters in this moment and that is to make this moment as the only one you have.. Be at one with yourself and love all the beauty within you even the parts that are chaos.. Nothing more would be more important than that..

    If this still fails you this is something that touched me that came from this moment and I wish to share it with you.. For saying this to yourself gives you what you never are without.

    My heart will stop beating one day.. For it gave me something inside that allowed me to experience love.. It’s truth is that even when I am gone that heartbeat will be felt by many.. or few.. either way.. For the many times it will beat from now till then, I will always make it a choice to guide what my free will states in anything I do.. I do it with love.. For anything else will be why it was here to do exactly what it was meant to. Until then because it beats I will never stop reaching that deeper place in it that causes it to beat so strongly.. Not just in me but in everyone else I can!

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