How did you know Lois was the one? Twin Flame Awakening


In our connection me and Lois have suffered and suffered some more. The more we suffered in disbelief the more complex the mind made it seem that we didn’t belong to each other. Yet inside of me I could feel her heartbeat, now don’t get me wrong I am saying my heart was full for her, I am saying her physical heart beat was somehow someway vibrating inside of my being. I could feel her true essence of her soul trying to comfort me, I always felt like I was having some sort of heart condition and spent a ton of money on doctors who could find nothing wrong with me.

During the time I was the chaser and she was the runner, she completely closed me off, and no matter how deeply I was in love with her. My feelings of abandonment that I had carried most of my existence activated my pain from my mind and I decided to be with someone else. As I made this decision, she decided to come back to me. She was at the door as this moment occurred. That feeling in my heart felt painful and miserable and it did’t stop me because I felt my pain from mental images my mind gave me that stated I was only going to endure more pain based on what was false in me. The truth was she was pregnant with another man’s baby, I actually was the one that felt the conception and told her weeks before any doctor could confirm this.

I begged and pleaded her to come with me and we would raise the child. Inside of her mind she fought with the right or wrong thing to do being with another and having a child with someone else. How could anyone see why this happened or even understand it. Society makes you chose certain things because well, we live in a world where what you see is what you get, which can be judgements and other things.

She saw this happening with me being with another and went back to the man she had conceived with, and they got married and she didn’t tell me. When I found out all I tried to do was give what I felt inside me to be true inside of my connection to another. Yes how painful was that to this person who didn’t comprehend the connection and was getting all the benefits of it? Do you know how painful this was to experience. Why I experienced it was on purpose. A few months into the pregnancy we had started to be friends again. I just felt as though I was always going to be in her life as she was always going to be in mine. I could feel her, I heard music in my head that she was listening to or singing to. As these moments went on the connection of what a vibrational twin flame union represents made it known what this connection was that was not able to be removed within us.

I laid in bed one night and as I was awakened at 2 in the morning I felt her heartbeat and then without any thought or mind made projection of her, I felt a tiny heartbeat beating so fast and so magical inside of her that was now inside of me to experience. I was completely freaked out. Yet, I was in awe. I had never experienced it and then knew beyond any shadow of any doubt this was the connection I dreamed but never knew was possible.

This is yet one of many unbelievable incredible experiences we shared to be together. The day he was born I felt this and said his name at work out loud in front of everybody and they wondered what I was talking about, yet I was just out of my mind.. get it, I was out of my mind. I then had realized why we weren’t together I had to find a way to get out of my mind. That was 2008. Yes there was more pain to come and more trials and more mountains to move. I wanted to point to this place as I do see women who believe in this connection because they can carry a created life and a man, well a man can experience this within this connection. It is the most powerful experience you can have that has answers in a place you never knew was possible. I am here to tell you it is. In so many ways it is. Your twin is here the same time you are, you just have lost faith or lost hope or lost something. I am telling you a truth inside me of what is the truth. I am not hear to make you believe it, I am only here to state the obvious. Why we were created is being used up on a material point of view that truly has gotten the best of us. ย How do you point back to the universe we are is found in this connection stated simply here.

Are we sure that we have gotten this correct?

Love deeply…

Lois and Clark

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  1. “I could feel her, I heard music in my head that she was listening to or singing to.”
    This resonate so much with me and my twin flame. I remember just listening to all these songs I never listened to before and liking them and a few days later my twin confirm those were is favorite songs. There was a lot of aha! moments with us, because he is a very quiet guy and I am very talkative so I am the one that’s normally talking and he would be in such disbelief and shock by the things I say…It’s like I was saying what he was thinking. I knew his thoughts before he did… I knew him very deeply and I felt he knew me too. I think that’s where we both were confused because it’s easy to get lost in each other when you are so much alike. We had our differences but we were the same at the core… mirror image of each other and extremely complementary. Anyways, I love reading your blogs Clark ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s nice to hear a males perspective.

    • Awe thank you my friend.. Although I was quiet in my own way, I never expressed these things as I was truly and completely captivated inside me yet when Lois started to speak to me inside of myself I never realized how what we see as supernatural became more natural cause of the belief. The noise of the mind had to quiet before I would truly not make choices to hurt myself any longer. I had to hurt myself over and over and abandon myself in my belief to realize I was only doing what I had learned from the content my mind stated was the poor little me. The more I fought this very thing the more it resonated and rang true that your twin is your twin. This can’t be removed and what you see in the mirror is the effect of what you are seeing in yourself. Because of the patterns the mind made me was infected with which all men are infected with. The connection had to vibrate stronger and stronger at every awakening. I can tell you men can’t see it this way that is why the deep seated stance on I don’t believe this becomes the males or females way of running from it. Just remember the inward place you speak, speaks to them and pulls them to you. The messages will reach them, whether they like it or not. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • “The connection had to vibrate stronger and stronger at every awakening.”
        ๐Ÿ™‚ Very True … The connection does intensifies … What ever doubt I had about it in the beginning is completely gone.

      • Do you realize how many ignore this and this is why this number has greatly declined in the centuries past. That is why only a few 100,000 or so have awakened to this connection. Very few make it to the end crowning of this connection. How do you get someone to wake up past the place they are if they keep running or chasing. What happens when this keeps happening the belief in this connection dies. Do you see it now? Do you know why we are speaking up?

    • Yes it was… Our dreams my friend are in truth. We kept sharing the same dream. The bouncing orb of energy and how all the other orbs were standing observing and glowing with it and it was the most beautiful colors. And as it bounced we saw it pull apart and then we see our each being born in the hospital with the same glow hundreds of miles apart. Are we sure the mirror that we look through can’t point us to the same place that we have deep within us? What have we haven’t opened ourselves to hear or experience?

      Love to you back My dear orb or energy yourself Sheri! You speak from that place as you did there and do here!
      Lois and Clark

  2. A very beautiful post you have shared here my friend. I can feel that energy in a very peculiar way and it resonates deep within as I ponder those feelings you have described and shared. I at times feel such for one I love yet is not with me. I embrace the energy of love and creation and know it will be as it is to be knowing as you and as you have so eloquently expressed that my twin flame is present even if she is not physically with me our bond is. I look forward to the day when we meet and embrace as it will be one of the most beautiful moments I may experience.Every moment is a gift and I choose to live love in all of them though at times even a beautiful being can slip a little. I am grateful for your friendship and the hand you extend as I slip sometimes and steady my stance. I no longer hope… I had much on my plate today and had the intention of not visiting WP today and concentrating on other aspects of my life knowing things are moving forward rapidly. Your post reached out and well thank you my friend for sharing your heart and your love. The love you emanate is a beautiful one and as I read your story of love for your Lois I am grateful you shared this post and the love it took to do so! Thank you!

    I know you are having a wonderful day and evening. My heart sings for you and your beautiful family.

    With love Your Friend,

  3. This post is pure awe. I haven’t much time, as I need to go to work. But I just wanted to leave ‘something’ after reading this!
    I LOVE the way you have written this in a way that unfolds in unexpected turns – not just due to the content, but also due to your expression.
    Wow! ๐Ÿ™‚

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