How do I awaken my Twin Flame?

a-twinHi there Clark!  I have a question, regarding to what you said there : you have written that you have to give yourself the energy that will connect u with your twin flame…! How did u give this energy to yourself?  And if you can ponder on this a bit deeper…i want to know and understand this point u made better. Thank u, ilda




No one can tell you this so I will, what you are underneath and inside is the light of the being that gave you animated form.  This is connected to a mirror of you that is similar in all ways.  The pathway back to this of course gets covered up in the mud, that we will call life situations.  Many have battled these inner places inside that seem to keep them from what matters the most.  They never see themselves fully because they seek the outside path that seems to be the defining moments of who they are.  They do this in numerous ways by telling the stories they have been through, experiencing things they go through and what the future which will be the avoidance of these particular strands of energy they keep in the way because of the varied events that have kept them from the place I am pointing to that brings your twin flame to you.


If you were in prison and had a life sentence you would have no choice but to see to what I am pointing to. You would be as you are out of prison trapped into a mind full of noise that seems to never allow you to feel everything more fully.  We take each sound for granted, we take each touch for granted, these choices we make lightly not realizing how much it is all happening all the time in every moment.  You would probably feel locked up inside, not wanting to share what you feel, being angry for what you feel, and it would all stem from a thought process of what has happened to you at some point that led you to that prison.


How is this any different for anyone living outside of prison?  Do you see what I mean by circumstances in thought.  We all have something we hold onto.. If I was to ask you what purpose does it solve to do so without seeking into it more fully to place love inside of it?  Your probably saying wait what does this have to do with my twin.  Well you asked what it takes to find your twin in this world and I am pointing right at it.


In the recesses of you is the place that you are completely connected to your twin, you have this placed deep within you underneath each layer of life situations that sustains and keeps your ego and thought process in place.  It is like finding a radio station that plays all the wrong music you want to hear and the place I am pointing to is the station that plays all the songs you like to love, even the ones that have such a melody that you want the same song to repeat cause you never tire of it.. EVER….


As you face to embrace these layers to love them about yourself whether it was something done to you or you did to someone else.  This lack of forgiveness will only make you define someone who can feel the rhythm to strike the cord of what your soul is able to feel.  If you accept all of what I am saying to you then you realize that you remove these layers to feel yourself, feel your soul to fall in love with all of you no matter what!  No longer in conditions of love you now are breaking free into unconditional territory inside you.  This vast space has no thought process and still carries the same heart you were born into the world with.  Magical, unattainable and yet yours completely.  This will surface in the last breathe you take here.  Why not find it sooner to be full of peace and love, how about that for an infected planet?  It is like the world will take off their mask and everyone will emit the energy of love they were birthed into the world with.


Why should this be possible?  Why not?  Hasn’t the pain and suffering that has happened in the mind and the dominance that it created done enough to us as beings of light and being human?


What can keep you from reaching out to heal or even call to your twin is exactly the place this points.  The orb you were combined experienced everything combined and now that you separated into two.. This formula hasn’t changed just became two wholes of the same orb as one.  This is the two bodies one soul experience.  How can you find the other part if you never see inside you to the core to see how that connects to you?


You can do this by the summed up events you experienced long ago.. or yesterday or 2 hours ago for that matter.  You do this by allowing each form of pain or happiness you experienced to no longer be the diagram of existence you have mapped out.


This ability has the lasso effect of calling to your twin.  I can see no other way to explain this without telling you how this happened to Lois and myself.


As a man of complete control, I was always seeking something to thrill or intimately pull me into the present moment. I am sure their isn’t a being that doesn’t live this way!  There I would feel safe, I would feel alive, and it seemed that it was always illusive no matter what I tried. I always felt that others had this in them as well.  Yet, I would also see how social status, how one carried themselves, how one spoke seemed to be the way I was able to see how this could change anything.  Boy was I wrong! I came to a road in my existence. It was one paved perfectly for me.  If it were split into two roads one road would be the light with a sign of the street that it was called, which was make it till you break it!  The other road which was pitch dark and no lights yet the road was there yet, you could only see 5 ft in either direction was called trust me street.



Knowing I could see the light and for miles ahead and miles behind made the choice easy.. Easy meaning that it was filled with a light that could see far ahead.. Now this road could be through cities could be through mountains, could be through the desert the scenery always seemed to be as it was on that road… I could tell which city was where and after a period of time I was able to locate any terrain no matter what it was. I could find my path through it and would even visit many different places.  It was interesting though because the others I met on this journey seemed to have a vision of their own streets with the same places.  Some were stuck in the city, some were stuck in the mountains, and some well, the desert just seemed to be the only place they ever known.


I felt I had to be in all 3, as I was always missing something!  And I was.. most of the time I was going through the city I wondered what was going on in the mountains.  And when I got to the mountains, the desert looked like it needed me there to.  It seemed like all I was doing was going from each of these so much I truly was quite lonely in all of it. I kept wandering around.  Sometimes I would catch a glimpse of just the perfect sunset in each, yet when I tried to bring that same sunset to a different one they seemed to be less of a beautiful sunset and more like a cloudy sky, kinda sun set, where you just didn’t feel it as you felt before.


This became my existence for many many years.. the more I continued on with it the more the suffering of trying to be in three places at once consumed me and I felt, well… I felt I couldn’t trust anything.. I didn’t trust the mountains that seemed to crumble when I tried to climb it. I didn’t trust the city because it seemed to be consumed with energy that didn’t respond to me, and I sure as heck didn’t like the desert anymore because I was getting burned every time I went there.  One day… I was just done with it, I had reached the point of no return there has to be something more right?   The more is what I wanted, and the more I was seeking in every place I was whether it was the mountain, or the city or the desert.  They all shared something in common which was making me miserable.


Don’t get this wrong in that experience I did see others who shared this belief with me, but couldn’t speak it anymore than I could!



Me within it… Yes I said that correctly.. I was the problem with each of the places I would have to travel to to find something to occupy the comfort feeling outside of myself.  I did this for well…. what I was ready to finally give up on. What did I have to lose?


I ended up in this place that was just the further place outside the desert the pain was unbelievable.  The burning that I felt was to the deep recesses of what I was and I was ready for it to be over.  On this edge was this cliff.. I couldn’t see the bottom and I stood there and looked and pondered over it, I just felt the pain, the more pain I stood there and felt, the more the desert sun seemed to weaken my body so I could no longer stand it.  I closed my eyes, took one last breathe, and plunged myself into the darkness…  I fell for what seemed to be like eternity yet it may have only been a couple of hours, days, or months.



blackhold energyThe more the falling occurred, the more pain I could see that was my life stories being shown to me on the way down.. I knew the bottom was there, and that when I hit, the impact of what I was would be destroyed and no longer alive.  The pain was so great, to scream seemed the pain was strong enough to take what ever voice I had…  It did this and every pain I created and every pain I experienced now consumed me.  Even the final landing wouldn’t do the damage I was sustaining.


I felt the tears flow, anyone below could feel it as though it had started to rain… It rained for almost 6 days.  I had no concept of time, or for how long I was gone.  But I awoke at the same place I was at in the beginning. I saw the two roads..  I looked at the dark street with no knowing of what was before me or behind me.  I saw the sign and it said Trust… It didn’t have the street after it any longer just the word.  And the other street the word.  Pain.. as I looked down I could see the old familiar places all the familiar mountains, the desert, the city, the choices and the avenues made from those choices.


I knew what was there, I knew that is not who I wanted to become or what it had to offer.  Some many years lost, I knew I didn’t deserve to be able to live in such a way that I thought I knew everything.  I looked back at the street labeled Trust and as I stepped to it it seemed to get darker.. the more I walked into it, the darker it became, it was as though the lights that I could see 5 ft ahead and 5 ft behind seemed to fade fast. I was scared to death, or was this death.  I was walking into the unknown, and the unknown was walking into me. Every step seemed to be a last step.. I felt alive.. I felt peace.. I felt fear as though I was in control of the fear.. for what I would resist would only bring that fear to me somehow. I could feel it.  So I let it go.  I then saw the world inside of myself as I walked and could feel my heartbeat in each step. I stopped and placed my hand over my heart and felt my own heart it seemed in beat with another… how could this happen.. I could feel it, I could feel what I was inside. I knew that something miraculous was in there.. But how come I didn’t feel it before? How come my own being which was a universe all to its own was not someplace I had explored?  I felt the loneliness of realizing this was a path I would have to seek alone. Yet I didn’t feel alone in the magnitude it was anymore.  I could hear places in me and see visions of me doing as I did before previously, it then became more and more obvious on what I was doing as I couldn’t sit still. I was trapped in a world of something that became more obvious.  I was seeing how not taking trust in the first place, placed me on a path of no trust.


I didn’t trust inside myself for I ran just like everyone else did..  I didn’t trust that all my pain wouldn’t kill me, I didn’t trust that anyone wouldn’t listen, so I didn’t listen to me. I didn’t trust anything.  Interesting as I remember it, I would say that the more confident I became in not trusting,  the more I realized it wasn’t confidence it was saying that no matter what I already knew the outcome.  I was going to be hurt no matter if the mountains crumbled, no matter if the city blew up, no matter if the sun would just burn me to death in the desert, it was all lost to me anyway.  I was only running as they were.



Now there is much to what I am pointing to here. How this very thing creates a frequency in you determines the love you can give to yourself which in turn gives to your twin.  How can you not find this connection if you haven’t fully connected to yourself enough to only be in this step right now.  You project the image of the mind to lead you to the path of where exactly?  Isn’t this an outside view that isn’t taking the step inside you to see where this path leads.


You ask yourself the most important question….


Do you trust yourself enough to love yourself unconditionally?  Inside you this was given to you as a gift.. never opening this gift has gotten you what exactly?  All pain is the birth of the magic that comes to you as it was birthed in you.  Are you saying you didn’t scream coming through the portal of being human?  How do you not know that frequency can’t be heard inside you to find your twin?


I hope this pointed to something deep inside you to birth.  We want the world to feel this connection, not because it is amazing, but because it is a birthright you were born to experience!

How do you know the energy they are made up of, if you never see it inside yourself?

Love deeply… thank you ilda for asking!



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  1. So do you tell you’re partner their actually In a 3 some because you’re making love to them and your TF as well? And that polygamy is the new form of love

    • If you are awakening to what you feel is the truth in you, how can you live in a lie based purely on what your mind has told you was true? You can’t limit the spoken truth from your soul once the seed has been planted. How could you?

          • BTW ..I have posted your link on FB and many want to know HOW to attend your workshops or seminars. I’d be more than happy to let them know…thank you! 🙂

          • Oh thank you my dear friend.. We are working on a a few things to come real soon. Blogtalkradio, youtube, our travels where we will be speaking, where and how to reach us, as well as a few other things, we are working it out still, It is to come shortly.. 🙂 Thank you so much for the line to us, we have so much to share and so much to help point those that seek this connection. There is so much much more! 😉

          • Bravo! Thank you so much for accomplishing that which is so crucial and vital for this age. I have been aware of the reality of such a connection since the age of reason however I have never been CONSCIOUSLY aware of him ( never felt his presence , never experienced him in a dream or meditation or any other kind of CONSCIOUS knowing.) even though the yearning has been with me always. The best way that I could express this was/is via art , poetry and various assistance to all those that seek help pertaining to this truth. However, I quit holding TF reunion workshops because I felt that I had no right to share ‘knowledge’ that came basically from the realm of mind or longing etc. for I did not have it ‘experientially’ and so I support, much as I can ,those that share this through ‘experience’, living the reunion fully…thus, you can appreciate, why I am so delighted to help in promoting your work. I guess that is part of my mission. I am grateful for that gift,,the gift of other REUNIONS! Thank you again,,am looking forward to assisting in any way I can.Thank you both for walking your talk and LIVING the reunion thus gifting seekers with the truth and possibility about this kind of LOVE! :)))

  2. The energy my friend.. the pathway to your twin flame is always something you can create a gathering around, it is a celebration that happens within the union. Much peace, much understanding, and more so the love that is to blossom in that union merits a deeper understanding of what it is. What I have placed here is not the laid down thought process of the twin but the laid down truth that goes beyond thought as to what the connection is and how it is embedded within each of us. The truth points to that this connection is rare not because it is only true in so many, it is true because deep within what was connected lost the belief that is still is. This is why the words are here. The need and want for this connection the planet herself has called to as it is the source that is embedded into the creation itself. 🙂

    • <3 You can do this by the summed up events you experienced long ago.. or yesterday or 2 hours ago for that matter. You do this by allowing each form of pain or happiness you experienced to no longer be the diagram of existence you have mapped out. <3 — I am glad to have found your blog. I feel I want to overload myself and read it all in one night, but I am going to work at it slowly, one thing a day so I can absorb it all. Thank you for your work. It is much appreciated by those of us who are striving to leave the brightly lit road.

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  4. Please don’t go looking for your twin soul unless you are able to handle the flow of extremely intense emotions that come along with it. I barely read this article (and was actually looking for ways to somehow cut the ties between my twin and I as I can not handle the emotions. My daughter has pointed out how distracted I’ve seemed (even though I thought I was acting like my “old” self. Well I’m no longer my “old” self and had no idea that this “new” self had taken over me until she pointed it out. I can’t concentrate, my mind is always racing and just as I feel I can focus, BANG, that feeling in my chest hits me and I KNOW he’s thinking about me. He’s younger than me and I barely know him! We are both so scared, and again I just KNOW he’s just as flustered by this as I am. So the truth is you just KNOW. There is no awakening or drawn ing you’re twin to you and I apologize for pissing in your parade here but I can’t stand this. I want to cry and I am dreading seeing him tomorrow (I am his customer and I NEED to go there and if I didn’t I wouldn’t. as I’m too overwhelmed to even look into his eyes again. If you like wasting time then keep searching. I didn’t ask for this. It’s awful. Just chill with your soulmates. You will KNOW and it’s as simple and complexe as that. It’s too hard to explain but just notice the keyword here is KNOW. I am unbelievably elated he is in my life but knowing what to do is a whole other story. It’s the sharpest double edge sword imaginable and soulmates are actually nicer, at least for me right now but I still KNOW WE WILL be together, be it days months or years I just KNOW IT

  5. Btw: through my tears I’ve been able to read this fully and I too was on my path to accepting and loving myself for the first time ever and before I met him my curiosity about reincarnation was almost like a compulsion. I actually stopped working in one project just to write about past lives and then I meet him and happen to fall into this twin flame term accidentally, and now my research on twin flames is taking over my life.

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  7. Hello Lois ! That’s an amazing article !
    I have a question for you . Should we keep contact with our twin flame ? I used to be the chaser and I ve been through much pain with my runner … My runner wants to work together in some projects regarding work but I feel deep down the pain … The runner doesn’t understand yet but wants me in his life because he said that we working great together … I know deep down the truth but I want your opinion … It’s good to work together or have the separation cicle ? I love him more than anything but I feel the pain and I want to leave but at the same time I want to keep up working with him cause I don’t want to loose him . What’s your advice ? What will bring more peace and basically make the runner understand at the end tha Magic of the relationship .

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