How do you catch rejection of self?

How often do you find yourself saying, I am not good enough?  I am not what someone would want, I am not important, what I feel doesn’t matter.  These ways of thinking about yourself take huge amounts of energy!  Does this happen to you instead of you happening to it?  Yes we are stating this in a way that you can absorb this as a way to take the first steps in healing.  We are all never healed, we are constantly in a state were we can enable healing.  When thoughts such as this come up how do you think it makes you show up for love?   There is no way to make this happen until you become present with those thoughts.  If you have too much past and too much future you are not enough present that is where not enough is really pointing to.  You can always choose this as a way to make a significant change not just out of your life but out of the love you have in it.



You can do this!  We are counting on you, if this isn’t seen in the connection you have to yourself all your connections, relationships and choices in your life will suffer the consequences.


If you need our help, we are here, we are listening and you can make the difference!



Love Deeply,

Lois and Clark!

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