How do you make love in your life?

Foundation!  Have you ever sat down with yourself and wrote out what it is that you want in love?

If so what did you write?

Did you say to yourself:

I want her to be great looking.

I want her to be smart

I want her to be intelligent

I want her to be able to put up with me

I want her to always know my heart is her’s

I want her to trust me

I want her to always be there for me

Well the list could probably go on and on.. It matters not whether you are a man or woman!

What about what you don’t want?

I don’t want her nagging me all the time

I don’t want her to always ask where I am going

I don’t want her to not want me to hang out with my friends


Well all of this are opposite to each other right?

What about this… What do you want out of love with another?

Different question with a whole separate meaning!

There is a whole lot you have to know before you can answer this question the first is are you HAPPY?

What does that have to do with anything right?  well EVERYTHING!

If you don’t have love without writing it what will you do? What if you are already single and depressed or anxious to be with someone yet don’t want the drama that goes along with it!  You still have avoided the two most important ingredients that will give you what you seek.  You have to know love to give love!  You do that by giving that to yourself first if you can figure this part out, which most still are awakening to.  You have realized that something more gives you more!

Am I happy?  If you say no.. Does this mean you want someone to come along and not be happy with you? or will you make them responsible for your happiness? What can you do to make yourself happy to share with another?

If you don’t have Love what will you do?  Will you give it to yourself? will you take the time to listen to yourself to understand what it is that love is to you?  What you give to yourself you will give to another!  Should you decide this is the case you will experience love no matter what.  Yet you will find it’s opposites.  So many will be together and try to connect, bringing all the things they are for as long as they can keep certain things about the relationship they will doom themselves and the relationship due to no foundation!

Foundation here is used to state what brings me happiness I give to myself I will share with another isn’t it? Foundation in love is the same thing. What is your love you give to another? Does it have conditions? Does it have a face? Does it say something to the other cause you explained what your love is? Isn’t that the same as dictating what love is to them.

When do you embrace love to find the energy that it gives to yourself for you to give to another?  So much relationship advice can help you to co exist but what about the advice love can give you without any help at all?

I go day by day, moment by moment, finding those moments I can look into her eyes to connect. Not to feel lost but to feel connected! I also can’t wait to hold her hand! I don’t just wait for her to come to me! I go to where she is!  Isn’t that a foundation? What about you, what do you give inside your love that you can give to her and yourself?


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  1. Nice to read this, Clark : ) It’s also what you write, love yourself before you can give love to another.
    I wish you succes in your way to find true love. Look not only at the outside, but also in the inner.
    Enjoy your day

    Greetings, Summer

    • Wow, Hello Summer thank you for the sunshine today! 😉 and thanks for the follow! As for true love, I have found the truth in love and I can feel her right now! My continued journey in inner peace she is placed right in the core of me to experience it with me as I her! 😉 I ask these questions and point to the place in you that is calling to you! It doesn’t use a very loud voice to be overheard by life situations. It waits patiently in peace for you to hear it inside yourself! 😉

      • Ahw, that’s so true. In that way, you’re never alone. Love is always on your side 🙂 The sun is always there, Clark. It’s the same story, can you see here, will you see her? It’s not always that easy to feel her, but see is inside everyone.

        Enjoy your innerlove! : )

        • Oh my friend… how when the truth is complete and embracing of every form of each other happens. You can more than see them when they are not here! You can experience everything they go through! If she stubs her toe! I feel that! When she has a headache I can take the aspirin and it goes away for her. When I was in the hospital after a major surgery in her hands I would breathe as normal, when she would step away my breathing ceased. It is two human’s one soul! We are whole in that way in everyday! TY your are so sweet! 🙂

          • Thanks for your kind words. It’s not easy to be sweet for me, very often I say the wrong words in real life. I’m learning, it’s so important for me that other people understand me. That everything I say is a word out of love, coming from my heart. I’m learning listening to myself before I speak.
            One Soul, yes that complete the human. ‘Alone you go faster, together you come further.’ : )

  2. Alone you have an identity, but together you remove ego and now have a stronger yin to your yang! It is never about time mind you! As time creates ego and enables both past and future self that is no longer needed with two bodies one soul. It awakens in you to bring you directly into the light! and what was dark in you before now has the light of love to bring it peace, joy, acceptance, non judgements, etc… It is much like death it brings the end of illusion and gives you the place of love you always could know within your knowing to be true! It expands and shows you the universe inside ones being. So much to explore enough for lifetimes over. It is the infinite line we all seek! 🙂 What one can go through in this existence will place words in them for things they have not sought forgiveness in. It can be that way unless or until they realize that love is no absent in those things it just isn’t embraced. Inside you are words that bring hope, bring love, bring solitude and answers for many. I have looked over your blog! It is bringing that! Every seed is planted to obtain the beautiful flower you are growing on your blog! It is magnificent as you are! So to be sweet, you have found your seeds and are growing your roots! I am honored to be following you my friend! Much love! CK

  3. What sweet of you! It’s an enrichment to read your words. Beautiful people, who know what they are talking about. I learn from them. Thanks for that. Namaste, Summer

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