How you abandon your twin! The factor of abandoning yourself!

AbandonmentHi there Lois and Clark!

I had a few questions I hope you could help me:

How can one twin help other when one is having mental illness and how can it affect the other soul half? How can I help my other half? etc

How much the interaction and the relationship what twins are having with their opposite gender parent (for man a mother or for woman a father) has to do with how twins communicate with each other?

Thank you soo much!

These questions seem’s a little bit better for me.

Thank you soo much. I cannot describe how much it means.

Lots of light and love


This is another factor to abandonment and what it is showing you is clearly written here in what is being asked…  You see as you seek outside confirmation of being, you are not seeing the total picture of what you are doing to yourself that is doing this to the other.  If you notice I am not mentioning the other in this as it is a place of escape!  I am mentioning to you the cover up of your own abandonment on yourself is an energy shared to the other… unless or until you relinquish this abandonment by going into it inside yourself you are enabling the connection in abandonment to the other and the answers you don’t have that you are covering up this truth instead of facing to stand within your truth remain hidden by not seeing rather that opening wider to it to see it.

It effects the source of the connection to the outer part of the soul but the inner part of the soul goes deeper into connection to stay rooted…

You are not seeing this as a truth as you both have been infected with wondering what was inside yourselves… and still see this is still happening.. Whether it was your father or his mother the past replays the story over and over in you.  In this story you are seeking someone again and again to cover up this unease in each other whether known or unknown is where the only true point of origin this can be embraced is inside yourself by yourself.

Going back to the root, you go back deep inside to the place that this WAS inside you to cause you the pain that you had to make about you during a point in time.  Where in truth it isn’t about you at all and it never was.  The interaction that withstood the point of things that happened to keep you from communicating this belief that you held in a space inside yourself was consumed by the space of why’s or what’s or who’s in a very confined space. This only became stronger with your mother lets say as a boy you were always accepted but not in truth inside you.  You would feel a certain way and it was either ignored, isolated, or caused undue disconnection by both the mother and son.

This was a communication gap and conditions of love not the truth of unconditional love that is a two way street! In you it became a one way street for the mother was probably taught this as a child with a means of communication with a father that learned this same template of behavior infused with this same energy.   Some point in their existence this happened and is now the excuse for why they do it to you.

This little bit of knowing is a lot to know inside you, as a means to find the truth or the root as it were.  The truth is you can’t do or be what you aren’t taught because of not having a template to show you how to be this way to yourself or to anyone else.  To break this cycle and do so will cause a bit of discomfort, because it is not a normal behavior in energy that you know how to do.  Yet when you strive to do this what was uncomfortable becomes comfortable, what were placed in conditions becomes unconditional and as long as you seek the now as a means to express what you feel inside compassionately.  The compassion will break all cycles while you embrace this truth!

The abandonment that you are doing to the self needs you to see this, the abandonment that you are doing to others needs you to see this!  To become consciously aware of how your energy is to yourself that you are wanting in truth to show the other person.  No one can be responsible for this outside you.  Only you and your ability to share what you give to yourself.  This comes to all the energy you want to share with another to include happiness, sadness, anger, bliss, etc…  This is the hidden place of what we do to ourselves we make energy to do to others.  The depth of what is being said here is to point you to this inside you to see this without seeing this in the other person.  When you come to that root of why you are hurt by something outside you.  You can then see it clearly from all the angles.  You then will ask the right questions inside you to make this something you can remove.

How do you give this without this being what you have done inside yourself? You see you are asking a question that of course anyone can bandaid and give you a glimmer of hope that it will resolve itself.  Yet just as history has taught you will do the outside work and not see the inside work still leaves a root to rear its ugly head again!

So know that where I am pointing you at is the cycle of thought that is there as a means of protection, as a means of defense or offense, this has been embedded in you as a means to be in the world of form and it has found its home in you to keep the (way of thinking or ego) in effect to see everything in the light that is partially part of the light of all truth.

I hope this spoke to you inside for this is the door open for you to fully immerse you into the NOW, where true change is possible! This is without suffering back into old thought patterns, old behaviors that don’t suit you or those outside you anymore.  You are powerful beyond measure in that light, that you do see the choice is that is what must be embraced.

Love Deeply,


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