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Hurting with words….

Some words have no significant meaning.. but can lead to a pain that you didn’t see coming.. in other words.. words such as stupid or retarded can cut you deep when you are in the core of self allowing unconscious behavior to disrupt you as it creates a pattern of echoes to show you the times that made you unconscious and start a pain body within you that really is not you.. but the unconscious self that the mind wishes to take you too.. to gain control of all that is not you. Hence when your parent calls you stupid or your friend calls you stupid or retarded it hurts. Not for any reason known that can be fixed right in the past or future yet it gives you a projected self which your mind calls to an emotion of hurt.. especially if you are still healing from that which you have no excuse from. The word that signifies either of these words would be unconscious. How else could you explain not paying attention to your heart and make choices that directly cause you pain. Pain…. we have spoken of this many times before.. pain is the illusion of self when the mind creates time. In other words that very pain you feel is mind created. The only way you know it is… is when you translate words that hurt to a place in time the mind creates an image of past self stating to you this is who you are. Which by the way is the way the ego still continues to flow through you even on it’s way out of you. Evolve from this.. learn that it is constant chatter that takes away the present moment and keeps you from your true journey of being. Mistakes and misfortune are those same things in you that mind created unconsciousness. Next time something happens to you.. let’s say something tragic or something that hurts.. Here are a few things to ask yourself that will bring you to consciousness and not allow you to make time the painful thing that keeps you from being. What is going on inside me at this moment? What self image have I gone too that is keeping me from being truly present? Am I ok with allowing this moment to be lost…. cause I am hurt by something that is not now? Do I truly feel I am diminished by words that hurt? Am I ok with this pain taking over me? Am I less of a being cause these words impacted me so? What is my relationship with this present moment? Yes the most powerful thing I can share with you is this… The power given to someone who thinks this makes them better than you will not make a difference inside you when you realize that the present moment that they are lost and will not be conscious to understand that it makes no difference. There power over you is lost to the past or future. An the thoughts that gave them this power is the same painful thing inside them, that will fuel them into never knowing that same very thing that matters most….. the present moment. In this truth, change can happen and forgiveness of self is complete. An ego that feels it is the need to make statements such as this are after power…. power over other people, power to hide from themselves.. power to ignore a deeper more profound truth… Why do you ask? well wouldn’t that be the ego’s war on keeping control. I am better than you? I feel so much stronger now that I have hurt you it gives me strength.. I am better in this world cause I am better than you. Ultimately this is what it comes down to. The ego or unconscious mind made self needs this to feed… needs this to survive. Cause without hurting someone who are you? Isn’t that the real question? Again simplify it.. What is my relationship with the present moment? and what is my connection to self that will stop mind noise to not allow such things to tell me I have an identity that is false. We don’t heal the world from the outside.. we never have! “If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.” Remember there are no ordinary moments! Just be present for them all!

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