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In Defense Of Non-Custodial Mothers

Separating anyone from their offspring is not something to be taken lightly. You are never whole again cause a part of your soul is out in the world to be left with uncertainty. When you have to make this choice it comes unconsciously or consciously but the point is the same amount of pain you make on this choice will be something that will reside inside you leaving an empty feeling until reconnection. As a parent this is not a choice as much as it is a painful experience. If you realize the unhappiness in you is something you will give your children cause you can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. You still make this choice with love. It is hurtful that judgement comes to keep us in a class of differences and causes an additional pain that we didn’t see outside of the pain we placed in ourselves in the first place. If you love greatly this will not be a challenge because the love in you is real! Give that to your children no matter the age, no matter the sacrifices you made. It is what matters to them. Not anyones comments who didn’t experience your pain. Pain is what causes them to say hurtful things without seeing all the sides to the picture. I am sending you love my friend! For I know it was not a choice you had to make lightly. Sending love! CK
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2 Comments on “In Defense Of Non-Custodial Mothers

  1. An excellent post and article shared I feel this is a situation in our world that has great impact on all involved unfortunately most of the time it is negative for all at the time as well. Thank you for sharing and love to our friend and her children.

    • Yes I feel that same way… it is like the entire world is speaking about her with lack of care of what this toll has taken on her children.. It isn’t that she left her kids and never returned she made a judgement for what was going on in her life. How many men on this planet do that everyday?

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