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Is love rational?

love me


The only way you know that love exist or seems to is that you breathe.. The air that surrounds you and gives you a euphoric state of being. It is this air that you can share or take away from others.. We see it and translate it into an emotion but when it is real you feel it.. You know that it is now.. It is without thinking you just know.. As you give yourself this knowing something inside you allows you to feel your own heartbeat..

The essence of where this energy is flowing is the ocean of love. If you say you love someone share the air from that ocean so that they are sharing with you in unison.. Some can do this closely, others from a distance. Either way it is what cultivates all expression..

Whether it is just slowing moving, sitting, standing, walking, you name it the energy of motion itself is love.. It is how we embrace it. When was the moment I knew what or who love is.. I closed my eyes and felt it.. Not just something rambling in my mind.. Something more pure and honest than that. You are love my dear soul..

You may not say much being in here.. Yet all the energy you give me in being tells me how much you love me and how much love that I receive, I can share with the love as it was meant to be shared. If I state you are an emotion you never stop giving me this with all my minds ranting, it never stops you from giving me what I know is more than I can state from the minds interpretation of it. You give good love! You give unconditional love. One day you will decide to change this energy and my heart will stop.. Until then I know.. I know your truth… Love is energy without it you are never without, It gives and never asks for anything in return just gives…



Love deeply…  yes you are!

Your soul

10 Comments on “Is love rational?

  1. Have you ever thought about collecting your blog posts into the form of a book? This post and so many others you have written are very rich in meaning, and they resonate with a lot of people who are awakening. It took me a while to orient myself to a feeling way of being that comes from living and breathing love.

    • Awe.. I hadn’t thought of it for this blog.. Would be interested to hear what you see further. Email me. Clark. And sincerely thank you deeply!

  2. Clark, I love this… Thank you.
    I loved this sentence the best… “Love is energy without it you are never without, It gives and never asks for anything in return just gives…”

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