It's a Wonderful Death….

as I look back and realize that I am now hearing something in me that was always there before… never present this was.. never ending this still seems to be… I wish I could go back in time and be in those places where I made certain decisions.. choices that made me feel pain and regret…

Love… the unconditional place in your heart that either has a choice to understand it’s actions or not.. The mind.. the mind and the significant void of worry… or what if.. or how come… Thing about being confined.. in a place where you can’t make choices… choices are made for you.. you can see sunlight when told.. you can sleep when you are told.. you no longer have freedom.. and even your mind can condemn you.. this place… this significant void can cause you harm.. and hurt you and those who are around you to experience it.. it is painful and it is for nothing… we breathe all the time.. the mind keeps the heart flowing the blood pumping.. all the actions our bodies can do is because it is being done by the mind.. so why give it more to do…..

Children have eyes of forever.. they have the innocence that is of not allowing the mind to dictate to them unless taught… yes we teach to self destruct we allow them to see this mind turmoil and let them see the parts that the mallards of the world continually try to teach us.. to shaker it off in seconds and move gracefully as if we don’t.. we end up in causing disruptive waves in our life force.. these waves show them how to stress.. how to make bad choices.. how to be trapped in the mind… we have a choice to get it right.. we do.. yet we lose sight of this.. the noise is too loud…  What noise the one that starts when you read this and something says I feel something is right in this yet.. My mind says yeah but……………..

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