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Kryptonian Point of View….

The past lives live on in a majority of those that are breathing in this date and time.. the evolution of the human experience is still unchanged for the great part of this century! The evolving has been limited to the still trapped places in the mind.  The record option of life still has the wrong focus.  I guess to interpret what that means.  How many times can you listen to the same song until you are ready to change the station or play something different.  Pain addiction is a very hard thing to overcome, it is so brutal and irresponsible and does have a rewind feature that most still repeat outside of themselves.   Being the soul you get to witnesses this and never realize you have the power to stop it.. not over a period of time, but just like the way your life will end. abruptly and without thought.  The deep breaths you will take in those final moments will sum up what life is.. it was never meant to be replayed over and over in your mind allowing you to lose precious time.. It was never meant to be in pain.. it was meant to connect to others in a way that the complex human body was created.  Again to say this in human terms.  There is alien life on the planet and they are here by the millions almost trillions.  Very few realize this and no longer take life situations as though it is the stage being set for their life to repeat the same patterns and behaviors over and over.  You are the alien driving the human body through out.  This human form was to give life to the soul so it could experience it’s own unique trail of experiences.  As a soul with adamant life you get to try and allow your soul to allow you the freedom to live a life of love.. it never has an opposite.  This was created from asking the question why are we here?? This question took away the alien realization in you and in place gave you the focus of memory to repeat said behaviors over and over again, Memory was given to protect you.. and memory is abused now to keep you from life.  Others experiences become your own and you do the insane thing and allow it to mold what becomes your life.    We are here to share in the divine experience of the soul in human form.. yes you steer the ship.. you get to control a complex object that is capable and complex and can control the human form.. Your soul the light of this human form.. is very animated, very real to other souls that without seeing this leave another person’s shell.. mistakes all things in humanity as just another way of life.. it sees it as a passage that really is unnecessary in life. The energy that keeps your human form going never ends it does leave it’s human form and becomes free as it was when it was placed inside a human form.

I no longer see the point to find answers that are inside of me on the outside.. that would in essence take me away from the very reason I came to this planet.. I came to this human form.  I came because of the way I love uniquely and without seeing an ending to it.. It’s blissful state is there for the taking.. why you ask.. cause of humanities need to ignore that it can be obtained.. it can not only be obtained it can be taken to a level that has not been captured in human form.  You can live the life of a soul that is no longer held down by repeated taught behavior that no longer matters.  The dark spots of past experiences lived or told about not making choices that are based off of this.  Let those go.. they are not you.. you are the divine.. all you have to do is look inside. don’t judge, don’t wait for a thought to take you away from it, just realize all the moving parts to you are a functioning machine and you are at the wheel.  You actually get to make choices to decide what to live with.. or without.. and it will not take thought to do this.. thought is again inherited cause you were shown this early at birth to use your mind in your life.. there is something deeper and more powerful and it doesn’t leave you vulnerable it makes you stronger than you can imagine.  This core is untouched in life.. we ignore it.. we allow it to be there and protect it.. protect it from what? it can’t grow if it never lets you the soul make the choices.. Your soul has an opposite, without finding this connection you will never grow, you will never obtain the true happiness of realizing you were never alone inside to begin with.. You share the human body with the soul that was either separated from you or shared inside you.. yes this does happen.. when you find the one.. when you find the soul that was yours and split.. it can split into multiple ways.. but there is always a true opposite to who you are.. and they share in all things.. happy times, illness, hurt, sadness, and a missing feeling that the soul realizes that they must be near.. The mind tries to convince you that you have found the soul mate quite frequently.  It does this because it was taught to.  The soul is never effected by this and welcomes the experience.. but remains unchanged and doesn’t ever gain the growth of love that it was intended to..

I am sure at this point you are scratching your head wondering what I am saying now as I tried to explain it the best I could so the human mind would not be able to interfere or deny that this is wrong.. everything said was to create a change in you.. or listen deeper inside you to make a connection to the truth.. the truth is.. aliens have landed but they are choosing to stay inside their ships and not make any connection as that was the true mission they chose to try.  When do you venture into the unknown.. the moment this makes sense to you.  when is that.  That can only be when you realize that now is the only moment you can.  Thinking about it gives control to that same very thing that needed to be changed.. will it to change it.. not think it to repeat it!

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  1. Your mind is dangerous. Snap out of it! 🙂 You CAN meet your soul mate and it does change your soul. everyone who deeply touches you changes your perception and leaves a marked change in your heart, mind and soul….if not, you may as well already be dead. You cannot entirely suppress memories and then extricate them in semi-consciousness totally at will unless you are on mind altering drugs or under hypnotism. They just come, most times at the most inopportune moments in your life. And you cannot truly experience pure ecstasy unless you have tasted unequivocal pain….and who would want one without the other? There would be nothing with which to measure, create or dream….and you have a vivid imagination or…..your mind truly is dangerous.

    • You can have memories without having them emotionally keep you trapped in the past. You heal from them and only seem them in the light.. Most have the pain of remembering because they can’t heal from something that was left unsaid, left undone. This is the cycle of pain that can live on in you and until you break this cycle of thought you will doom yourself to it. Some don’t even know they are doomed to it till it is much later in life! some never get to at all! However when you no longer give your mind the value of a past or a future you can live peacefully and blissfully with purpose in this moment and this moment and this moment… (Kissing Lois with each saying of this moment and this one…) 😉

      • Well didn’t need that last remark, and I do agree that we need to move on and not dwell on our pain? But does that also mean that we discount the past happiness and good memories as well? The past lives inside us and it makes us who we are today and what you say about living in the moment will BE your past tomorrow and in the while I am typing this…does that mean that you will forget about kissing Lois right now because it will be over? And how do you write if you don’t utilize ALL your feelings (which evolve from every experience that you have ever had in life) even the painful and sad and empty and hollow ones? You just do. Everyone does. They make you who you are, Clark Kent….or who you claim to be…sometimes we hide behind a facade and bury our feelings because they are TOO painful to experience….my husband committed suicide and that was very difficult and my memories of it do NOT change my feelings of the experience. Why are you so deep? Is it because you experienced all the things that you have and just forgot them, or is it because you remember them and you USE them today to BE who you are in this moment, because they ARE you.
        Sharon (Oh yeah and I am kissing Jason Statham right now)

      • Yes I tried to live with those memories… good, bad, painful, what I guess I ended with was more of an excuse to continue to do what kept me in the darkness… This probably was what broke the cycles in me.. It wasn’t that I needed to forget them or even go back and remember them.. it was that I wasn’t paying attention to what was before me and what I was doing. I was no longer an identity of things that happen to me.. I became in essence everything I was not.. I was not a label process of what happened to me before…

        I am so sorry to hear of your loss my friend.. I probably wouldn’t have handled someone that close to me doing that.. Hell I didn’t handle my own escape of this experience myself. You have my deepest sympathies and my deepest respect.. And I am deep.. Not in a Clark Kent way.. hell that’s just a recognizable name that spoke to journalism.. I am just a voice that we all seem to hear inside sometimes more than others. As for kissing Lois.. I can do so just by closing my eyes.. she will feel it.. as I feel her.. I know that sounds strange but I can tell you it is amazing without the other mind noise that kept me from her and myself for far to long.

        My depth was found cause I went deep beyond all the things that I could blame or point to in my life! I wanted the connection like no other! It was my purpose, it is what I wanted and needed in this experience with no time to prevent me from sharing this found truth of being with another where truth is all that needs to be between us. My dear Sharon if that is your real name you have spoken to me in such a way and I appreciate it more than you can imagine.

        Lee <–Yes that is me(Clark Kent)

      • Sharon (the bright soul),

        I seldom travel back to the past for it only is in memory of a former person that was.. In other words I can only go through it as though it was someone else’s existence. When I passed I was able to rewind each action and feel the energy that was impacted from myself and those that I either hurt deeply or shared a happy moment with… I was directly responsible for pain that was caused in that I take full responsibility and decided in order to do so I could no longer carry the pain of it to heal what needed to be healed.. I couldn’t heal anyone if I didn’t heal myself first! This was a very hard lesson to experience yet the more I died to the past the more something emerged something else had to come into that space. I couldn’t run from who I was no more than I could look in the mirror to place a face or name to the man before you now! It has been said for so long and we have adapted to a way of existence that we believe not letting someone inside protects us.. protects us from what exactly? It protects us from seeing ourselves! Why would we spend all this experience never to hear or feel the answers as to why we are here if we are only going to experience life on the outside? If you allow all truths inside you to become the truths you are then why would you not share that with all! Of course it’s dangerous, of course it is sane! Notice I didn’t say insane for that is repeating the same behavior over and over again and expecting a different result. Hence why do the popular I been hurt so I will hide and protect myself, I will watch what I say, I will watch what I do, I will hide things if I feel they will hurt others, I will never say things that play in my mind cause someone will do what exactly? Well this way of thinking has left us in the dark, i found the light from going into exactly the opposite. I went from living 38 years living entirely in my mind. I had to create things and share things that were secondary to experience passion in my life that eluded me cause I myself was living in passion. The passion was powerful it was intoxicating and yet it only utilized my energy to keep it alive. This was not fair to anyone to include myself.

        There is this saying that suits the me that emerged from all this.. It is the I am in the I think therefore I am.. One is much more present than the other. It doesn’t need the explanation of being or seeing an existence in opposites. I made this choice soulfully. I didn’t wish to hurt anymore! I broke cycle after cycle and realized I was a product of fate. I was not the seeking the destiny I was meant to which was to connect completely. Yes I found my Lois (Sherry) and we have been through such a story as well! It is in the book I am writing as it points to how all the answers come to me in this moment or any other. No conflict, no way to see any darkness as a choice I can make, only the light in which is possible to see through the darkness. I have no where to hide as I realize it is a choice to hide. I am still writing and I continue. I found this blog from another site that seemed to have issues all the time. I noticed something when I first started blogging. I noticed there were so many stories out there and humans are crying cause inside the mind you are alone until you let that part go to hear something more profound in it. It stays in the inner intelligence of the human body as a source connected to the source of all things. With our twin flame connection it is much like being able to see connect the dots. I can see into others cause I had to look deep into myself. I have aliens who speak to me yet their not really aliens. If we can’t unite as a human to another human would you as an alien come here to see if we were capable of not being violent? That is one of my purposes is to tell what I experience and what I hear and see, If no one tells the path to how one connects to all of this we will doom ourselves to a place of abandon with no return. So yes I want to save the world!!

        I can only do it with my connection to Lois she gives me the super abilities cause I have surrendered to myself to give to her. Yes the surrendering is possible. If you can’t say to your mate. baby I need to pin you against the wall in those heels you wore to work today and then kiss you till my lips go numb and I am not sure why this vision came to me or just do it.. We actually are in sync in this way, If I have nothing in my mind I can feel her energy and the connection is permanent, we kiss as though it is the first time, we look into each others eyes and can see right through to the core. It is without words and we continue in this way to make love where our energy of being can leave our bodies and enter the other! When you have this connection you can see it in the touch that ensues with physical and even without. There is a bond that is pure of vibration that allows me to experience everything she is.

        I was saying though this bond gives you gifts beyond the human comprehension cause of fear of never allowing the true self to connect with another for fear has hindered this. I had fear and transmuted the energy to use free will to let go of all lies, all deceptions, all failures, all things that I hated were let go and I was open about them and honest about them verbally and non verbally and allowed her to experience it. This gift of giving of ones self is beyond this world and through the in between of the after place we experience.

        I write all things as experience of what I see in what I do, this to include erotica or other. It is the perception from my emotional dance that allows me to absorb at a level that men can reach with choice. Right now they don’t see choice they see thought!

        When I was brought back from death. I was reborn and I saw things as a new born sees them. I had no thoughts of what was or is or what could be. I could only focus all energy of the things before me. Is this not alien? Is what I experience inside of me undiscovered to call it alien. Would you expect this to be written by a man or woman the way I express. I have no fear of what I feel in me to share anything. Is this not alien?

        My dear friend Sharon I will definatly be in touch with you and follow you on your blog. It was a wonderful experience to spend this time with you. You have a rare energy that comes out in the way that you seek what you hear inside as you did point this out that you felt it in you. It is an energy that is calling to something magical. And I will be more than honored to read about it and hear about what translates from you from this very explosive magnificent energy that is you!

        I believe in truth to my friend, when shared it connects far past the reaches of all things. It is in your dreams and in your birth and death and then everything before and after.

        Honored for your response!

  2. My dear Clark (Lee… Super Man),

    I had thought as much. The best writers are those who dig deep inside and literally pull out their very souls and lay them bare. You do that. In a round about way. You remember everything and I know because I read your account of it. I am intrigued by you. You are at once strong and weak. You are detached yet so damn sensitive that it is almost frightening. This is me. I am the same. This is how I know you. I hide but I express. I cower but I confront. We have to place that shield (your Super Man personae) around us to protect ourselves from overselves: our thoughts, our perceptions, our FEELINGS. Who else can hurt us but us? If we do not allow anyone else INSIDE, then they cannot hurt us right? But we cannot live forever in our minds, people like you and me, can we? Well that is NOT rhetorical, so I want to know….CAN WE???

    Thank you for your condolences and you sell yourself short, Mr Kent (wait, which one are you now? I’m smiling here) because you DID survive it and you are a survivor. You have enlisted your own cornucopia of brilliant coping skills. I would be interested in reading the book that you mentioned in your post. Did you finish it? Or is it still in process? Or did it fall by the wayside? I have started many….I prefer poetry, short stories, etc because then I can reflect upon what is happening in my mind at THAT MOMENT….sound familiar? I get bored easily and a long book takes a lot of concentration and what if I don’t have the MUSE I need to get me through it? Yes, I have my mind but I miss that real physical contact with another person…that flesh to flesh, breath to breath, eye to eye. I have not had that for over two years by choice-and I cannot believe I am saying this, but it is because I am afraid to be hurt again. And even worse, I am selfish. Said it. I like things my way. And I want it all. Everything. I want passion, heat, pain, laughter, love, the mess without cleaning it up, the magic without the mundane…. everything. I guess I can drain a person. And myself.

    It was not only my late husband, I have had much pain in my life. I try not to dwell on it, and I think I do well in NOT dwelling, but I soak up other people’s feelings like a sponge and it literally drains me sometimes. I HAVE to detach myself. But I cannot detach myself from me can I? Oh I try all the little tricks, but they only work so long. So I will have to go back out there again, I know. People say I am strong, but they don’t know me. I am a little girl with little girl dreams and I am a regal mature woman and I possess infinite wisdom. I am very complicated. I am honest to a fault, I am loyal to a fault and these two things have made it almost impossible to maintain a lasting relationship. I expect exactly the same from my mate, I have impossibly high standards for him….and myself. But the passion is always worth it. Always has been. If you are not passionate, I have no use for you. I thrive on passion and I have been told, drama…..oh where did you fly off to, Clark?

    I am curious to know, is there really a Lois? I mean, not a ghost, a memory, but a real life Lois in THIS MOMENT? I have had many Super Men in my life and I draw from the sensual, mystical, soul-wrenching memories of those. I also utilize movies, music, and theater, all as muses. I dream a lot, I’m a big dreamer too. Just like you. You have intrigued me so. I know your writing is detached and dreamy and out there but I can relate to most of it….you just have to hold my attention. You see, I like to talk and write about emotions too but I want concrete feelings as well. I know you do as well. When you write erotica that is apparent. I like your responses to me as well. Especially the last one. You let down your guard.

    Do you really believe in aliens? Do you think you are one? You are so out there sometimes in your writing that I don’t know how to take you. I read the post regarding your sanity and I had to laugh. You are more sane than anyone I know, although we are all crazy. I question my sanity all the time. My late grandmother used to say that if you can question whether or not you are sane then you must be….I don’t really understand the logic in that one. I do hope you will keep in touch with me. I love to share feelings and I love to “talk” as you can see…even if it is rambling or going round and round in circles. I love to relate. I love to debate. And rhyme, See that? Maybe I need an alter ego, does anyone have a market on Lois Lane? Oh yeah, YOU do. ha. Yes Sharon is my real name and I believe in truth. But dreams can feel so damn good….

    Sharon (aka Lady Guinevere, Juliet, Bella,) and basically I am always MOONSTRUCK. A hopeless romantic.

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