Life & Relationship

In life, most of us seek a relationship with another person in order to feel whole.  We often find ourselves seeking out someone who can bring this feeling out in us, although it typically lasts for only a short period of time. Then, we end up having a relationship that is no longer meeting our need to be whole, and we find ourselves in a situation which keeps us stuck in never being whole because none of it was ever real.

It ends up that most relationships fail because we thought this is what we always wanted. What we needed (wholeness) evaded us in the first place, and ended up evading us when we think all the answers to our problems were going to be fixed by the other person.  It doesn’t work that way.

At Relationship Reinvented we work with you and the space inside to help you see the relationship you have to yourself and help you change this. We offer this either through our Root Camp™ program and/or a package of sessions where we actually help you recreate a foundation to how whole you really are when it comes to you!  You will never be the same.

Reach out to one of our coaches about this or you can contact us for a free 30-minute session with us, Lee and Sherry, to see this dynamic shift within and to yourself.