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I love collaborating with Lois our writing among other things.. we share the same soul.. here is our dialogue as it is to share with purpose inside of our connection.


Lois:  We are indeed in a war.. The warfare I speak of is not with other human beings but within our minds. Our own minds attempt to defeat us with the strategy and deceit through well laid out plans and deliberate deceptions.  Our minds lie to us, it tells us about things about ourselves, about other people and about our circumstances that just aren’t true. It will show us the movie that will play out in the worse way.  Of course our lies do not tell us the entire lie all at one time, it begins by bombarding us with a cleverly devised pattern of little nagging thoughts, suspicious doubts, fears, wonderings, reasonings, and theories the mind moves slowly and cautiously.  The mind knows us, it knows what we have inside of us. And if there is any fear, any closed boxes, any hurt, any pain, believe me our mind will use any and all of the negative to build a case.


Our minds know our likes and dislikes, our insecurities and weaknesses. Our minds are very powerful instruments, and all we need to defeat it, is to make a choice to. The mind however is very patient, it is the killer of time. Our minds will wait for us to come back and once we’ve made a decision to leave. Our minds like to set up a stronghold, areas which we are held in bondage, Our minds continue to remind us of these strongholds.  “ You will never be good enough,” “You are the victim,” “your unattractive,” “you are not worthy of love”, “go ahead and do it know one will know.”  “I will keep you safe and protected,” and millions of other strongholds.  We let our minds decide because we allow our minds to be our decision makers.


I personally can be very honest with the strongholds my own mind kept me in, “Your dad left therefore all other men will leave you.”  “Your unworthy,” “unattractive and worthless. “You can deceive and manipulate and get away with it.” “your in control if men have used you.” “Use them, you can have it all through manipulation.”  “No one believes in you.”  “No one will ever love you as you dream,” and so very much more.


The truth is I was very young in age when my mind began to control me.


We all have a truth inside of us, an essence of who we really are. Our honest spirit.  We all long have to seek to live our lives inside of the these truths.


This is truth, “you cannot live in positive life with a negative mind.”  If we think wrong thoughts, negative thought or painful thoughts we can’t possible live inside our truths, we can’t have healthy happy relationships, we cannot be who we really are.


I feel there are times human beings get lazy about some things if we don’t realize how important it is to pay attention to it. Then when we realize it’s a matter that will cause great problems if we let it go. We tend to get in gear and take care of it because we realize it is important.  For example this message is much like this message I am trying to give to you right now.  The example, let’s say the bank calls and says your account is overdrawn, we immediately look for the problem, we discover we didn’t make a deposit so we go to the bank to make a deposit so there are no further problems. Perhaps we should consider searching inside of our souls for the problems instead of our minds and make our deposits in our soul. Let’s stop funding our minds!


Our minds can be in a constant state of chaos because of years of listening to our minds.  It is important for us to figure our our lives will not get straightened out until we disconnect from our minds.


Unfortunately, we have to think, we are programmed to think, we use our brains at our jobs, to teach, to learn, to speak – however note what I said, we use our brains for, not our minds. I have found that if I train my mind to think positive thoughts, my attitude changes and my general outlook is great.  A sweet and honest and good person does not have vindictive and mean thoughts, and in truth a evil person doesn’t have good and loving thoughts normally.


No matter what the condition of your mind within your life, you can regain the territory our mind holds. If necessary we regain it one little bit every moment, whatever you have been through in your life, whatever you thought, I encourage you to go through it, don’t give up.  The battle is in your mind, once you overcome the mind your circumstances no matter how bad it looks will dramatically improve.  When the battles seem endless and you think you will never make it, we must learn how to stop the thinking process and just feel!


There are thousands and thousands of thoughts presented to us everyday. We have to learn to follow our souls and not our minds. Our carnal minds have had so much practice operating freely that we certainly don’t have to use any effort to think wrong thoughts.  We have to choose to stop listening to our minds. We have to make this choice and continue to make this choice.  We have to make a conscious effort to learn to be soul driven.  It’s a very simple process, it’s a very simple choice.


It’s a reprogramming of how we live, communicate and function.  Your mind is like a computer that has a bunch of junk programmed into it.  Learn to be soul driven and reprogram your mind. Your soul is quietly waiting to do this, it may seem as though it’s not there and that something positive can come from the mind. You know when you have tapped into the greater intelligence in you when you no longer seek a condition to be who you are.  You just are which is the essence of all that sparks beauty and miraculous energy.


In my own life, I finally had to wake up and realize that I was going no where, my mind had me stuck where I was, not where I am, or when I was going. I had many wrong mindsets and many mental strongholds, my mind lied to me, I believe it therefore my mind deceived me.


I then ask the question. Who wants to learn to get out of your mind?  The whole being

raised in essence my soul came through. The entire group of people raised their hands.


Clark: All of you with your hands raised, keep your hands up if you have every felt love before, yet it didn’t stay for one reason or another.

Keep your hands up, if you have felt love and then something inside a thought process you had from the mind kept you from it?


Let’s say you have been hurt ,or deceived in some way, at some passing moment within your moments you have had here as a human being?



I can only tell you a truth….


The mind will almost every step inside of love show you why you shouldn’t trust in love and what it has to give.



You can lower your hands… Lois and I have quite the story..  betrayal, jealousy, deception, lie on top of lie, broken promises, denial, misplaced responsibility, to include not listening to each other and never truly placing love inside of what we both experienced inside our minds to one another.  The mind relationship we shared has more tragedy than it has bliss.  Yet, we also experienced the opposites of all of this.  Yet no matter how deep the odds were, there was something lying underneath a foundation.


The  cemented foundation of something that couldn’t be removed.  It didn’t require any thought to feel it. It didn’t require any mind driven barriers to remove it and believe us the mind actually did it’s worse in some cases.  It actually seemed to get more powerful and real based on any mind dominance that we had the power to see because of the connection.  You see, what you stay disconnected within inside because of the mind made self, is not the soul connected to the greater intelligence in you, as this feels the vibrations of the other and stays connected without your doing any practice of connection to your soul.


You will never find that place in the mind, actually it will wield the thoughts to never allow you to see it.  It sees this as death or removal of the main survival device. How did the human being experience survive all the conditions placed before the mind? You can see the after effects in nature and what we do to it every moment. It is beautiful yet tragic because we still seek ourselves inside the mind as a portrait of accomplishments. Is this why we created the mind? Mind is ego… no bending the truth.. Call it what it is!



The more we hurt each other through the mind, the more feeding is done.  This inside of what the mind held as power to succeed, the more we released thoughts to bring them into actions we missed what mattered most.


What unity would be created if we understood that we were not our minds to become united in a place that didn’t require the barriers the mind would make for us?


The pattern of the mind are as follows.  Why, What, Who, NO, NO, and NO… yes it goes like that it states the pattern in orders very similar. Some only can hear NO, NO, NO, It says you can’t, it say’s you will be sorry.  You never learn or hear from your soul based on this.  Someone will do something outrageous and you will label, attack, defend, and protect yourself based on these principles.


When you are dead energy has left the body…. Do you know your soul leaves so the body stops animating.. In other words your mind stays in the form you leave here and your energy that is the soul is removed. So what the mind has done to the body is left for everyone to see… Looks cold, and still, and no longer you. Much like seeing a dead tree.  Your soul you ask?  It doesn’t matter where it goes, as it goes everywhere and nowhere. It doesn’t need a thought process it needs to expand as energy does.  It is the reason of all.  This energy is connected to us as we exist.  Deep within, you are given words from those who have passed on,  no matter how brief, you will hear it again, in some way. Nature is that message… It can be the canadian geese screaming from the balcony of the window, the bird who sings inside of the cage.


All energy continues… If you know inside of your knowing the love that is you, then you are only a step away of truly finding your love and it’s purpose.


When you hold another’s hand do you focus your brain to feel their heartbeat?  Do you know that you can feel this through the hand?  What about laying your hand over their heart?  What if, every time you made love to another you chose to share your body with, you had to focus all your attention on their heartbeat to touch them?


Do you see how that connection doesn’t use the mind, but the brain which is controlled by the soul?


You see it is inside of this simple moment, that the soul can talk to another soul. You will be able to respond deeply to the touch that has been without since time became the minds food.


This takes you back to true nature of the soul and it’s purpose in connection. If you did this once a day with another even if it doesn’t lead to sexual activity, or thoughts in other actions. Just completely shared brains controlled by the soul.  Wouldn’t you feel connected without the need to have the mind change it somehow?


In Short…. you have no use for the ramblings of the mind, yet you see it as value cause you are the only one who can hear it. You never hear yourself just your mind.. your soul, your energy that it is inside you is there. How could you hear it if you have to much mind noise going on? Your mind was told to always give you an identity and if you don’t hold onto the value of the things that have happened to you, then you are going to be annihilated.


What is annihilated?  Who does it impact?  The mind… or the soul?  Remember… the soul will be here long after the mind, what useful purpose does it serve if it never allows you peace, love, and abundance?


How often do you meditate or connect with your soul inside? How often do you flow in motion in the moment you are inside of the soul.  You have the vehicle which is the human body yet you have the mind driving it. How many wrecks has it caused you in your existence here? Why not trust the energy of love inside the soul?  Isn’t it time to allow the soul to have a spin?


There is more.. Much more… unlock your brain to allow the soul to take command it doesn’t require a thought process to do so. Only you…



You are connected to another, you know this when you no longer seek inside the mind for the answer to all of what it is the mind can show you through mental movies.


The imagination is the souls playground…. do you realize how much space is there?


We encourage comments and questions… just ask we are here for all!

12 Comments on “Lois & Clark the connection….”

  1. This is so interesing, not just because of the content, but because of the voices you each have. Taken as two people, you have similar expressions and even similar views and thoughts. As a whole, I can see how you would swirl into each other to make a distinct…color, flavor, light.

    Lois has a different kind of honesty and self-reflection. Just as genuine, but also rich with a feminine element of multiple angles on a single experience.

    The heartbeat. So timely and meaningful. You feel it in your lover and you feel it in yourself and it is like a part of the body that tries to escape…pounding to be unconfined. The greater the love and the emotion, the more focused the attempts to escape. And by paying attention to it, you bring the outside in and there is no need to escape.

    Beautiful what you have. It is inspiring.

    • As I surrendered to it… She went darker into running… See where it ended… If I would have continued on my path death would have been chosen for me… I was buried deep in the mind my friend… Really deep. I chose death yet she called to my soul to come back to fight to surrender to truth…The mind was there but the more I chose myself inside of love the strength of answers came. A soul has a voice you have to allow the mind to make a lot of noise realize it and never give it weight. Then watch it beyond your human emotions to ensue they are not you. It just isn’t so….

  2. Deep and poetic, as usual. Yes, the mind is very powerful and will go on auto-pilot if we are passive. But it’s the greatest tool for good in this world. Yes, change the mind and we change our world. My past hurts ran my life for decades. Recovery started with being aware of my unconscious story. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece with us. 🙂

    • What we continue to keep in darkness always had a choice to bring into the light… Love is what brought you here to state what always placed love here… Thank you for responding… I wait for it… It is like waiting to hear a voice inside myself that says I heard you… You ever felt that voice? Then you know to which I await…

  3. Merging with what it is that I am FEELING right now – thoughts can’t keep up… It’s a faster, funner game and they drop off on their own through the new dynamic. Whenever I slow down again and let the mental movies capture my attention, I’m back in it. Luckily I now know that they are just mental movies 😉 Great piece! ♥ Tomas

    • Thank you my dear friend…. I loved your recent post on the spiritual teacher you got to converse with.. It was a beautiful piece as well. Much depth in beauty can be found when you embrace what beauty is inside you! 😉

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