Lose your mind! Knowing vs.The mind that uses you!

light myth
Being you are the light! Yes I am talking to you! Inner wisdom = Inner and outer peace!

In birth the human connection to the knowing is you. You experience this inside the womb to the first light you experience in breathing on your own. Inner wisdom this is in place, never to be removed never to leave your being!  Disconnection doesn’t happen then, your screams as the pleasure cycle of being give you existence inside of love.

From this point forward you are given teachings, it is stated to use your mind as a survival tool as you become 6 months old or more. This tragic thing happens when you have pain and someone makes it about what is outside you! You never remove survival in the mind which separates you from yourself, from this moment the mind is a content device. Your connection in knowing in the background. Knowing can be Chi,  Qi, Consciousness, etc.

When you make good/bad, positive/negative, your place of being the mind then takes itself into form EGO (living outside yourself), you are then in a thought system of experiences which have fear/non fear. This removes the abilities birthed into knowing. Knowing is the greater intelligence that does all things your heart beat, blood flow, the lungs generating the flow of love throughout to create the illusion that some call life others call existence.

You see your existence is a place outside yourself and never inside yourself. No teachings except meditation, living outside technology, non human interaction etc can give you this. It can not place you inside yourself as depending on experiences in existence you will either elect to pay attention to your inner capacity of greater intelligence to flow in to knowing!  In addition you can elect to then have the ability to not live in the mind and outside yourself but inside yourself to embrace love to become of the energy it truly is!

The I AM in you is knowing that now is the witness of your thoughts and the minds catalogs that are fed there! (Yes the thought system is a catalog of the mind.) It listens to the minds repetitive statements!  In catalog the thought system makes an identity of who you think you are!  It has completely placed thoughts into form of past or future.

You are the light inside! Your knowing knows this, your mind does not!

It will hold onto content as though it is alive and keeping you from annihilation. Then fear is in thought to make it so you keep this fear and make time into an enemy. The thought system is the catalog the mind uses to access time to keep you from knowing.

You access it in illness, in pain, in disconnection to yourself which enables never connecting to others the revolving door and removal of any honeymoon effect in relationships! This is how this goes into non removal of the honeymoon effect. In knowing!  If you don’t settle and open the filed content of the mind cabinet in the relationship with yourself you will not do so in the relationship with another this is where the love within of any relationship is expanded and embraced in bliss!  Yet we allow the mind the will, the need to participate in the relationship cause who are you without the catalog of illusion the mind keeps you in!  It will never show you a choice!  But there truthfully is, The truth sets you free!

If not you will live on outside yourself in the existence you now have as an illusion created by thoughts you keep outside yourself that become the false you in any moment.

When removed the thoughts you make about past or future is the ability to embrace knowing(connection to yourself inside.) You can’t even see the choice due to the mind noise the thought system creates. It is truly a choice to venture into the universe inside you.

You meditate in practice!  You can experience the open door when you clear it by focusing on your presence. You pay attention to knowing, you give knowing the key to all things. It pays attention to the heartbeat, the lungs filling with air, the experience of all things in connection as no living existence is not without this. No good/bad, positive/negative!

You embrace all forms of being! Being is the fuel for this physical existence connected in line with your soul (the light) (No darkness inside you can live in the light of what the mind can tell you in this moment or any other.) The mind will create a place where this is non acceptance with beliefs in science, with beliefs in other cataloged teachings that create forms outside you!  To make this choice to no longer give value to the mind would mean the end of the mind and it’s catalog. This is a threat to the thoughts system and will create alternate paths to remove this experience because it fears removal. Fear is the emotional response to the minds feeding of your being, it keeps you from knowing to fall in love with knowing!

You don’t need to remove your mind. You just allow the back room content of the mind to be witnessed in your knowing without giving it value or action. You are able to heal in all things, you don’t make birth a celebration, you no longer make death a consequence with grief. Your knowing see’s a door to a hallway to the other door in the experience(birth through death). Each door brings light!  In darkness the thoughts will be, yet as you witness you can bring them into the light and be at one with the stream inside you.  This will bring a direct connection of energy that is love that will bring you connection to yourself and the mirror of self! NO MORE OPPOSITES!

You can utilize the energy of knowing to heal all the incredible things inside you within magnificence! You have no need for the minds ability to create disease and disconnect you from your being inside. Does this make sense?

I make no mind of sharing, I make love in connection, I did so in myself to heal and this information is free of noise. It is only inside to where I can point in anything in any way.

A tree gets disease, it gets sick, it has days of shear tragedy the mind would say. Yet it withstands in it and makes it beautiful. Is a tree alive? Does it live through thought? Again you are the tree you have roots which is the mind, it just doesn’t hold content to exist forever!

Angel Oak tree 1400 years old! Does it exist? Is there aliveness in it? In being is the same!

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  1. Clark – this is spinning around in my mind. I’ve read this post so, so many times. If I can grasp it in the way your words usually resonate, I think I’ll be in a better place. Or, perhaps, I’ll be that much closer to where I am. Thank you for it.

    This bit right here is so vivid: “If not you will live on outside yourself in the existence you now have as an illusion created by thoughts you keep outside yourself that become the false you in any moment.”

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