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Man in the Mirror….

You ever realized that if you look in the mirror long enough you accept what you see… or better still you allow what you see to be something that you are.. what if I told you that is the illusion of self that the mind created in other words you allowed yourself to accept yourself for what you were or you have projected yourself as you wanted to be only to find yourself empty… well… read that again… and if you still are lost… it is time to look in the mirror and ask yourself one question.  Who are you looking at?  Is this the image you wish others to see of you? do you just want to be an image? or is there something real about you?  Can you be felt? Can you be touched? Can you be more than just an image you have shared even if it never even touched you to allow you to be the you that you have not been able to share with another…

The dreams shared… the passion that can be written can never be who you are if it never came from you? You can’t duplicate what you don’t know.  What you can’t see.  What you can’t hear.  You can only duplicate what is real inside you that you feel in a place that has no mind, it has no past and no future.

If you are reading this and your still scratching your head… well do this, Call someone very close to you and ask them how they feel about you, not think…. but feel.  Do you realize they will tell you something that was past? not future, and most importantly not present!!!!

Do you want to know why?

Let go of this question, let go of what was…  Be the you that the passion in you calls to every minute.. don’t lose out thinking about what was… or what could be… or what is… just feel the way you wish to feel.. the rest will come… and for all things that are… BE YOU UNDEFINED!!!!

7 Comments on “Man in the Mirror….

  1. Great read with the symbolic self reflection. If I may add, the person I see (physically only) am never really the image others see. We are our own harsh critics in all aspects…

    • You are beautiful, magnificent, and beyond love within… If you can criticize the glow that comes from you that shows the love that you give yourself… you have missed what causes us to love you and see you the way we do! Embrace this about yourself to find another who will give this to you in every moment! Starting…. immmmmm how about immmmmmmm! NOW! 😉 That’s not just for you that is for anyone that feels that way! No way am I taking that back! Sorry Jeni I feel that way! 😉 🙂

  2. The mirror..surface so smooth and cold, but it reflects me. I smile looking at it, touching my face. checking my expression and feeling happy. Inside, on the other side, you are there for me, you replicate every action I take, yet unlike the shadow you leave when I do..never can you follow…outside the vision.My friend, you remain with me when I cry or laugh or check my pose..never do you get bored..I want to be a mirror, reflecting each one truly but opposite..

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