My dearest Fear…. the goodbye letter!

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The following is a narrated voice by the one and only Morgan Freeman in the mind of course!

My Dearest Fear,

I realize that you and the past have many things in common with me!

You both have a knack for making the present moment toxic, uneventful and you even seem to make sure that before I can take leaps beyond that; I ask the questions, you know the ones!

Am I good enough?

Do I deserve it?

If I do this, something will happen!

What if I fail? Yes you even answer that one stating I will be eliminated in existence.

you even at times made me make no decisions!

I would be there in the present moment and then, well then something would happen it was like I would stop paying attention it was as though you hide someplace and then jumped out surprise this is your results brought to you by charm-in (yep the toilet paper)  you will crap your pants if you try this!  Here is a mental projection of the consequences of your actions!

It was almost like you should have received an oscar for all the roles you could play in!

For best producer of the year FEAR!

For best director of the year FEAR!

For best actor/actress in a drama/horror/biography FEAR!

You even wrote short screen plays, short films, commercials, hell you even found a way to include the past who would win for supporting actor/actress!

Well I give you your due applause for those moments and more that you captivated an audience of one namely me and anyone else you saw fit to effect!  Yes, you even would include others who would feel the fear and would be included.

I have seen what you do to others and it is almost insanely imaginative the way you can control our worst fears and make them into a home movie for each to play inside of us. Most of the time in HD before there was HD!  You can see it when you capture us!  The look mesmerized and lost in something that seems to make the present moment seem distant.

Well I can tell you for this past year… pardon the pun!  You nor the past have won any awards here. Actually I was glad neither of you chose to show up to the awards ceremony!

You see just as the past showed you it’s walking papers you had a set of your own. The difference was that I realized I didn’t need to write you anything! I didn’t feel the least one bit bad about it either. You see the present moment told me your tricks and how even to write you a letter would be giving you more time then the past or future or any other place you are hiding in the mind would need!

It was not just a divorce in this case. I would like you to know FEAR!


You didn’t seem to care about my ambitions, my desires, my goals! So I gave you the same courteous results in movie form you gave me! The introduction to the exit of the movie theater you remember in case of a fire, etc.. here are the exits. Movie over!

I can feel you nodding and I hear you saying well played, Clark well played! Well the lights came on and just as any usher would tell you I don’t care where you go but you got to get the hell out of here! There it is!

Do you remember when you said I could never be a writer and that my words would seem like non sense to others! I believed you, I really saw myself failing at it! you helped with that for some time!

You told me I was no good in the career I did chose!  Yet I made my mistakes cause I told you to go to hell, and was successful for 24 years.  You see I went to the place that mattered most when I did the impossible as you put it! I went to the present moment and stayed on path! I didn’t waiver in some moments cause I found a strength to let you go and let you do what you could by yourself for only you in the theater.  I have to tell you a majority of the time you were wrong!

Do you remember the time you told me I couldn’t make it!

Well I am writing this as a result of that very thing. You didn’t have the strength to ever stop me. I gave in to you! I didn’t submit peacefully which is what you didn’t want anyway!  I did however decide to do what mattered!

I paid you no mind!

Do you understand what that means?

That means I emptied the account in the mind and opened an account in the bank of the soul!

Yep the greater intelligence bank that is more secure than Fort Knox!  It was an offer I couldn’t refuse!

I remember the call as though I was taking it in this moment, I suppose that is because I never had to hang up with them! I can stay on here with them as long as I like.  They are open 24/7!

I have to tell you what it was when I first called them though, cause priceless beautiful moments are all I keep inside me to be placed deep within. It goes something like this!

Hello! Yes… this is I, what are you offering? Oh! Free Will! So No hidden fees! What does that mean exactly?

Uh huh!….. Yeah!….. Ok!  Is there a guarantee!

So let me recite these to you! Oh this call is being memorized for Quality Assurance!

Great!!!! What a beautiful thing!…. So!

No penalty for failing!

No motion picture results for what if’s!

No penalties for making every moment a first with no drawbacks!

And present moment security that includes high level of security in self belief, self worth, All things are possible in this moment, and it is about this moment and this one Only!

Great!!!! So what do I have to do to accept this and switch to this moment?

I just have to say “Yes to the present moment!”



It was as simple as that!

The present moment sends me out reminders to always state how wonderful and magnificent that breathing and being completely in everything I do in every moment will always bring me peace, deep love, and a joy in self awareness that has no penalties!  All positives to me!

Now what brings us to this moment….

Well, I got your paper’s from you and the past!  And FEAR here is what I have to say to you and your attorney’s who would like to plead this case in the mind!

“All of the judges, jurors, label makers, and executioners have gone on permanent leave! They actually are enjoying the comforts in the present moment and have right now enjoyed looking into the depth of the ocean that is me, it is calm, beautiful and needs pure love to enjoy the view!”



P.s.  All the actors, special effects, props, scenery, scripts have all been removed as well!  So all elements that you remember having are at the bottom of the ocean floor again, which is me!  Actually it blended nicely once it went to the bottom! Makes for a beautiful fish tank like effect with all the orange people, rocks, etc.. you get the idea!

P.s.s  I hear that somewhere in the universe you have space! If I heard correctly the aliens out there are not kind to your kind either. So good luck on your ventures! May some other force be with you as it will not be mine!

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