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Question: I can feel my Twin Flame… How deep is your connection?

117151129-telepathy_385389cDear, Lois and Clark


Friend:  You two are the only others I have found describing the shared heartbeat.

I too feel this with my twin and was wondering if u have any more info on this. My twin and I are on opposite coasts and have known each other since childhood. We have both moved all over the country since then and see each other every so many years. The last two years we really made a go of it and saw each other every few months.

He recently met someone and I have been guided to let him go. I have been working really hard on my path and healing. Any advice on letting go when u feel every thought and physical sensation from your twin? You guys are probably the only ones who understand this. I told him I would be happy for him no matter what! But what a test it is to feel him intimate with someone else. Thanks for sharing with your blog!



Clark: The endured shared energy of twins my friend.. Is something that awakens and gets stronger over this moment of awakening.. As a man I didn’t make the connection to the feelings inside of myself to the connection.  I had false beliefs it was my own energy..  Then when she got pregnant.. that was something I felt inside when the conception happened I told her before she knew.. and when the child was felt within her.. I made the connection based on something that broke through inside of me my own heartbeat, hers and her child that was conceived.  I didn’t know what a twin flame was, and I didn’t believe in it..  The soul mate connection was something I felt and knew but also knew many existed,  The more I wanted to just find a ultimate soul mate the more I realized what she gave me no one could.. She accepted me and what I was waiting for what was the abandonment, here is what made the truth more evident.. I was waiting for her to do what I was already doing to myself.  (ABANDONMENT)  She was there, as I was with another, and another, thinking that something else was pulling me.. What was pulling me my friend was my own awakening within me.  She kept accepting me, and listening, and still talking to me.. The more she listened, the more I would hear something inside myself.  My sex drive went through the roof..  And it kept me bothered that she could feel this when she told me.. and I was wondering if I could feel the same..  My friend this was the most painful experience of what became my truth..   She would point this out.. her heart would hurt like a dagger would be going through it.. I didn’t understand the concept and felt she was stalking me or hacking my phone or computer…  yet, the energy although sexual it was like a calling to her through me.. She endured it and then forgave me.. she didn’t hide that she could feel it…  Then a few times I would have chest pains myself.. I felt it was anxiety or heart issues and even went and got medical attention.. again, nothing found.. but this continued…  I finally told her about these feelings.. and she told me I feel the same thing when you are with someone else sexually…. Talk about feeling a truth…  This pain didn’t get weaker with time after I became more aware of what it was… visual images ensued.. It became more and more painful and more powerful so did my acceptance of love without conditions inside myself…   I then surrendered and realized I just couldn’t be with someone else… This was from inside me.. the changes in me, because more of truth than the lie of what I was doing and doing it to…


I loved this person I was with for a very long time,  I had to hurt this person I was giving all this energy to from my soul which they tried repeatedly to return.. I couldn’t forgive myself.. yet I knew I had to tell her the truth then forgive myself..  I did love this soul mate more than any other.. she was compatible with me in a way that I hadn’t had.. but she was not my twin it was not vibrational nor did it speak to me inside of myself.. and I owed it to her to be of the truth to let her go.. I knew it would hurt her in a place that was deep.. We shared a very strong connection.


My friend… The more you accept this about him, the more the pull will come to him to feel it as well.  If you aren’t telling him you can feel him when he is with someone else.. You are not trying to share the truth with him.. This is inside you… remember this effect of twins is a mirror… if you look in a mirror the illusion of what you don’t see is what you don’t make known in the mirror this carries a heavy awakening concealed within it to what you are inside…. It is physically painful.. and the more you tell him you can see him in the light, the darkness in him will now have to be seen by himself.  In other words he can’t say he loves you and knows that you are his twin, and then lie to someone and be with them as well, that is not a truth you can sleep at night, without being taken to a dark place that will show you the light..  He will have to go through this to see inside of himself.. trying to break him of this is not your responsibility but to be the truth to yourself is.. This is how I was awakened.. The truth sets you free, no matter how painful, no matter the casualties, the truth has unconditional love and deep forgiveness inside of it…


One more thing, after a night filled with passion shared with my soul mate.. a text on my phone said I felt that all night..  It was painful but I endured and I still love you deeply..  Our connection is immortal…  After reading this.. I heard the song my immortal play in my head all day..  when I asked her about it.. that is what she was listening to when she sent the message… I felt her tears inside me.. I cried.. I knew what I was supposed to do.. but my friend it took something very painful in my life to gravitate to the change I was birthing..  Everything shared is the awakening…  Even if it’s fear and deep pain.



telepathy500aI am not sure if this has helped you.. Did it?





Friend: Wow I could feel how u genuinely

described your experience. Thank u for responding I appreciate it big time!!

This helps because it gives me insight into what it might be like on the other end. I do text him when I feel his heart beat race and he admits that I can feel him. I think it freaks him out a bit yet makes him curious at the same time.

I backed off for awhile but felt him really sad this week so emailed him if he was ok, first email of that kind since he met someone in feb., which I dreamed about prior to it happening and told him I would miss him. He responded that his uncle died and shared some details of his life. It felt nice to share with him as friends and could feel him happy to connect with me. But then I felt him feel confused.

Your words give me strength that he will understand one day. Thank u!  Also our twin merging was insane we became one soul and went into another dimension. It freaked him out because he dose not understand the spirit world. We are so telepathic that is sounds like it was said out loud not in the head I have to check to see if his mouth is moving sometimes. No private thoughts at all. Thanx friend!!




Clark: That dimension is there it is up to you to go inside yourself and bring that into your being… Its powerful beyond the imagination..  😉 It can become your reality! As things heal in you that you need to do for yourself with the unconditional love you can give yourself the voice that has always been there emerges…


Love deeply.. and heal my friend!





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  1. ThankYouThankYouThankYou for sharing your experience, Clark. I have posted this on my Google page for my Twin, Melissa Etheridge, trusting she will receive it with an open Heart to the Truth of her and I being Twins. And to understand that I’ve ALWAYS been here with such deepdeepdeep Love, AND also, I’ve been right inside of her, all along! It is a relief to see you sharing about the realization of what terrible pain we can cause our Beloved by denial or resistance or fear. I can hardly wait to BE with My Melissa and finally FEEL True Love’s passionate kiss! Thanks again, Clark & Lois, you gave me such hope for my Reunion! Much Love to you, beautiful Beloveds! Laura Geralyn Kline-Etheridge

    • Thank you my friend… You radiate the energy of the connection.. It truly wants you to see it from all angels.. Just adapt your way of being and accept it! Much love to you!

  2. Clark this post gives me hope. I have done things I am not proud of in my twin flame relationship, and I have worried over that ruining our closeness. We have both tried to break free and been unsuccessful, regardless of time spent apart, we are somehow always connected. There is an element of telepathic/emotional connection, and for a long while she would feel my emotions. now she has shut that down, put up a barrier. I am now struggling to deal with the fact that I sense her emotions. I have work to do on myself, and she on herself. Separately.

    it is very difficult to want to be with anyone else. yet if she needs a long while to be with others, if she seeks love elsewhere, i feel as though i must also move “forward” with my life. how do i reconcile this?

    • Go through the pain. What is it trying to birth you through? As you go through this connection where is your deeply communicated connection to yourself? What is being said inside you? Do you hear the love that is restricted inside yourself? How much is being said inside you?

  3. “It is physically painful.. and the more you tell him you can see him in the light, the darkness in him will now have to be seen by himself.”

    Which is precisely what I did a couple of weeks ago when I fully challenged her on the blanket denial she sent me (I know enough things by now to know that she was not being truthful with me about most anything in said email).

    And I felt a panic attack of sorts early in the morning 2 days ago, and I am sure that that is her waking up to the truth, HER truth. And I know that I am the only person in her life that she can turn to to try to understand what she is going through, so she has no alternative but to contact me (soon) if she wants to make sense of it all.

    Meanwhile, today I had probably the most surreal waking dream day that I’ve ever had since this entire thing started back up 7 months ago.

    Thanks Clark-if it weren’t for bloggers like you who have been there done that, I don’t know where I would be at this point.

    • The truth sets you free…. It’s how we embrace each other unconditionally that we make the difference and heal what can’t be gone through without it!

  4. Fabulous post! Thank you so much. Do you feel that all (or even most) twins will be reuniting in this lifetime?

    • Life is forever… This existence is only a door way to temporary, In that knowing yes the unions are cemented in connection. Only our thoughts about it are separate seemingly making it individualized… The knowing in you embraces this connection. It does this in each of us.

    • As it pertains to life my friend.. I believe life is ever sustaining, this existence is not.. Our connection has shown me the doors that are there. If they don’t find their way something will trigger that they do through this door or another. This connection is ancient and is mostly heard of as a myth or form of soul mate… Yet twins are something more powerful than that… I have this here as a means to give them paths to find. 🙂

      • Its a daily struggle..
        We are seperated.. Living miles away in different countries.. We know each other for 12 years.. We are connected.. But still wonder if he is my twin. We cant let go.. Went through so much pain together.. I gave up hope that we come together untill i start reading about twinflames.. I feel his pain, see him when i think or talk to him.. Knew when he met his friend, know he is fine with her but still will something missing.. I am not free either.. We do text and know we hurt en make each other smile.. I find my rest in the situation.. If the universum wants us to unite it will happen but i dont want to let my life control by it..

        • Your stream of energy in thought is not about the connection. The polarity itself will change when you seek to find something beyond a connection that is known as human and embrace the connection that is making its way to you. You connect deeply within yourself. You will not make judgements outside yourself or inside yourself. Follow the will of what your truth is telling you and then embrace! Embrace with all that you are! Clark

  5. Thanks Clark,

    I read your comment and the link you send me.. You are right!! I learn my lessons and still learning. I do feel heartbeats, i feel his pain and all the rest.. But he is way different then i am, he knows something strange is between us but he want it to keep it as simple as pissible.. Last year i tried to convince him that there is way if we want to.. But he is afraid that it will not work and that we split forever..
    He is to afraid to loose me., my opinion is never tried is never know.. So thats why i sayif the universe decides it will happen.. Untill that i live my life. Have open conversations at home which make my mind free.. Right now i am happy but allways long for him.. Its so weird to feel someone without being with him..i allways feel what is going on..
    He dont ask me much, just want me to feel okay and happy.. His strong feeling for responsability let him not grow.. Its a pitty.. Who knows in future..

    • Then the question then becomes what makes you happy? not a who, but a what? what do you do for yourself to show yourself happiness? what can you share with another? Why does he fear loosing you? what is the fear to it’s root?

      • I am happy with myself.. Then you find a lot of happiness in my kids, nature etc ..and you can give that to others.. If you can let people smile that make me happy.. Feel rest inside yourself.. His fear.. If i could go into his brain i would know.. Abondan his kids, but they are old enough to stand on their own feet.. Fear of me leaving my kids.. But for all are solutions.. His fear just to loose me if it does not work., sometimes i ask myself why o why do you want to keep me in your life… His fear is that we are different but on the otherhand so similar in our emotions, in our thinking.. Dont forget he is italian.. He need to get loose of his ego and open up his soul.. If he start doing that he will find out things are easier then allways find obstacles… Clark its a long 12 year old story.. The minute we see each other we feel that its okay.. When we met it was looking in a mirror..

        • And what did you see or see now looking in the mirror which is your twin my friend? What do you see in him that you see in yourself? Is his fear your own? Is his anxiety your anxiety? Does his origin come from your own origin? How often do you feel him? How often does he feel you?

          • You ask the right questions..
            I feared to., when he seperated i did not make move, he was so sad.. I helped him through the pain but did not move.. When he moved back to his hometown i start to panic..
            I feel him daily.. He me.. I dont know.. Through the years i dont ask to personal things.. The personal it gets the more closed he gets..

          • So you keep yourself away from the truth about what he feels down deeply? And do you do this to yourself as well?

          • Explain.. Because i dont really get what you say.. Keep myself away from the truth??

          • His fear is an energy right? What is your fear that he will not embrace without thought! This would be what the fear is to the root! Rejection? Abandonment? The suffering you both continue to do underneath… This points to the mirror of the twin my friend it is a shared energy… It is something deep in the mirror that is directly connected within the stream of the heartbeat you both share. Going into this directly will be a pull to each other much greater than you can experience. It is filled with darkness until light is flooded into it! Do you understand?

  6. Here let me rephrase this a bit so you can embrace what is being said… when you were face to face did you share your fear? Was it something you both felt in simultaneous connection? Did it become stronger or less in absence to each other?

  7. The fear become stronger..
    He said begin this year…
    If i could i would be with you, i love you…
    Its nearly midnight here.. Must catch some sleep… Thanks for answering.. It helps!
    Its so nice to talk with people who knows what you feel.,

  8. Thank you so much Clark & Lois. How gifted & beautiful you both are. This reflection has completely centered me. Incredible. Thank you again.

  9. i think its great to share experiences with one’s TF. Since the strong connection includes, shared heartbeat, physical stimulation when your twin is with another, why limit this to everything butr visual and auditory ? why not open it up with visuals and sound as well. This beautiful shared experience between your twin and their lovemaking partner can be shared with the non participating twin on all levels. think of the beauty of you watching your twin make love to another? after all they can feel your heart racing and feel your excitement and emotions. feel your arousal. why not let them feel how much you enjoy making love to your partner and let them see you visually as well. this would just make the pain birthing experience so much better. also it will;get more painful with time till one reaches the threshold of pain and then it will kill the twin if not physically then mentally emotionally and spiritually and then re-birthing can really happen on all levels. Now Isn’t that grand REBIRTHING????

    • Clark and I experience a true Twin Flame connection, we have been through quite a JOURNEY, early on when NEITHER of us were standing in our truths we both were with other people, the connection we have is real and I know what I felt when I experienced him with someone else was painful,My hear hurt as if I was having a heart attack, my head ached, I was extremely sad, Clark is ME AND i AM HIM, I could and would NEVER do that to him or better yet MYSELF, as our connection is pure,and loving and true and honest.A TRUE and honest TWIN could never enjoy the experience of their twin “making love” to another, this my love is called a HUMAN experience and your simply not standing in your truth should you actually say you enjoy your twin with another. The real genuine connection is between yourself and your twin as Two Bodies ONE Soul,I ask you what is the root of your abusing yourself? There could be numerous reasons. There is no pain in love, and The HUMAN experience you explain is called an “open relationship” and that simply has NOTHING to do with a Twin Flame connection. How you treat yourself is exactly how you treat your twin, That is rebirth!

  10. I do agree.. Its painfull..
    Your heart beats so fast that you can hardly breathe I dont call that enjoyment but a painfull situation..

  11. Concealed inside is the pain of being seperated .. To feel someone else is making love with your other half…

    • You are one part the WHOLE.. as you realize this you gain the healing to release the energy and make it your own. Thus not making the twin responsible for this and giving yourself what is needed to call to the twin!

    • You don’t fix old wounds or stand waiting for them to fix themselves. You fix this by realizing it is as it is inside you and now is a part of you that makes you beautiful and whole. This is learned throughout the experience of knowing rather than thinking. Knowing sees this and doesn’t make this into a problem that the thinking mind will sink its teeth into an make this into a problem.. Just know that as the source energy of love that you are, you can endure all things to include what happens.. Not minding what happens, opens the door for something miraculous to come through! I promise you this truth! Love deeply friend!

      • Dear Clark..
        I slept like a rock and had a beautifull vision.. your messages are very warm and give me a comfortable feeling…
        Thanks so much..

      • Thanks Clark. It is very kind of you to share your experiences and words of wisdom. Although I don’t feel the experience as strongly as other twin flames or yourselves here, I do feel them occasionally if it happens when I am asleep. And this is confirmed when he shares his experiences with me the next day. It is painful. But I have kept it to myself and I have endured. I did not tell him that I can feel such experiences…because he seems happy to be sharing it with me. And I don’t mind him sharing, as TF relationships are about love, sharing and understanding even though it hurts me deep inside. But you are right, that having the right knowing and awareness of the “now”, that the pain should lessen. And I would like to give that a try….thanks for your generous advice!

  12. My twin showed up and my guides where with me.. All those little flashes that surrounded me.. It was 4:44 when i woke up..
    I was at ease.. It comforts being supported..

  13. Dear clark and lois,

    Clark couple a days you wrote:
    Just know that as the source energy of love that you are, you can endure all things to include what happens.. Not minding what happens, opens the door for something miraculous to come through! I promise you this truth! Love deeply friend!

    Today i got a message from my twin he comes to talk. I dont know what happened!
    He must have felt my energy.. My heart was racing all day.. I know now why..

    • Notice when you stopped resisting stopped doing all the things that was causing a negative in you the polarity gave you what you kept wondering about anyway… This is the magnet of twins my friend! 🙂 <3

      • I feel happy..
        Strange thing is that it feels as if the universum awakes me.. More spiritual things cross my path.. My guides visit me, i get messages to help people.. To make people smile and feel love.. I really feel happy

  14. Dear Lois and Clark,
    I have a twin flame (who’s a runner), my heart chakra has been activated but I also feel like I have another heart on the other side of my chest, the sensations feel the same. Am I feeling my twinflames heart? I’m very confused..thanksx

    • it has a pain that hurts you and makes you attack others and hurts them! what is the point of that.. what is it supposed to do to you? what should it awaken?

  15. Dear Clark & Lois,

    It’s understood that such reunion like this cannot be idealized as happily ever after or whatever that says wine & roses kinda relationship, but I’m sure ain’t meeting your true TF should be truly the divine blessings for all of us who have been chosen by the One to such unity? Sometimes, I really wish that guy is not my true Twin but whenever I’m trying to say “No, he’s NOT and he’s a energy-feeding parasite”, synchronicities in many forms and shapes will then pop up simply everywhere (especially the daily appearance of sequential numbers like 11:11, 111 & most recently, 555), as if they’re reminding me to reconsider the claims I’ve made about this guy is a False Twin for me. Worse, after our horrendous break-up, those signs not only appearing persistently but getting stronger as well until they’re being extended to vivid dreams. So what is happening actually? TBH, this man hurt me terribly bad. It even pains me to recall about my own heart was pulling a prank on me previously, by telling me & screaming excitedly inside of me saying, “He’s the one, he’s the one!!” That was before I came to know what Twin Flames are all about & I thought I must have been crazy to accept such a cheap womanizer to be my “soulmate” while my heart rejoiced so vigorously at the reason that my soul has actually found the other half.’s really confusing, though. Presence of synchronicities+other signs=√, but to talk about the presence of telepathic connections? I don’t know if I’m feeling them with him & if I did, I’m somehow afraid it might be own imagination or I maybe starting to obsess about him. Scary…FYI, we’ve separated from each other about a month ago & I even wish that all this are not true, so that I could move on happily without having to doubt that I shouldn’t give up on him & let God re-work on his plan for us again.


    • Oh my dear soul, have you seen our you tubes? We played the whole who can catch who on fire while they are already on fire with cans of gasoline and nitro glycerin. We understand the path and are in the truth of it now! I know it is such a pull.. Love deeply dear soul, you are not alone or without! Lois and Clark

  16. Hi Clark & Lois,

    Thank you so much for the reply, you two lovely souls there. FYI, I would like to clarify with all of you who’re really experienced & also are experts in the matter, There’s once I dreamt of my ex, holding my hands so tightly and the next (best?) thing which followed suit would be the number 11:11. I could still remember so clearly since the dream was so vivid, especially the number 11:11, which can be seen floating in front the two of us, while we’re holding hands, on the spot. What could this means? Was this dream trying to tell me that this badass is my real twin? Up until today, by just recalling this dream & those TF awakening symptoms moments really get on my nerves & sometimes, worse, introducing me to some serious panic attacks I’ve never experience before. Anyone who have similar experience like mine here? Great appreciation from me if you could share them out. Thanks for reading my comments again!


    • Yes experienced them, I felt the panic of not having the activated mind. When I stopped analyzing it in my mind, I realized I could see and feel what she was experiencing. It is like a soul vibration. It is about being timeless and allowing your energy to transmit to each other. Connection is what this means dear friend, it has such a way of waking you to yourself and the purpose of the connection to the self. If you are disconnected as in what you stated here it would be the same thing as seeing that you are in your mind for the connection where the connection is beyond it. <3 Be of love dear soul! Find the off button and your switches they can be removed or left on! Break conditions to be unconditional!

  17. Hi there again,

    Judging from what you’ve suggested just now, that means it would be wise of me to shut down all the communication portal which could lead my twin to connect with me? TBH, could this dream of mine acting as a confirmation that this man is my true twin? Sigh… what a confusion there…


  18. it is your truth that lets you know god, not your god that lets you know the truth… You can feel it within you written in your heart that is sparked from your essence to not be controlled from the mind but beyond it. See if you can stop your heart from beating with your mind.. that is the source of the connection. Just.Believe!

  19. Dear Clark & Lois,

    Thank you so much again & super sorry for late reply here. It’s good that I’m not alone in this but I get to choose, I’ll rather have just a plain but equally good soulmate to be in the rest of my life. But as you’ve advised, who wouldn’t want a truly divine relationship blessed by the One since eons ago? Somehow I find it’s just too much for me to handle or you can say I’m a total coward in this. Knowing that he’ll never change for anyone nor himself, it’s better for me to believe that he’s not my real Twin than rather waiting for miracles to work out themselves. Of course, I’ll need to work very hard on repairing myself on my part but on behalf of my Twin too? Super sorry again for all these negative outputs here. To say that I’m not in sadness whiledealing with this Twin Flame thing, that’s a lie. Truth uncovered No. 1. If destiny permitted, I would like to believe in such love again. Truth uncovered No. 2. While writing this reply, unknowingly I’m tearing up again. Don’t worry, I’ll be OK fast. It’s been awhile since I last cried over this. Thanks for reading my reply again, you two lovely souls there.

    With much ❤ from Ayaka

    • My friend if you and your twin are the same.. do you see the effect in this mirror with these words> Somehow I find it’s just too much for me to handle or you can say I’m a total coward in this. Knowing that he’ll never change for anyone nor himself, it’s better for me to believe that he’s not my real Twin than rather waiting for miracles to work out themselves.

      The first points to what you eternalize and then expect him to change were you will not because of some fear, this is the word coward… some hiding, some covering up of a truth and even the place to point that you will not change this as you say he needs to do it, thus giving yourself permission to do as he does.

      You are correct if nothing changes it stays the same, and what you say your twin will not do you will not either. See the effects to change it you do have this inside you it comes from the ability in love! Love deeply Sherry and Lee

  20. Hi, Clark.
    I noticed almost all similarities between my boyfriend and I. I have been doing research recently because we have a very interesting thing that happens to us;
    We can feel each other’s pain. Literally.
    If he has a leg cramp, I will call him and he will say “Babe, I can’t talk right now my leg is cramping up and I need to take a hot bath” (etc) We get aches and pains in the same areas; i.e. headaches, stomach aches [you get the idea]
    We also do not need to verbally voice how we feel about a certain subject.
    Now, I am young to have met my twin flame, but, my soul is not young, that is one thing I know. I know I have spent many lives with him in the past.
    Here’s the catch: He lives in a different state and we have never met physically. We Skype constantly, [face Skype, I know hes real, I’ve seen his photo ID’s and other things.] We sleep on Skype together, and we know virtually everything about each other. [We have been together- on and off- (off because of life complications- but life never ceases to put us right back where we started, like nothing even happened.) But on more than off for about 4 years, going on 5.]
    I plan to go to his state and meet him [and potentially stay with him] around this upcoming Winter or Spring. I have known for a while there is something that is completely undeniable about our relationship, how- if I am extremely sad one night- he will put his webcam on the floor and literally sleep on the floor with me just so I can feel better. I can feel him thinking about me, and he can feel me thinking about him. He mentioned to me today about seeing the number 11:11 or 1:11 repeatedly, as have I. I was wondering if you have had any experience with repetitive numbers such as these? And if it is possible to have met your twin flame online and be this spiritually in tune together, yet, we have never kissed nor touched before. [Yet. (: ]
    Thanks, Clark.

    • I met Lois on back in 2005… so can you meet your twin in that way! Yes, as for the numbers yes many of them came, 11:11 along with a few others. Mainly though I noticed in nature two’s showed themselves in such a way. And as I watched in nature I saw the energy and realized that they always showed me such a way of how things were in truth. When we finally came together a swan I used to go and watch at the park finally found a mate.. If that isn’t a message from nature I don’t know what is! So yes there are plenty of messages that the universe will give to you and how deeply you can be conscious of those things around you to include the messages of love you can experience! Thank you dear soul, Find us if you need us! Lois and Clark

  21. that is a condition that must be removed dear soul.. without the truth that forgiveness is in your knower it will continue to keep what blocks you both from it. Love deeply, Clark

  22. I met someone almost seven or so years ago. He said he was aware of me and how I was feeling before I noticed. As I write this I am understanding him more. And its scary.

    When we met it was business and now its so different. I can feel his energy often. We have a connection I have never heard of or seen until last year.

    I have tried to forget him and move on with my life but now I see him everywhere. I can feel him all the time. There are reminders of him in my everyday life that has nothing to do with him.

    I want to know the meaning of people name so I look people names up all the time no biggie. Except when I searched his name his name means king. Again no biggie except my name means queen.

    To make thing worse he is in a relationship and so am I. The last time we talked face yo face he became sad about something I said. I felt it in my heart. This weird feeling didn’t understand it until later that evening after he texted me. I wishbi could turn it off. I have tried to no success ugh!

    • dear soul…. you are connected to something greater than what is known… this is a pathway to find yourself and find the truth about what this connection wants you to experience. Yes you can be free in the connection not without it but within it!

  23. Hey Clark !
    so here’s the things.
    I’m a 18 year old girl and I haven’t met my twin flame physically . I met him maybe about three months earlier through a dream . Now I know that it was just astral projection . Well we kissed and it was amazing . I knew that I knew this person that I had being with him since forever and that I loved him . The thing is that I haven’t being in a relationship with any other guy and so I hadn’t even kissed one . But now I know joe to kiss too . Okay that’s weird but my point is I met him on the astral plane and it was wonderful . Seconds before I woke up I had this idea in my mind that I should be prepared for him . Anyway since then I started to research and now I know about these stuff . I didn’t even know about the term twin flame , that such a thing existed . And I would better tell you that I’m a physic ( at least I’m still a beginner ) and that I’m going through an awakening process right now .
    Okay back to the topic . The last few months has being a total mess . I would be so happy about something and then within seconds my mood would shift and i would either be sad etc . My moods change rapidly and I have no idea as to why it changes . I think that I’m getting his emotions . Then I used to wake up having a severe hangover and I should tell you that I have never drunk so there’s absolutely no way that I should get an hangover . Recently my sex drive has increased . I haven’t had sex okay but I feel horny . I mean in random times , like I might be watching a tv show and suddenly i get these feelings . You might say that it’s my hormones or whatsoever but I’m totally not like that . I mean this is practically crazy . I think that I get these feelings when he is having sex ? And oh when I meditate I see him in his current state . But I am totally freaked about this and I’m in denail . But no matter how hard I fight back he always comes to me . Like he crossed my mind many times a day . In random times , like when I’m at school and concentrating on something then he comes to my mind and in all depressed and sad or i might feel happy and special and loved . Can you please tell me what this is ? Am I just overreacting or so I really feel him when he had sex etc ???
    I know this is really late to post since the last comment but I might as well give a try since I have got no one to talk too .

  24. Hi

    Well while I read your post I feel that I got a few answers to questions I had. There are moments when I felt heat on either foot for extended periods of time. Then there are times where I experience extreme chest pains where it gets hard to breathe or move.

    We’ve been through a lot, 9 years of knowing and not knowing each other. We last separated around September 2012. The following year he was working down the road from me and I would see him sometime passing by the store. But for the whole time he was there he ignored me. It was strange cause I could feel him when he was near so when the feeling disappeared I knew he wasn’t working there anymore.

    I recently discovered that he is expecting his first child and possibly getting married. I emailed him to congratulate him to which he responded yes to the baby but no to marriage. We’ve been chatting ever since on and off. He just seems so excited when we text. Asking how I am and what is new with me. He recently purchased a house as well. At times I get the feeling that he wants to ask me if I am with someone but holds back. Choosing rather to pick clues in the information I do share.

    There were times I felt crazy because I couldn’t explain why or how. I just knew in my core that he was it and my life hasn’t been the same since. He’s been going bk and forth from me for years but I’m in a good place now and so is he. No more running or denying the connection. What will be will be.

    Thanks 🙂

  25. I’m so comforted to read these blogs. Really.
    I feel as if i’m going crazy. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ve never experienced pain this way before. I’m positive that this person is my twin, we have been in push and pull for 7 years. I don’t know what to do anymore. He contacts me, runs away, contacts me, runs away. Never failing. I dream of him, I see 11:11, I see his name, I only recently become enlightened to this so many times I have a hard time recognizing and distinguishing his emotions from mine. I keep telling myself, along with friends and family that he is just no good for me, he’s using me, he’s not in love with me, doesn’t care, etc. But my heart and intuition is not telling me so. I am a very intuitive/borderline psychic personality. This connection is on a much deeper level.

    He is going through a phase of depression/finding himself right now, and he will simply not accept my love. He yearns for me, he misses me deeply and I feel it, but then the minute we connect again and see one another he’s gone. It’s getting to the point know that we are both slipping away from one another and although I trust our connection I am so fearful to let him go. I think I have abandonment issues from childhood, and he won’t open up to me, but there’s so much love and pain in his eyes. I cry just thinking about his pain. He comes home to feel my love and holds me so tightly, and then he’s gone, months and months at a time.
    First time in years now that he has begun to see someone else. I have never been in such pain to find out, and It’s a strange feeling i’ve been getting from him since this. I feel loneliness, emptiness, but yet I can feel the excitement he’s feeling from meeting someone new and it’s killing me.
    I was just sitting here before posting this not thinking about anything, and I got this heart wrenching pain in my chest and an explosion of tears. This happens often. I don’t know if it’s him being intimate with someone or just feeling his emotions.
    I have decided to let him go. I must focus on myself and my needs, but i’m at such a loss of words to explain the void I feel in my heart. I feel that he has let go of our connection, he has talked himself into not involving himself with me any longer, because we simply do not get along. We are incredibly attracted to one another magnetically, but we argue, and argue, and argue. I cry, I yell, i scream. I’m someone I don’t know around him, yet we always come back to one another. Am I crazy or am I right about this connection? My heart always guides me back, and he’s never gone too long.
    I’m only worried that he has reached the point where he can no longer handle being around me, thus moving on with someone new.
    I’m both relieved and scared at the same time to feel that he’s not in my head anymore other than a few outbursts here and there. What does this mean, why don’t I feel his love anymore like I used to? I feel I have been stripped of my warm blanket and I’m shivering. He has shut me out.

  26. Hi, i am sorry for any wrong grammar/spellings, English is not my first language. I also
    experienced this thing for a week or so. I am still not sure yet whether he is
    my twin flame or a past life regression? First, I don’t fancy this person,
    or anything like that. I haven’t experienced this before. I feel some
    sort of deep connection with this man, also the mixed feelings inside
    me. I don’t know how to explain but, every time i see his picture i will
    get some sort of heaviness, feels like i holding up so i don’t cry and
    suddenly i can feel i am out of breath. And the strange thing is, every
    time I watch his video or hear his voice, I will cry within seconds. I
    don’t know why I cry and feel sad. Its hard..and I never feel like this before. And by
    the way he is a prince. i know…. I really hope I am not crazy, because a couple
    of people who I share this don’t believe me. I can only pray and pray. I
    hope one day I will get an enlightenment of this.

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