Question that was asked…

Ever had one of those nights where you just lay in bed thinking way too much?

Well tonight is one of those nights for me… See theres this guy that I have known for a few years now and when we started talking as just friend he had a girlfriend. But I just looked at him just as a friend until I began to liked him more and more like two years back. He no longer had a girlfriend when we started texting and seeing each other. He used to come to my house when I was babysitting and he has always made me smile for some reason.

Well one night he came for me and we went to his house. This was a few months ago during this year… We were just cuddling and well Idk why but I felt so comfortable in his arms. He started kissing me softly..and well you know it led to sex. But it was passionate sex..something I can’t explain.. but I felt the connection between me and him. It was a night that I would never forget. But it was too good to be true I guess because a few months after that I found out that he was having a kid with another girl. Even though he was the one that told me instead of hearing it from other really affected me. That was when I realized that I really like him more then I thought. Well we had stoped talking for a while. Then he started texting me again and I found out that he was living with that girl and his baby boy. He said they were having problems so I thought to myself..that maybe that was the only reason why he kept texting me. But then he still texts me every now and then and a week ago he told me that he hadn’t been with that girl for two months and that they were just friends. He also told me that he has always liked me and that it has just never been the right timing for us and that he will always remember that night we had. What is that suppose to mean? I don’nt understand him at all and then he still living with that girl and they are having another baby. I mean he didn’t say he wanted to be with me now but he wished that one day we could be.

I’m just confused. Should I even be talking to him still? Does he really like me? or maybe he just liked the sex thats why he keeps coming back to me?



What was felt is acceptance in both parts.. It wasn’t about the sex as much as it was about the connection deep founded passion. Something has happened to him in which he found a communication level of he can say things to you he can’t to the one he is with… Some people again reflect the frequency of what we feel deeply within and can send it back to us better than others. This is the feeling you feel inside that keeps the communication open.. There was an energy created and set. The real place you need to look is inside yourself.. There is another who can give this back to you… without being connected to another… You have a choice to make… If it was as powerful for him as it was you… He would have been with you already and would not have had another child and another on the way. It can be said that this is what happens to men in general… We never peak in the stream of connection much like a woman because we can’t hear inside ourselves.. This makes it the constant path of destructive emotional hurting we continue to do to ourselves and others. His flow of energy with you was pure… he disrupted it the moment he went back and slept with her and didn’t share this information with you before he didn’t… He changed your perception of the connection therefore changed you into confused and out of the loop yearning for the connection that is felt… much like pouring a water into a glass it is overflowing on your end and on his it is half full or half empty cause it has wholes at the top of the glass! It is time for a life change… This connection can be found again.. If you meet someone allow them to open up to you emotionally and you make no judgements or observations.. allow the energy to grow to where it is shared between you and the passion you experienced will return… if it is disrupted by another you will feel it and be able to remove yourself from it before it causes serious harm to self and being.. A love song will play in your head the moment it gets changed so does the song…It is the place of passion you seek and it is the place of love that is unconditional when it is truly accepted by both!


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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more: it is time for a life change. As women, we tend to blend intimacy, longing for love, love itself, and the desire for a committed relationship with sex. If it’s good sex, throw the kitchen sink in there too! 🙂 1 encounter/2 children(“we’re just friends”)=you are no longer in the equation. When we examine the new equation, it looks something like this: 1 encounter=raw unadulterated ecstasy that can be cultivated over and over again. You gained familiarity with your Eros.

  2. I sure that you can find someone that you can have more a connection beside a physical and sexual attraction. It’s just hard to see it that way when you bundle a bunch of things into one so its hard to determine what is what. Happens to all of us.

  3. If you always see with new eyes you will always see the newness in the person you chose.. as well… they will see it in you.. It is no more a trap then it is to THINK that things stay the same! Were you can always FEEL something is new!

  4. Wow. I’m so much in this same situation that I started to think I was somehow reading my own “response”! I’d love to reblog this if you don’t ming.

  5. Absolutely my friend.. And I hoped that it guided you in some way to answer the question that you keep asking yourself inside.. It is not to question as much as it is to just do so for yourself so another will hear it in you and give you what you yearn for!

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