We all are made up of masculine and feminine energy, although each of us tends to live from one or the other versus from an integrated whole.

It is with this unbalanced energy that we carry an energetic charge that makes us believe who we are is found only in the mind and time, defined by our individual life story that we continue to tell ourselves.

What if you could see the spiritual truth which is not only transformative power but the power to see your life in the universe which is inside of you and creates your reality?

One of our core spiritually-focused coaching sessions will take you straight to your core whether it is inner child discovery or the ability to see how you connect to you and this world we all are in.

Spiritual coaching is actually something we do only in a one-time 30-minute session, at no charge.

Utilizing a series of questions after we listen to you, we come to an understanding of where you are coming from, and what your core issues are. Other programs may be what you need. to be in your spiritual truth. That is why we don’t see the point for charging for this as it is everyone’s birthright to experience your own spiritual truth.

Our connection is a very spiritual one that is from the foundation of our truth in connection and a connection to the truth.  We will guide you to find this within yourself.  A truth you already know is within you!

“You are here to enable the divine universe to unfold. That is how important you are!”

~ Eckhart Tolle