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What you can't see in the dark you will never bring into the light!

I recently have found that it is discovery of things outside ourselves is what we seek! This is what we won’t see inside ourselves yet it will give you reflection!  We can be alone, we can be in… Learn More (by clicking here)

Facing TRUTH why it must be embraced!

Fantasy of course feels better in the immediate moment but usually haunts the scenario of all parties until the truth is told.  The damage of such events is often irreparable causing the choice making factors to spin out… Learn More (by clicking here)

Too Much Heaven….

When you embrace love your heart sings it gives you the love you need inside, no one can give this to you nor can you experience it without doing this. You will get a glimpse with another but… Learn More (by clicking here)

Undiscovered road ahead! Ones path to enlightenment!

It took me years to uncover the underlying place inside me… and over the past few years I have learned to no longer let what was define who I was.. what I was to those who never knew… Learn More (by clicking here)

Liebster Blog Award!!!

  Within every journey there is a destination but when you don’t make it about that, you stop to smell the roses…. Not so Sex in the City! nominated me for the Liebster award! I am honored and… Learn More (by clicking here)

How she makes my everything, nothing! ;)

Being simple in love requires your attention to be able to listen and respond not listen and react.  The difference, well she says to you I am unhappy, you don’t ask what can make you happy?  You actually… Learn More (by clicking here)

Evolution of a human…

The past lives live on in a majority of those that are breathing in this date and time.. the evolution of the human experience is still unchanged for the great part of this century! The evolving has been… Learn More (by clicking here)

From Superman to Clark Kent…

Heartbeat…. He had been a disaster… feeling something his whole life knowing that something more waited for him… not just the feeling of love.. as human love has been known to be conditional.  He was waiting for this… Learn More (by clicking here)

When my soul broke through! August 2008

The darkness of sleep… I heard a stronger voice of that which has been growing for quite sometime.. this voice of my soul… sometimes it came through strong as though it had 200 voices in unison… but it… Learn More (by clicking here)

A story for all ages… Just Believe!

1951 a man and woman met she was an incredible soul… free and understanding of what life is.  Her thoughts never made up who she was and seldom did things ever take her away from the place within… Learn More (by clicking here)