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I did it today kept a smile all day.. moments came that tried to disrupt it.. but I could feel my own glow so could those around me.. they instantly smiled when the saw me.. I feel good….. Learn More (by clicking here)

Broken soul…. October 31, 2007 found this.. sorrow awaits no one…

Broken…. Current mood:ashamed I have been broken all my life.. first the foundation which is your childhood and then life as you get older.. you know the cracks that can be spun into your world and then cause… Learn More (by clicking here)

Awe I love writing with Amazing Lucidity… This is sexy…

I chose my pain over your love…. Jan 10, 2008

Happy I don’t know what that is…. I am down to it and it is about being happy… or no longer have happiness to be in my life.  This is the end of the road.. I either turn… Learn More (by clicking here)

Things to know about a woman

In doubt, In pain, embrace all these things about her and never allow them to go unheard, untouched, unresolved in her, She doesn’t need a therapist, she doesn’t need Xanax or any other thing to keep suppressing the… Learn More (by clicking here)

Dreamed deep October 31, 2012…

As I fell asleep I was before the light of energy of surrender.  This light can be described as a mothering presence that seems to be the energy that pulls emotional wounds out of you.  I stated “why… Learn More (by clicking here)