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Surrender to who you are not.. knock knock someone's at the door….

The deep love we have inside of us… it calls to something… something unattainable to the way we live throughout our lives… it is what most only see as a place that you dream from… but it is… Learn More (by clicking here)

No one could hear your screams… Until Now….

What kind of man or woman do you wish to be?  If this question is now echoing in you with no response.. Then congrats you have found something in you that has depth.. For those who didn’t hear… Learn More (by clicking here)

Awake or Dreaming….

Do you realize your heartbeat changes based on the life you live… It can beat in pain in such a frequency that it can cause other parts of you to become terminally ill.. Or even still the cure… Learn More (by clicking here)

The SECRET to beyond a happy relationship!

I suppose if you are not present and make it about time, you will miss the trueness of the soul that you are connected to and aren’t interacting with. If at some point we elect to evolve and… Learn More (by clicking here)

What is Bliss? Can you obtain it? Is it possible?

Are you upset or angry or even confused about something??? Do you find yourself tossing and turning through the night wondering about things that happened that day or something that will happen the day to come… may I… Learn More (by clicking here)

Why did GOD give us Children?

So we would always have ROSES in December!

How deep is your love? does it point to here?

When the Gods from beyond the universe created the universes to cover the space.. That was there intention on creating something that we call life… The strange part is how did they determine what should be made.. what… Learn More (by clicking here)

Depth how do you chose to….

I had lived almost 30 something years of my experience here as a human being.. doing things by thought rather than by something unimaginable.. I realized that this was not something that I chose it was something that… Learn More (by clicking here)

Essence of true love…

what if tomorrow came and not only did what you felt at this present moment show you the cards of the hand it was playing poker with were shown but you realized you lost everything… would you panic?… Learn More (by clicking here)

By connection to her I could hear myself inside… The message

Even been so happy that all you could do is believe it to not be true? Did you realize your mind doomed you from the moment this notion of something happening over took you and the next thing… Learn More (by clicking here)